Monday, November 7, 2011

Adventures in CTing!!! Layouts and funny story!

I am a deadline junkie! I admit it, but I am learning a whole new way of scrapping.  The CREW at ScrapBook Graphics works so differentlly, and I love it.  I am learning how to shop (albeit I do have a coupon to get the items free), to make a layout for the designer and use my photos.  They still have new releases with deadlines, the Studio Mixes, and occasionally one of the designers needs a page or two for a quick release. 
I am on the template team at SBG also, and they have a new template designer!! Studio Jen D.
pic is in my parents RV at Bodega Bay, our goodbye to them before we left California.  I used the thankfulness Page Kit by MIki, along with a fun template starter: Just strips by Studio Jen D, 
I also got a fun time with Chengie, my buddy who pushes the deadline to the limit! She always gets my adrenaline pumping!! Tee hee, Studio 68 and Pink Reptile had the coolest collab as a grab bag called Bloopers.
 my boys on halloween! gabe was going to tackle his big brother, but it looks almost like a hug! tee hee
Zig Zag Scraps and Digiscrapperbrasil and Pickle Berry Pop!
I did two with this hilarious kit:
My daughter and our dog sharing frozen custard. A poochie cone! lol
This hasn't been announced officially, but I am on this woman's team!!
Kaye Winieki!!! Can you believe it???  She is just amazing to me, she makes all her designs! I keep pinching myself.  I sent an application to her and got a response and was reading waiting for the thanks, but no thanks part...and it never came!! hahaha See her way cool blinkie on my sidebar?
I was so happy to make this page, photo is by my friend Wilma, and Amy gave me permission to use pics of her adorable daughter; Basia!
 Honored to play with chocoholic by kaye winiecki!
 Now this isn't really a CT layout because, well I bought the kit! But it has a funny story!  I think Chengie showed me Lynn-Marie's store...she is the one who usually knows exactly what I would like.  Then another lady, HeatherB told me about her, so I went and looked. Oh I loved it.  Enter this past weekend, and the inDSD.  The scrappers crazed shopping day or weekend.  Mellow by Lynn-Marie grabbed me, and the price was AWESOME!! I bought it right off! The colors and emotions that were in it made me think.  Then over at DST, on the Happy Place, she was giving the kit away to the last commenter.  I posted that I had already bought it! Laughingly, saying maybe something else would work? teeehee,
Lynn-Marie posted back, perhaps something special? I said, how about a spot on your CT?
So I am now guesting for November and December! woot!  I hadn't even unzipped the kit yet.  Then I did and wow oh wow!
 sometimes I just need to look right out my front porch and find my vision renewed and, well from my front porch, during a desert rain storm. I am delighted to explore with Mellow by Lynn-Marie
I got BoB over at Catscrap with this and that is a first! woot, pretty excited about it!

~never lose your joy


Joy aka GoddessJoy said...

These are all beautiful, as usual, Anne!I love the Mellow kit, and am just looking for the right picture to use with it. Thanks so much for pointing me in the direction of Lynne-Marie!

Catherine said...

Just gorgeous Anne, I cant wait to play with the link you gave me and looking forward to working with you on Kaye's team!!