Monday, November 7, 2011

monday-November 7th-Thankful ♥

♥ <----see that little heart?  You make it by holding the alt key and then the number 3. 

I used to drive the Senior Citizen van here in Alamogordo.  There was a lady named Stella, who was 93 years old, I picked her up every day.  She came to the center, did puzzles and played Canasta.  She was lively and just a joy to be around.  She shared her secret.  Learn and keep learning, don't let your brain muscles stop working.  She did crossword puzzles and Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy on the TV were here favorites.

See this ♥ is something I learned. I was so happy to learn it.  I am thankful, I am able to learn things, especially on the computer.  You see, I love learning new techniques and shortcuts.

Thank you little ♥ for reminding me about learning! 

~never lose your joy

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blogdude said...

Glad you took the effort to keep your brain functioning...but...

Don't hurt yourself, tulip!