Monday, May 31, 2010

hot off the presses!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

what is happening in the scrap world

I have the giggles! Very bad giggles!  I am in a strange little contest with just a few women...teams actually...eleven teams.  Now the teams have 2 scrappers in them, but each team (mine is Anne with an E) gets a different partner each week. The partners are either designers or crew members (CT for the store) for Scrap Book Graphics
My first week I was with Tangie Baxter...yeah...her, the famous one!  I got to do a scrap marathon, individually with Tangie!  See how I throw that name off so easily, like we are best friends now!  Well, I am not like having slumber parties with her, but she is so down to earth, kind and silly.  Although, we came to a horrible difference in our lives, you see...well Tangie love nuts MORE than chocolate.  GASP!

Then Courtney and I did Movie Posters, her life was full and crazy and I was not getting into how to be inspired by something, as I think do exactly like the poster...but Courtney was fun and we got 'er done!

The next week, IM of laughter from Rhonda...who is crazy and after we finished our bizarre layout.  It really was bizarre/bazaar.  ha ha... Rhonda called me quirky!  Quirky..that word makes me giggle.  I so hope to live up to that word. Quirky.

Due to our awesome layout, we won that week!! So I got to chose my partner, and Kate (the great list maker of SBG) became my partner!
We spent hours, I mean hours playing with blends, papers behind, reflections, glasses and getting a mannequin to wear glasses.  Do you realize that noses on mannequins are tough to manipulate?
Team Anne with an E...won again!!! that made me giggle even more.

I then was able to pick who I wanted AGAIN!! so Miss BEhaving (aka Melissa) the photo manipulator queen and woman who can do a tutorial this brain understands.  I am on her CT also (ha ha, she doesn't have one...but if she ever does, I have guilted her into me being on it). 
We rocked this meatloaf craziness layouts, me with knife and wild look...just insanity. 

We didn't win, I lost to my nemisis...the chengie...from Suriname.  That will have to be a post in itself..she is my arch enemy and best bud in chat land!!  I have socks that are older than her, but I still like her!
So this week, our inspiration: Album covers.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...and my partner is LIsa of Studio Gypsy...she has lost lots of weight and we have discussed this.  I immediatly thought of Queen, Fat Bottom Girls.  Lisa was ready to take pics in bathing suit and everything...and she got wicked bad sick..oh my gawd will you live sick (and I think she lost more weight).  so Kate was gonna be my partner, we were gonna do something the beatles...I started on the layout and Miss BEhaving emails me( she can't figure out IM, this woman can do anything with her Adobe, but can't get IM to work) and says, I'm your partner now...

I show her my layout, and she (she has complete permission to kick my butt when she knows I am weasleing out of work) says why am I going so vanilla on this challenge? Caught, I don't even like the Beatles (sorry to 1/2 the world).  Well, I got GSO for the Beatles layout, and that made me giggle!! Miss Be and my layout is up at SBG, if you want to see it.  I will update on the winner on Wednesday!  Plus you can look at the other sides of the layouts..they are toooooooooooo funny, I got lazy about uploading them! h aha

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gonna see how many fit!

well Netta made a nifty keen-o chat, and we aren't sure if 3 can fit or 100, so I am asking if you can come on in this Thursday, the 27th of May....
to help us find out...
this will be the beginning of a chat here at Creative Victorian with prizes, giggles and fun!
Please flock over to our new Chat room
We just want to see how many can fit in it!
Thursday 27th of May
6pm PST (California)
7pm MST
8pm CST
9pm EST
in the UK
7am? I think?
11am on Friday 28th Australian


Monday, May 17, 2010

the outreach Saturday was awesome!!

The church in Sacramento (Pastor Herb Rubi's) came and labored for us...and then had a concert in the parking lot at Starbucks. The Starbucks is on the property of WINCO, out major and busiest grocery store right on the corner of the highway and major intersection of town. Oh yeah it is busy. Starbucks was very excited to have us...they gave us permission. They had 1/2price frapachino's for their new "happy hour" that started that day!
***side note, I think we as a unit made that a success!**Well, WINCO did not appreciate us being on the property, and called the Yuba City Police. They came in full force (can you say 3 cars?). They were very polite and actually loved what we were doing and talked with StarBucks, found out we had permission, but alas, Starbucks rents from the police said we were gonna have to shut it down.
Tony prevailed upon them, that we were almost done (could we have 10 minutes or so)? They said yes, and another testimony, song and an altar call!
It was marvelous!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

reflections of goofiness

I chat with some awesome ladies on Tuesday evening...they have become more than just scrappers, but a kind of family. We are in the middle of a contest, and this weeks challenge was to do reflections. Self portrait reflected photos in a layout. I was able to choose my partner, because I won the week before. I chose Kate..and for 3 nights we scrapped! Scrapped hard, and the last we had to take the photos to go in our creations:
Here are some of the highlights of the shots....
I started out very calm...then I saw Kate's and had to amp up my craziness. So you get to see photo shot #1 and then #2.I will upload the actual layout after the midnight deadline!
here is my layout and Kates:


Kickin' off our first REVIVAL

I am beyond excited!!! Matt and Chrissy and kids are coming! Matt is gonna preach for us!! I could really just cry thinking about it. First off, Sacramento (Pastor Rubi) is sending a team to labor for us and a group to play! Tony got it into the parking lot at Starbucks! I made this flyer and was very excited about it...very different from the normal flyer!The back of the flyer is the announcement for the revival with Matt! We went yesterday to Walmart parking lot for a couple hours, and the folks were excited about the concert and had some great contact with people that were like, "I'll be there!" and what is this? was a superb outreach...we have double the amount of flyers and double the energy! lol...
please pray for this town of Yuba City and that we will see sinners come in and set free!
We are very excited to see everything still God has for us here in Yuba City!
Happy Mother's Day Alamogordo!!! You are our momma church and I am very grateful!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

for a laugh

I used a kit called Supermom that Lisa over at Plain Digital Wrapper made with me in mind! It has been a day today, lets just say...I won!


Monday, May 3, 2010

freebie from Sarah Barber

Digiridoooooooooooooooo Scraps
is still switching servers...and it is taking
longer than expected!
Sarah Barber has a fun little freebie up for you:
Download link
I have to tell you she has a beautiful kit; A Natural Kind of Thing,
and will be out as soon as Digiridoo comes back also,
here is a sneak peek of a layout I did with it:


the trip to the city

Oh the trip thru San Francisco was fantastic! A full two hours had passed and finally the bay was in view...little bridges were on the side...and the kids kept asking is that the Golden Gate....uhm no...that isn't it..just wait. Boredom in the van and being inside for almost 2 1/2 hours, hunger and our bladders were pushing limits. We went thru the tunnel...I was almost shaking I was so excited and so hopeful that my kids would love this bridge like I did.
Then it happened, we popped out of the tunnel and the gasps from everyone let me know they did love it!! It is just outrageously awesome! The picture doesn't grab the hugeness of this bridge!
We pulled over very quickly here to go to a small outlook to look down on the bridge. The weather was gorgeous and warm with a small cool breeze!
The bay is to the left and the Pacific Ocean to the right, looking at this picture. As you look behind us is San Francisco!
Back into the car to drive across and pay the toll at the end! Whew...small price for one time trip, but can't imagine paying this daily!

We went to yet another small park-where the specifics of the bridge are at, and the entrance to walk across! We had cold fried chicken, water and huge strawberries for a quick lunch.
Here is our Anna, up in front and loving it. Gabriel didn't like it, and felt very awkward with the height of it. Abby loved it also, and Eric smiled all the way!Here is a mini video of our can hear the traffic and the wind....bit colder out on the bridge!

At one of the spires, is a sign, and let me tell you, it will be on a flyer for our church soon! Tony had me rolling, staging his depression and desire to push the button for help.My honey and me in front of the wire(that is a real cut of the cable). For some reason I thought it was 5 miles, it is only 4200 feet, less than a mile.
It was a fabulous time and that my family loved the bridge like I do, makes me happy!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free QP from a New Kit

My plan to take over Plain Digital Wrapper seems to be working...Dani of Dani's Delusions coaxed me onto her CT, and I love her new kit: (but it is released at Sunshine Studios, I haven't got all the kinks figured out)

I made this layout with my Mumbly in it...isn't she just stunning? She is telling me a story...

I asked Dani, if I could do a QP of this and she said yes!! So here you go!