Wednesday, February 25, 2009

nasty virus lookers?

tee hee! for more fun, join the Snap and Scrap team for a fun filled weekend of Cyber Cropping...
while your here, click on some of my ads and make me rich, well not rich, but closer to getting the measly little check from adsense! ha ha
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday morning 23 February 2009

Mr. E was racing to get his camera and me mine! The sun is out!
Yesterday, it poured all day, I let the kids play out in the rain riding bikes and playing football with a few other insane neighborhood kids. It wasn't cold, just very very wet! They had a blast, but came in thru the laundry room, stripped down and wrapped in towel and immediatly into warm shower with hot cocoa afterwards. Was a relaxing day, so relaxed I didn't take any pictures.
But this rainbow popped up at 7:30am and the sun was beaming thru dark clouds as we took off for school. I took my camera with me, hoping for some more lighting shots...but the dark black cloud prevailed and the heavens unleashed a huge amount of rain most of the day!
but the rainbow was a full one, that is just the right side, it went right over our back yard...nice to see.

Saturday Concert in our living room 21 Feb

We had a wild and full day, went to Oroville to help with flyers for the revival.
Ate at Burger King (I love a sloppy, mayo dripping grease burger) and drove home so the kids could play in the short amount of sun. We are expecting a deluge tomorrow and the next few days!
The kids have been practicing songs all week (church songs) with Mr. E on guitar and each of them singing with the microphone! They practiced last Sunday for about 5 minutes and wanted to perform, I told them they needed 3 songs and had to practice all week. They did, so we had a concert in our living room...they were so good.

it's huge! 18 Feb 2009

The sign is done! oh it is so perfect and so huge! Tony can't hang it til tomorrow (fast forward, he did hang it and it looks great and for some strange reason I didn't take a picture of it yet).
We had it on the platform at the church for bible study! Colleen was so cute and excited about it! I was a bit worried it was going to be too yellow. but it is just exactly what we wanted!!!

Tuesday 17 Feb 2009

Spent the morning and most of the day actually, scanning pictures from my parents. I was in awe of these. I have done a few layouts with them. there is something special about heritage layouts. My mom got into the organizing bug with the photo's also. She went thru the slides. We were a slideshow family. The projector died years ago, so my mom used a light box to go thru. She is sending off to have them scanned and made digital. I can hardly wait to go thru them. There are like 150 of me(first born and down right cute kid) and 50 of my younger and strange looking brother. I will say, he got cuter, but was a very wierd looking baby...ha ha

16 Feb 2009

whoops, missed yesterday, I think I might have missed the day in real life too..
It was rainy and cold.
But today was my mom's birthday! I drove down to see her and my dad made the most beautiful hamburgers...just gorgeous, and they tasted even better! yummy. I did a layout of them too, but can't show it yet, because it is for a store collab that doesn't come out til March! But it is hilarious! Has my dad being the Chef d'jour! The 3 of us ate it all! Except for the lettuce! My dad loves to feed us!

14 Feb, My parents are coming....

Mr. E made the famous Chili for the arrival of my parents. I just think it is beautiful, I don't like to eat it! ha whole family love it, it is cheap, makes a ton and we can have it with hotdogs later in the week for chilidogs. I don't care much for chili. I mean I eat it, because it is there. It upsets my tummy usually. I will have a small cup and lots of cornbread! ha ha...I am a starchy woman!

Friday the 13th, Feb 2009

Friday the 13th and I should have taken a picture of my black cat; Lady Fluffypants, but she has white socks and a white chest..and is so fluffy she can't look very supersititious. So I took instead, the wall I look at when I scrap, do bills, or paperwork. I love this sign. My hubby got it for me one Christmas a few years back. The girls were learning to sound out words phonetically. And Anna was La -uhg ha, that alone will make a person giggle, so don't forget to la uhg ha today!

12 Feb 2009

That would be sunshine coming in our living room! It has been a long drizzly week! Felt good to open the windows and get the damp closed upness out of the house! You can also see our very old wood stove that I love, love, love. It really has been a help! I have gone thru almost a 1/2 a cord of wood! year, a full cord. I am actually looking forward to our PG&E (gas and electric) bill. I so hope we were able to cut it down substantially. I'lll let you know....hey I might even take a picture of it.
The funny part of this picture is I must have just vacumned because Lady FluffyPants is not on her throne. It is the top of this chair, so she can feel the warm of the fire and look out the window when she decides to open her eyes. Cats sleep alot!

11 Feb 2009

I did miss a few days, but better to get up on the horse and ride then wallow in the horse turds....har de har har. Laundry day, and a day late, Wednesday.
Why is there a Shamu going in my dryer? Because my oldest son needed it washed...he uses it as a pillow between him and the wall...he must sleep pushed up against something. We stayed at my parents when he was 5 and he kept falling out of bed, until I figured out he needed to have his head pushed against wall, dresser, something. My hubby got this over priced whale at SeaWorld for my son 7 years ago? Goodness, time flies. My honey came walking out of the gift store as we were leaving the park, and Mr. E's face just light up...I have a picture of him sleeping that very night with the Shamu. He doesn't even mind if people know. That is how my E is, he will just bluntly say, I sleep with a stuffed whale. His friends then all come clean and tell what they sleep with. I love that he does nonchalant about it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

failed, but not misreably

I can not do the 2 blog thing and show these daily...I am taking pictures and I am doing layouts tons of them...please pop over to and see what I have been up too! I miss poppin around, so I am gonna do that once a week versus trying to get these pics up on the blog in order of
I will pop some up here and there...but it takes forever (seems like it sometimes).
You see I have 2 puters...laptop is the only one with internet. My main brain computer, where my external drive and all my layouts, pics and stuff is does not have internet. So I have to go thru my pictures and label and then put on thumb drive, bring to lap top then I put it off and put it off...bad bad me...
but I have been busy and have spiffied up some of my shots and made some fun layouts (the reason I take the pics is to do the layouts right?)
So to my friends, I will update this tomorrow with a few pics, but can't do is simply too much!
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mumbly & Me

I don't know why the pictures are being cut off on the edge, if you click on them you can see them in another window...hmmmm....
okay...I know some of you (Donna) are waiting for pictures of my Dad and his awesome hamburgers from my Mom's birthday lunch...but you have to know a bit more about the child Jim and Pat raised! I am cheap...and you know who I got that from (the one with the beard) all the layouts you see me make are made with freebies. I make layouts in exchange for the kits...great trade!
One of the designers I create for is named Doris Castle and this is her new kit Gypsy Chic...the name made me laugh, for in our family we are neither gypsy or chic, but I think Mom and I manage to pull it off! ha ha ha <---I get my humor from them both...

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The world of scrapping needs support!

A few months back, I wrote on how many countries that the love of scrapping covered. I began with my dear Boss Lady~Charlie from Australia who gave me my first chance at creative team (CT) member. Then Carolyn Kite, another Aussie. I play and give the folks over at Snap and Scrap a hard time, and it is like being "down under" most of the time! lol
I have learned what gobsmacked is, seen that silly little bird (the one I killed) wave an Australian flag and seen the pain of these dear friends. Pain from watching part of their dear country go up in flames. Flames that wreaked havoc for miles.

It is now known as the 2009 Victorian bushfires. This has turned into Australia's highest ever loss of life from a bushfire.There have been at least 209 deaths and over 500 people with fire-related injuries. 100 people have been admitted to hospitals across Victoria with burns, 20 are in a critical condition of which 9 are in intensive care. The fires have destroyed at least 1,834 homes and damaged thousands more. The fires have left an estimated 7,500 people homeless. These people are far far away from me...but so close to these that have become friends.

I am not asking for 100's of dollars...but I am asking for $5. But for that a large group of designers have gotten together and made a Collaboration is beautiful and EVERY dime is going to Australian Red Cross or the Red Cross for the help in helping those in Australia!

You CAN NOT give money to the designers! You MUST give thru these official websites!

To get this kit, you need to make a donation to either of the following charities. I will tell you, it is not paypal, you have to use a credit card.

1. Australian Red Cross, or

2. The Salvation Army,

and forward your proof of donation to "carolynkite @ bigpond .com" - please put "Spirit of Summer" in the subject line. Donation receipts must be dated no earlier than Friday 20th February 2009.

***Please note: The Red Cross has been inundated with donations. While we are overjoyed with this, it means that some people may experience a delay in receiving their confirmation receipt via email.
Should this happen, please take a screenshot of the page that states "your transaction has been processed, to make a new donation please click here, and forward that to us instead.
Please include your donation amount in your email to us so that we can issue the correct voucher for you.

You will then be issued with a voucher to download this kit.

at NO time will any money be accepted through this store - all donations MUST be made to one of the charities listed above.

If you donate $5.00 you will receive a voucher for the Spirit of Summer kit.

But if you donate over $10.00 your voucher will also include the QP Album, with pages created by Jadelyn Alvarez and PST Designs.

If you haven't received your Coupon Code within 24hrs please email Carolyn again. But PLEASE if you have only been waiting a short time, be patient with us. Each of these coupons has to be issued manually, and therefore take time.

Designers who contributed to this kit are:

Ambowife Designs,
AWP - Designs by Vicki,
Carolyn Kite,
Color with Caryn
Desert Designs,
Designs by Aliya
Digilovers Addiction,
EmCee Designs
Zesty Digi Designs,
Studio Flergs,
Gillian F. Designs,
Holycow Designs,
Jeanette Bollinger Designs,
Julie C. Designs,
Kim B,
Kylie M. Designs,
Lindsay Jane,
Mel H Designs,
Mitsybelle Designs,
Scrap It - Designs by Brianna Cox,
Piggy Scraps Designs,
PST Designs,
Scrapidea Timkova,
Shazbutt's Digi-Scrapz,
Charlie's Digiscraps,
Skrapper Digitals,
Carjazi Designs,
Sweet Blossom Designs by Sara,
Chaos Lounge,
Toni Autrey Designs, and
Wench'd Grafix

Please be aware that most of the files are 100MB or over. If this is a problem for you, please contact me and I will arrange smaller downloads for you.

On behalf of all the designers mentioned above, we would like to thank you for your donation.

Amount raised so far : $1301.00

Can they add yours?

Thanks for reading!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

She is a doll

Well the final dance layout! She is beautiful! I giggle thru these layouts, for a couple of reasons. First, because my mom laughed when we talked about them, and second...I am a total clutz. When we were moving to Japan, my parents taught me how to say, "I'm sorry" in Japaneses first, because I was forever bumping, falling into other people. So, when Carolyn Rose Kite came out with this kit: Charlotte's Dream with ballet slippers, I figured I would have to pass on making any layouts with it...ha ha!
Then I remembered the pictures I had seen of my Swan Lake madre'....and plans had already been made to go thru the old pictures...I called and specifically asked for the tap dance one. Which I should add, is getting numereous comments in regards to her beautiful legs and nice Vintage photos...tee hee!
I enjoyed being able to create with my mom as the center piece! I hope you enjoyed being the star of the show all week mumbly! It is great having her friends pop in from all over the country!

Thanks for reading!

Anne Marie

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday-more of Tete

For those who don't know, my mom is Patricia, but she she was called Tete her whole life! 'Cept my Dad calls her Patti (with an i)...I call her
well more fun pics of Tete in 1956! She is the raging beauty in the circle made by the ribbon. I don't have the whole story of the bluebird and redwing cabin YET! ha ha
If you click on the picture, it opens a new window with the layout a bit larger! Are you in there too???
stay tuned, because I found a few pics of Donna, then and now...laughing...and am pondering a fun layout for her!
Next up, Tete in ballet....I know where I got my grace....hopefully tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!
Anne Marie

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My mom at age 11!

I spent my Mom's birthday with my parents. What a great day! It is an hour and a half drive there and it was sprinkling and overcast. Was a nice brain relaxer. My dear sweet hubby kept the kids as they were out of school!
My dad made these huge hamburgers! Layout to come soon...haha! We ate at the table and then went thru old pictures...
It was so much fun, to hear the names and stories of the pictures. My dad kept making me laugh! Well, he always makes me laugh!
This picture was one of my favorites as a kid, my mom just looks so beautiful...I always thought she was so much older than 11 in the picture. The words on the layout are the exact ones on the back of the picture, written by my mom! This is all done with Carolyn Kite's kit Charlotte's Dream over at Scrap&Tag.
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Tenderness, Freebie, and Coupon!

Lots to look at today!
Jenny K Designs has a new kit! Before I go into the kit, I want to tell you more about Jenny or some may know her as Jeka. She has so much energy! She is a mom to twins and they are boys and they are toddlers! That right there would put me to sleep at 7pm! Jenny pushes thru and creates this amazing kits. This kit alone has 11 papers and over 40 elements. I really enjoyed creating with it! So your thinking that is okay, alot of ladies create with kids, well then to top it off she decided to open her own store! Yeah! That is amazing. Since Jenny is from Russia, she has it in Russian and English! WOW!!! It is a beautiful store: Sunflower Scrap.

There that all said, her new kit is Tenderness.

If you go over to her blog, Jenny's Creations, she has a lovely sampler from the kit...

and goodness, I think it is alot of what I used in my first layout for her! lol Still wondering if you should go over to Sunflower Scraps and purchase it?
Here is a coupon for 30% off!

Here is a layout of my dear Abby building courage to finally make the jump on the ramp!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mumbly!

Today, the most amazing woman was born; my mom, Patricia!
I want to take a moment and tell you about how awesome she is:

She was a small town girl from Maine and met a big city man who was in the Navy...(I think she fell in love with his humor, then his eyes) they met, married and shipped off to Puerto Rico. There I was born and a few years later, my younger (he is not little anymore) brother was born.
The Navy took us all over the world, and my mom was the best! My dad would ship out, and one of us kids would be in the emergency room. My earliest memories of my mom is rocking on her lap, with my ear in pain. (yep, eardrum burst, tubes, that was me). My mom does this thing on my head when I am sick or pretending so she will do it..she runs her fingers thru the side of my head and just sings or hums (I seem to remember alot of Simon and Garfunkle hums). It is the most soothing feel in the world. I find myself when my own kids crawl in my lap, bringing my hands up to their hair and the same tunes begin to be hummed.
My mom is not one to be molded, she is who she is and because of that I have independance. I fought that wanting to fit in for many years, but am so thankful, that I gave it up to be me!
My parents have been married for some 45 years, perfect no..but my mom has this motto: Death til us part, you want a divorce, I'll shoot you! That about sums up her spirit! They are both retired now from paying jobs, but that doesn't stop them. For 3 months in the summer they host a campgrounds on a beach off California in their RV. This gives my mom the much needed ocean for the small town girl from Maine's coast. My dad is there cookin' in the RV and still making her laugh!
Mom now has 6 grandkids! She is an incredable Nana, making gifts, picking up little things here and there and loving them all so much. Now that we live again in California, a mere 1 and 1/2 hour drive away, we are able to see her so much more. My brother is above us in Oregon, so at least we are all on the same coast! Below is a montage of pictures from the whole family!
My mom isn't perfect, but she is pretty darn close in my eyes!

I love you mumbly!

Anne Marie (cause that is what my mom calls me)

Never lose your joy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Race is Over (for me)

For the past 6 weeks, my partner (Alamama aka Christine) have been doing our normal scrap CT work, and took on 2 extra challenges a week...why? Because I thought it would be fun, and we would be scrapping together and since we are learning this stuff, why not challenge ourselves. I am not going to lie, I won't do it again. It was like doing challenges on a forum(not my favorite thing anyways) but with a quicker deadline and crazy rules. I didn't find much enjoyment. I did rediscover some forums I had not been too in a long while, Gypsy Pixel and Scrap Orchards!
What I did find was some folks that are downright hilarious! The lady who had to make sure we adhered to the rules described in each challenge is called Gurl on the Sun (yeah, that is the scrap world, we have wierd names) and she was in one word a hoot! Getting a private message from her, meant you had totally screwed up your layout and needed to fix it...not a fun thing.

I really like challenge #2~ it was to take your first layout in any gallery and redo it...oh thank you...I redid a speed challenge that got me hooked on digiland scrapping that was hosted by my dear partner Alamama back in September of 08? It was a horrid layout...but the redo was fun! The original is the ugly red one...this pic is the first ones we took of the girls when we picked them up! Just so beautiful, they scared me!

I also was able to use some of the designer kits that came out during the race to be inspired to use their kits for layouts. I think 4 of them were done with designers I CT for, so that was good. Then came challenge #7 and I had an attitude about a mile was to scrap with this kit, with this bird that I see all over scrap land, and I HATE the bird...hate, hate hate it! So I killed it! Yes I did! I layed that bird on it's back and did some paint matching over it's eye and used a mystery font and typed in an "X" where the eye should be. It looked dead, and I was happy, as a final twist, I put the wrong challenge number on the bird and no one even noticed, they were so excited about my dead bird...I had over 40 comments on NDisB about the dead bird layout, and then I got real froggy and went over to DST to see how it would play in the Praise Game...yep i got a few nice layout...cause people just don't look at the layouts, they just post to post! ha ha, so that made me laugh more..
I had people asking me to kill the owl, strangle the fairy and one who so loved the layout she printed it and has it on her bulletin board! I told PillowGirl (aka Elizabeth) that I was waiting for Oprah to call and have me on...I heard you get a new outfit and a limo drive to her show...ha ha, the phone hasn't rang yet!
I refuse to take this scrapping too serious...really, 99.9% of the people are so real and funny and just a blast to babble with...but the.1% that take it is too short to let dead birds bum you out! My hubby has recommended that I change my avatar to the dead bird! I tell you I love that man! I could become the Dead Bird Girl of Scapataz! ha ha

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!
Cause I refuse too!

Monday, February 9, 2009

9 Feb and caught up bloggin' baby!

Deem are my feet...well the closest you get to seeing my hooves! ha ha...I was going to upload the pics for the last few days and forgot to do one for today! Duh, so it is late, and I am in a goofy mood, so I did the shutter thingee like the fireplace on my feet, and wiggled them..they didn't turn out very well, this is the best of the lot....but I have been told in the past that I have a nicely turned ankle...woot! You also get a better glimpse of my fluffy pink robe with white clouds and yellow stars and moons! I didn't even think about it, until right now, my leg has been in pain for about 2 weeks, and I couldn't even lift it yesterday....that is a leg lift and a wiggle...yeah...didn't even hurt...a day scrappin' and organizing is always a good thing!

8 Feb 2009

PillowGirl you rock! I babble with her for a bit and couldn' t get the shot of the fire in the fireplace, yeah it's still going! ha ha...She told me to speed up the many shots happen. I have a button for that on my point and worked! You will also be glad to know that I had a nice comfortable fire going most of the day, and no one complained...ha ha, they were all outside! See those coals, this is almond and it burns HOT and clean! We haven't had the heat on at all! It got down to 29 last night!

7 Feb 2009

Now that my hubby's office is safe and sound down at the church building, our living room is officially a family comfort refuge room. The kids love it, they can read, play games or just hang out. We broke it in last night and played a game of Things. Lots of laughter and it was so cozy, well okay it was not cozy, it was wicked hot. I got a bit carried away with putting on logs in the fire, cause I love how the coals just immediatly combust into flames! We had to open the window it was so hot! But, it was a memory, right?

6 Feb 2009

This is another orchard, I think it is walnut also...but haven't seen anyone do a thing with the orchard in a year. The yellow flowers the Indian (punjabi) folks in the neighborhood pick for some reason? I thought it was a mustard weed...but what is one persons weed is another's flower...I guess. If you look in the middle of this picture and then go down, there is a white comet looking is I was taking the picture it started to rain....HARD and fast...and I was in my slippers! I had just dropped the kidlets off at school and had my camera. These orchards are just beautiful to me. I was playing with the film speed, and other buttons on my camera...this was my favorite!

5 Feb-

well, it is getting there! This is supposed to be the eat-in kitchen in our home, it has been the pile it up here area. The living room attached to it is our dining room. I love having an office, and really enjoy having it off the kitchen. I have all my scrapping, my pics, my outlook (scheduling mom here), bills and my sounds. The cheap radio on the top is hooked to my XM radio, which I am addicted to the old radio classics, the Shadow and Fibber McGee and Mollly and Suspense Theater! I have to organize a few more things and I am ready to take off.

Having Boys is Weird but Fun!

G-man, my 10 year old. Wait let me start over, my daughter ran in the house, Gabriel fell! Now in our house when another runs in to tell, it usually means, put on your shoes, and grab the insurance cards we are headed to the emergency room. We have had in the last year, a broken ankle (that God healed), a gash that took 27 stitches to close, an arm broken in two places, so I know emergency room procedures. G-man came in, his eyes wide (we call it the deer in the headlights look) with pain and fear. My son is very wiry, which is a nice way to say can see each muscle and the bones are easily noticable....
I examined the skin, shoulder has a couple scraps and already bruising, have him go thru the drill, move your fingers, arms, wiggle your nose...all is movable and causes some pain, but no breaks. Ice and tylenol! Thank God, cause I had just gotten some mojo going on a layout...I showed it to Gman and he was, "oh that is way cool, I am coming right out of the middle!" Yep, that is the response I wanted. I fiddled with it for a bit and here is the final product...I don't know why it is cutting off on one side, but if you click on it, it opens in another window and you can see the whole thing. My boys have made a ramp, well it is the second one. The first one, I could hear them drilling and hammering outside and I look out the window and they have a ramp made that is (no joke) 3 -4 feet high...oh no, no, can take that down about 40 inches buck-o's! Sad faces followed, but the joy watching them pop off that ramp is the bestest. I took lots of pics, and this was one of the best!
It is all made with Carolyn Kite's kit, It's All about the "Tude. Isn't that the coolest title...she has a teenager! Caolyn has kept me so busy with all her new kits and now has a new and improved shop: Scrap-N-Tag. Since I first applied for her CT, I have wanted this kit! I finally had some down time to scrap for fun and CT! lol...
I spent most of the day, keeping the fire in fireplace going...because I am a firebug and it kept the chill out of the house. Now that my hubby's desk and computer are down at the church, my living room is so cosy. I organized my layouts and got my 2009 system together on my computer...I now have a little office off the dining room and trying to get myself back on a normal schedule.
The kids were off school today, kinda, cause I am a big believer in home-school light...which means, you have test coming up, we study. Plus, my Gman was a bit in a quandry with his math...but we got it all cleared up...and I relearned the 5 oceans and continents in order of size today, the cause and effects of the bubonic plague, and stop the presses, I think I have the election process and democracy of our government down too...ha ha...

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Updated my Pictures thru the Year!

Just wanted to let those who come by here know that I have updated the last week of pictures on my other blog. Annes Pics thru the Year! The final shots of the church building and my kidlets are there. Just click on the underlined link and it will take you right there!

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now for February!

4 Feb
In 1986, I was a younger and very wild woman...I am still a bit wild, but not like that...ha ha...anyway I blew out my knee doing "break dancing" while very very knee has been trashed since then...thank you military hasn't hurt in a long time, well I did something a few weeks back, and it has hurt for a while now. One of the kids teachers told me about Glucosamine, and my sweetie hubby got me some today. So this is my jar of pills for my ills! ha ha...hoping it helps my aching leg...I am too young to ache...and have way too much to do to I don't stop, I keep going, so this little gelcaps are gonna lubricate my joints! woo hoo

3 Feb ~ no guilt, kinda bummed, cause I thought I got them all, but I missed this day, so I was challenged by one of the ladies that follows this blog...ValerieGail? I forgot, I think it is on my regular anneof alamo blog...but you had to go to the 6th folder, and keep doing the sixth til you got to the picture..and this is the one that came I figured that was a good PASS card for missing taking a picture..and it works for is my hubby before he was PreacherMan at our home church in NewMexico, getting ready for song service...see the pick in his

2 Feb
I love this picture and am going to extract AnnaBo from it and do a layout...she is totally into her laugh, she just put her brother on the ground! They were all wrestling on the front lawn and AnnaBo was triumphant on putting Gman on the ground. I snapped about 100 pictures of the big event...and will be doing some layouts with these shots for sure! Dad had just pulled up in the truck in the background and was laughing. I love when he comes home and life is happy and full of joy. Makes me feel like I am doing my part well!

1 Feb

We had church, didn't have the huge crowd we were, we had one...our dear faithful saint...we bummed for about 7 minutes and then laughed enjoyed the service and watched a great superbowl (one of the best football games I had seen in a while). I think my PreacherMan looks rather dapper too against that lovely blue curtain. He preached a great sermon...

This is during song service, he plays the guitar and sings.. the overhead is done on the projector with one of the girls manning the laptop to change the powerpoint slides.. We are a well oiled machine!
Isn' t that pulpit great?!?! The Jamison's in Oroville blessed us with it!

Thanks for looking at my pictures, I hope you arn't too bored with them, but our lives are full and this has been a great way to keep a journal too!

been wild and crazy, but I'm still clicking!!

31 Jan~A whole month, only 12 months to go! I did it...I kept the camera with me and that helped. I am bummed I didn't blog more on it, playing catch up is it is Saturday, the church is being set up for well, church! woo hoo..Mr. E and my hubby PreacherMan put up the PA and get the guitars was very exciting...the floors are all mopped, bathrooms clean, it smells good. Tony flipped that switch on the amplifier and we did a little song service just the 6 of us, excited about being used by God...I tell you it is so much fun!

30 Jan~My kids go to a public charter school with uniforms! I love it and the uniforms...and we keep the uniforms in the linen closet...seperated by sizes. They are supposed to get their uniforms together at night, because I am an organized woman (with 4 kids and a busy life married to a pioneeer pastor it is important). One of my kids...G-man is usually sauntering around in his tighty whiteys in the mom took her pic of the day...he could not believe it...but he has gotten his uniforms out at night since then...if you look real close, his sister Absolutely is looking at him laughing from her room (already dressed in her uniform)..
I censored it because, well, I am a nice

29 Jan~the carpet goes down! Dan came once again to help us! What a blessing to have them close and so talented too! Dan and Tony laugh alot together also....and that is a good thing! You can see Mr. E watching, he wants so bad to help...and will in a heart beat go and pick up something or hold anything immediatly for them...My son has a servants heart and a willingness to is such a help to us!

28 Jan~Before we put the carpets down, the kids and I graffittied the platform....we will always know that our names and drawings are under there. It is a fun thing....I want them to enjoy being PKs and it to be an adventure too! They were so cute writting their names and nicknames, their birthdays and drawings of cars and flames. Kind of a time capsule under carpet. This picture is Anna's heart you can see she wrote she is the sister of three! I think Gabriels tank is shooting her! ha ha
27 Jan~

The boys took the extra wood from the platform (at the church) and a drill (I am one awesome mom) and made a ramp for thier bikes...This is G-man in his words..."flying". I took so many pics of them...the twins were a bit scared but they got over it and they to were flying! The boys tried to do a ramp that was almost 3 foot high, so mom had to intervene and tell them to start I didn't have the time to go to emergency room then....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do you remember Paper Princess?

Once upon a time, there was a contest at Stone Accent Studio's and a very sweet designer entered a contest and created a beautiful kit called Paper Princess and she gave it away free! The sweet little designer is Charlie, and although she didn't win the contest, she didn't give up...because she is the heroine of the story and heroine's never give up.
So she began selling her beautiful kits at another store, and then SAS asked her to be a designer too. She was so happy, all the people that got her freebies, still came to her site and asked if one day if she could make a kit for the princes in their lives.
And since Charlie is a heroine....she did...
And then they all lived happily ever after...
Not the end...
just a fun way to introduce Charlie's DigiScraps newest kit: Paper PrinceThe kit is available at SAS now and should be ready at Snap and Scrap by end of the week! But wait, pop over to Charlie's site and she has so much other free things! Tell her Anne says, get to work and make another kit!

I made this fun layout with the kit. It is my boys intently trying to win tickets at an arcade...I love to watch them play and scheme together! I took it thru the glass of the game!

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!