Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You NEED to get this!

Okay, this is a doozy!! I know Netta does not do this often! This is a big and quick need to stock up now! I create for Creative Victorian Designs (DVD) and have done almost 25 kits worth of work for her. Each kit is huge, full alphas, elements (most over 50-and this isn't recolored items) and her papers, just print one and see the textures that even show when go now, click Creative Victorian Designs Boutique....load up, for it will be over soon!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Funny funny girls!

My daughters can make me laugh so quickly, they really do both have such a joyful spirit! I had downloaded this kit from Amy Sumrall over at the Lily Pad. (I was a guest for her in September, but sadly couldn't stay due to being overwhelmed with homeschool and CTing). So, I knew the girls were itching to make mac and cheese by themselves, so I thought I can do some posed pics and showcase Amy's new collab kit Mac and Cheese..well we got a few posed pics and then the giggles, I wanted one to kiss the other, and they were both waiting for the other and saying no, they weren't gonna do it, while laughing and giggling in a way that only 10 year old twins can! Uncontrollably! I am glad I had the camera, because I laughed and laughed while taking them and while making the layout!


What's on your wall?

I was checking my favorite daily blogs, and Christine has a homeschool one, I don't know if it is public, so I am not posting it! But she had some pics of her wall in her "class room" aka dining room!
We scrubbed the house in the afternoon today (weird for me, as cleaning was always my first thing in the morning chore). I rearranged the dining/class room area. I scrubbed everything and cleaned so it felt real fresh! The weather has finally cooperated with the fall season, so all the windows were opened and the light was beautiful in the room.

First is the south wall, that has the timeline for the revolution (Mr. E and G-man), and the great explorers. Above is the Lewis and Clark poster...a big study this year for the girls. The pic is my goofy and much loved children in a picture my hubby had made for me.
The stools are my desk, I pull them up to the table and transfer all the contents of that basket on the spinner on our table, and the stools are used to have piles of papers, books and more papers on all day. Notice the little solar system, a freebie from our ES(Educational Specialist), that is a little game of questions of the planets. The girls like it, I think it is cheesy. The sun lights up and that is all it does! ha ha
The west wall, my favorite (especially in California) and it goes into our back yard! I moved our monstrosity wall unit (the deal from store closing) in front, (but with a walkway to sliding glass door) to block a bit of light and the back has shelves also, is a bit easier to get too. You can see the kids cubby's kind of in this shot!
This one turned out blurry, but I wanted you to see the west wall, and Anna-bo wiping the table! The wall unit thingee is on wheels, so I can move it rather easily!
Color coded children, when you have a lotta kids, for me, they have the same if the blue toothbrush is left out, I know it's Abby's! Green is Gman, Yellow for Mr. E, Pink for Annabo, and Absolutely is blue. Surprisingly, Gman's is the most organized!Next is the south wall, with a bit of the west wall showing. I am happy how it feels with the wall unit there. The first white table is one of the desks the kids revolve using. Notice the tiny, tiny globe? This is a learning for me, check the dimensions before ordering. It is minuscule. The poster is the land of the USA during the time of the Revolutionary War, and Eric's hat hanging from it..little punk!
Okay, the scrapper in me comes out here, along with the intense organization that can cause people to begin to, this is my pride and joy! It is the scoring keys for 3 grades and 4 subjects and the record keeping for each also! I have a folder for all for their grammar and spelling and any English projects, then the spelling, grammar and math keys, the rest are by subject and grade (color coded by kids; girls are pink, G is green and E is yellow) Then their Math work is all recorded and kept in one folder. The last one is all the standards and curriculum for this year. It is my bible of home schooling, I can just go thru it to see where are gaps are in what subject! I like the colors! tee hee, it helps me relax having things all ordered!okay, the east wall, which goes down my hallway has the Maps! You can see the back of my fridge. The back is also magnetic, so awesome for my charts and calender! This room is supposed to be the living room, but there is no way all six of us could sit around a table in what is the "eat-in" dining room. Notice those beautiful cheery tomatoes in the bowl...every other morning one of our neighbors brings us a bag of these delightful creations! We pop them in our mouths like M&Ms..yummy!We are going from the 1600 to present between all the kids curriculums, so you can see the transitions thru the time periods. The large USA map goes with a very irratating but awesome cd of the capitals and states of the uSA, that I can almost name them all! Sacramento, California, Phoenix, Ariiiiiiiiizona...yeah, it's hokey, but it is working! ha ha
We also have curtesy of Voices of Martyrs, the persecuted church in the world...very eye opening! I have a thing for maps anyway...probably why I married Tony!

Here is looking into my "office" and computer for the kids for spanish/typing/multiplication games. That is what is supposed to be the dining room...uhm no, not for us! ha haThere is our little classroom, that transforms every evening into our dining room and is full of much laughter and stories of the day. I love home schooling, and believe me, I was prepared not too! Thanks for visiting!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Catch Up!

Okay, long winded post but with lots of layouts!
First off, I am really getting behind dear Netta of Creative Victorian Designs (CV Designs)! Netta over the past few weeks has become a rather close friend! She got me on that silly IM don't get all happy, I can only do one person at a time, it is too time consuming! ha ha
Anywhoo........CV Designs is a one woman store, and the quality and love in it is amazing! I have been doing QP work for her for a while, about 21 kits worth!
Then Netta asked if I would host a challenge for her forum, sure, something new and sounded is! I am up to 3 challenges now, and love watching the scrappers improve and excel!
I then asked if I could be on her CT! She graciously said yes, so here is my first official layout with CVDesigns, Autumn Mist.This is our Saturdays! Four kids, three soccer games, long wait times between!
It is done with a template from Armina, a freebie with Pickle Berry Pop's template challenge!
Now this is a good switch to Carolyn Rose Kite, another top notch lady in the land of designers!
Carolyn is over at Pickle Berry Pop, being an admin and designer, and I got to go with her as one of her faithful CT members. She must have had a ton of kits up her sleeve, cause I have been busy with that.A neighbor when we still lived in New Mexico, Mr. Cliff, who has passed away, but is in our hearts and we know he is in heaven! This is done with Carolyns kit: What a HootI think I was in a wacky mood, but I opened this kit from Carolyn and the flowers looked like eggs to me..and I had all these pics from my french toast I used Spring is in the Air
I hooked up with Amy Sumrall for September, because she is just plain goofy! Her designs are completely different from my usual picks, they are original and upbeat, and strentched my brain to the limits, but I wanted to show some of them off: Amy is over at the LilyPad!
I hope you enjoyed my little catch up!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life is beyond busy!

this home school is taking some time, well worth it, but I have to sacrifice some of "my" stuff...and scrapping is "my" thing. I wrote dear Lyndsay Ritchie and told her I had to step down, and she made me weepy...I am on a few months sabbatical with her blessings and the team has been just as supportive! That really helps, because I know once our schedule gets kicking I will have the extra time to be a full time CT for her. So go and see what she has coming out over at Scrap Orchard, her kits are fun and funky!
I am staying with Doris Castle and Carolyn Kite(who is at PickleBerryPop) now. I love the ladies over there. I think I must have Aussie blood in me, or Charlie did a transfusion on me...cause I am so comfy with those ladies from down under....
speaking of dear Carolyn, she has a new kit for her grand hello to Pickle Berry Pop, and it has the most lovely fall colors.
I love the colors, I think I am being drawn to the oranges and fall colors strong right now...must be the thought of rainy days and fires in the fireplace...but I pulled some pics of Anna from last year at the pumpkin patch:Anna wanted to take home the biggest pumpkin in the patch. I told her she would have to carry it! She just had to be able to pick it up! ha ha
So I am happy to have scrapped...tomorrow back to the books and grammar!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I am so excited!!

A few weeks ago, Alamama over at Pressed Petals and I were on the phone (so long, I had to plug in my cell phone, but that is another story), and she mentioned this website called Gallery Stand outs! I went there and was just blown away, I mean this isn't a praise game of CT's it is ladies on the search for some top notch layouts. I go there and just shake my head in awe how they make these layouts!
One of my layouts was chosen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh my oh my, I was so excited...
Whatkatiedid left this message in the comments on my Follow the Penske layout at MSA!
Congratulations! Your layout has been featured on the Gallery Standouts blog!
I am in totally wow mode! I love scrapping and am so honored to be in Doris Castles group of such amazing and talented ladies. This is just so exciting to me! wow!