Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, Nov 17th thankful I think?

Science in our house! I love this so much! I just giggle as we learn together, and knowing that I can not only take a photo, but a video.  I am so thankful for the wild and crazy technology of today.  Yes, I admit it drives me bonkers on many occasions.  That is usually because I can't read the instructions due to my bifocals!
But, this happened and Tony is at work, we can tell him all about it, but he won't see Abby's face all big in the camera, or Gabriel figuring out fractions, Anna's cheesy grin, and Eric hiding from the camera in a way only teenagers understand? 
You might want to come to our house for pizza, cause you will get a lot! bhahbha
now I have been waiting for almost an hour for technology to load the video...doesn't look like it is gonna happen.which kinda puts a big kink in the thankful blog! but luckily! I have back up!
Gabriel did a science project today! I love his professor attitude! We all gather around him and he tells what he is going to do, and then gives a play by play of the experiment.

bha is trying to thwart my joy..for some obscure reason, now the photos are going sideways! I am made of tougher stuff than that! The experiment is What Does soap do to Water?

a bowl with water and pepper on top.  He used tweezers without anything, then tweezers holding a bit of tissue, a chewed piece of gum, and then a piece of soap.  The tissue attracted the water and pepper, as did the gum (but not as much) and the soap repelled the pepper and the water!
Pretty cool....
Then one more photo of the final part of the experiment, the most important, and of course it is isn't sideways on my file, just here today, cause I am so Thankful for technology! snort!
If you tilt your head awkwardly to the left, you can read M. Clean everything up.
lets hear it for technology!


Heather T. said...

Fun experiment! Allen is in G&T science, and so we have home labs at least once, if not twice or more a week. We have bean plants growing on the windowsill, paper towels drying under lamps, little camouflaged cutout animals hiding on the rug... you name it, we gots it! *giggles* Isn't it fun?

Unica said...

Anne, this made me laugh. The clean up part is totally something Alissa would write down LOL. Awesome experiment. Will have to do it with the girls at the house. Thanks for the laugh.