Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Nove 16th, Thankful

I am thankful my dogs didn't get et! lol or eaten! ate? any who
Our neighbors are different.  They have stacks of tires in the backyard and dogs.  One huge akita named Alvin, that I actually like, some ankle nipping chihuahuas, but I can deal with that.  But they have this mean ol' pit bull.
I went out to hang up my newly dyed sweater.
**blinker blinker** I have this pink sweater, I love, it is so cool, but it has faded to pale, pale pale pale is now a rosey pink and I love it.  **
anyways, I went to hang up my sweater, so I brought my two killer dogs, Buster the Yorkie (and yes, Buster does eat well) and Boo, the 8 pound cockapoo/yorkie.  This pit bull rushes the fence as did my dogs, but this dog has hit the fence so hard (the bottom of the fence is moved) it is now in my yard(this monsters head is coming under the fence) and my dogs of course are barking insane at it.  I am screaming and yelling, girls grab the dogs...this monster is growling like a demon from H E...double toothpick l l  (I mean Dante would use it as an illustration).  I yelling get your dog! get your dog! Does she come out..nope.
So, I lose it.  I have been nice for 6 months.  They park a semi-truck on the street, they have garbage piled everywhere, and I am done.
I called Animal Control, and Code Enforcement.  I talked to the nicest people.  I was feeling like I was doing the wrong thing, and they are the ones breaking the law!!
Animal Control just left.  Code Enforcement is going to go down the back alley(another thankful). Here in my town, our garbage's are in an alley between our back neighbors. So you can walk thru the alley and see right into their hovel of a backyard.
I just got the owner of the house's address (as they are renters)from the assessor's office and I am going to his house tomorrow to let him what is happening in the house he owns.
See now this makes it uncomfortable, I hate that part, but I refuse to cower in my house.  Hey, I do have a backbone! Just wish my knees would stop knocking!

~never lose your joy

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Mariah said...

I am loving your posts! (I'm finally getting caught up!) Don't feel bad about how you are dealing with the pit bull next door. I believe, but don't quote me on this, that they are illegal in some states. Far better to deal with it as you are than to wait until it bites someone. Good job on contacting the home owners too. We all want good relationships with our neighbors, but seriously? Dangerous dogs and horrible conditions in/around the house are not good PR to say the least! My hat if off to you, girlfriend! You did the right thing. Glad your babies and sweater are all in one piece! ;-)