Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday-November 15th-Thankful

I set up a tree today. Not mine. A few ladies at the church got together and set up one for the church.  It was a real learning experience for me.  These ladies are professional Christmas tree decorators! The tree shown here is kinda like they enjoy.  I was impressed and admit it looks really nice.
Are you ready for the but?  But, it doesn't seem like Christmas too me! I love the mish mash of homemade ornaments, the eclectic arrangements of prime branches, and candy canes hidden or stacked on limbs!  I guess that is how I was raised.
Each lady was talking about their trees growing up, and always wanting one that matched.  I nodded like a bobble head, but I had to shake myself, and go no, I don't understand.  Luckily, these woman are my friends and know my strange idiosyncrasies but still love me.
I came home and my girls said, "How does it look?" I could not lie, it was beautiful! I mean it is gorgeous, the tree is so real looking, and has pine cones glued to it, and even has these awesome red/burgandy berries.  It is a beautiful site. 
So, my thankful is that on or about the 10th of December, we will take our $5 permit to cut a tree down in the Lincoln National Forest and head up the mountain.
Tony has a chain saw now, so no more saw.
The boys are big now, so they can maneuver it into the blanket and van, or we will take two vehicles and it will get tossed in the back of the truck!
and then Christmas morning...happiness will be under it!

~never lose your joy

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Mariah said...

Our tree has always been a mish-mash of ornaments that the kids have made over the years (even including some I made as a child), things we've picked up over the years that may (or may not! LOL) represent our interests/travels/experiences for that year, and some of the things on our tree aren't even actual ornaments like little stuffed animals that were my grandmother's. I wouldn't trade our tree for all the matching finery in the world! It's a yearly tangible representation of who we are and the incredible grace of God in our lives. I feel a blog post about this coming on!