Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday-November 13th-thankful

I am thankful for bad things that happen in your life that turn into hilarious memories.

Many years ago, think 1971? It was November. (My birthday is usually near or on Thanksgiving)  I had bad horrible tummy flu.  We were in Seattle, Washington (Tucwilla).  I was 8, and my little bro was 5 or 6.  See my wicked cool pants and cute little brother!?
Good golly, but I loved those boots? See them? Ducks I don't remember liking, but the pants and those boots, oh yeah, but back to the story...
My mom makes the best Lemon Meringue Pie in the world! I am not going to argue with you, this is a fact in the world...settle that in your mind. Her crust is never gooey, the lemon is lemony and not shrunken, and the meringue is light as a fart! wooooooooo
It is my favorite pie she makes. 
Back to me, flu.  I am puking my toenails up, and my mom has saved my piece of pie. 
I am wrapped around the toilet, and you must know, I am a bit theatrical when I am sick, tears, shakes the whole bit.  So my mom is holding my hair, and rubbing my back, saying mom things softly....
(now that I am a mom, I know she is silently hoping I will make it to the toilet for all the vomit of this particular flu)
I take a breath, mom wipes my nose and I focus on this blond-blue eyed boy on the floor by the toilet....

It is my little brother!!

He says,"Can I have your lemon meringue pie?" 

I was so mad!

So to this day....when one of is sick, that phrase is brought up!  No longer is it a mad feeling, but laughter!  I was sick yesterday and today..not the flu, think it was my ear/equilibrium thing.  But the phrase was brought up again...
 by my Dad via my Mom:
"Can I have your lemon meringue pie?" 
Forty years ago, I was not amused, today it made me smile and love my family more...
I am so thankful that bad things can turn into a fun memory.  Once the sting wears off!

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Joy aka GoddessJoy said...

Uh, HELLO? Can we talk about that awesome jacket, too?!?! WOW!

I love stories like this. :)

But, really, I have to know....did you let him have your pie???