Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Nove 9th, Thankful for Nursery!

I had nursery tonight in church.  I had it with my dear friend Teresa G. 
There were only 4 kids, so we played hard and loud! Teresa had the babies! I laughed and played and sang the wheels on the bus about a trillion times, and loved every minute of it!
I am so thankful to have nursery with my friends, and to know I only have it every so many weeks.  Today is the only time I have it this month, and that makes me even more thankful.
The kids are so hilarious! They all get a long pretty good, and they love to sing and dance!
But that being said, it is the most awesome nursery ever.  The ladies that run it make it fun, have all kinds of neat toys for the kids and me to play!

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Debbie said...

Hello Anne!

I wanted to email you, and couldn't find your email address, tracked you down again here. I would love to hear from you sometime, it's a long time ago since those New Homemaker days! (ps I got MARRIED this year, ripe old age of 43 and life is wonderful :))