Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday-November 5th~ Thankful

It is almost 8am, I slept in today til 7:30! My girls are in the tub together in hysterics, laughing and splashing. The winds outside are up to about 30 MPH, and we have high wind warnings of 45mph today.  I am drinking a cup of freshly ground, and brewed coffee.  My hubby and boys are still huddled under the covers and I am hoping they get a few more hours of catch-up sleep.

You see my husband, Tony works up in the mountains, he drives 25 minutes up there and back.  It is not a long drive, although it is one I used to be very frightened of when attempting.  He leads a drama team in the church, preaches for our Pastor when he is going out of town, is doing a neighborhood bible study this winter, and is organizing some things for my Pastor that take some time.  That is just for church, but you see he also fixes our heater so it works, winterizes our cooler and fixes the little things around the house that need to be done.  He arranges to get his truck in to be fixed (something with the heater/ac), taking care that I won't be stuck for too long without a vehicle. 
He listens to me babble, when his eyeballs are closing and exhaustion is winning.  You see he loves me.
I am so thankful for my Tony, who is my best friend.  I get to have sleep overs every night! He can make me laugh with a look, and he knows it. He will read this and laugh and say, "Great picture...for crying out loud!"  and we will laugh.

I love you Tony!

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Mariah said...

Love this! What an awesome husband! I have one of those too! Aren't we blessed? Words cannot express it.