Saturday, January 16, 2016

Scrapping our life continues.

As the challenges continue at The Lily Pad, so does my daily scrapping pages.  I am determined to finish my May/Jun/July book!
Here is Day 13-StoryTelling.
We are not a family that does long good byes I dropped my parents at the airport, and then watched in the rear view mirror as they went away. I grabbed the camera and got them going in the door. I cried and cried. Having them here at at my home was such a great time. They were a huge help for the wedding and reception. I was so proud of them and think they are proud of me too. Living so far away is a pain when you want Mom to come over and show you how to do something. Sharing recipes with my Dad is way more fun in person. I know that California is their home as New Mexico is mine, but it doesn't stop me me from wishing . After they are gone, I think of all the photos I should have taken, more hugs I should have given them. Tears flow as I remember how much I am indeed loved. Mom and Dad, I love you so much and next time I might just take one more hug to go.

Day 14. Where I Stand-

Day 15- Repeated Elements
Why is Gabriel wearing a yellow flower in his ear? Because Sage Marie asked him too. Having them here for Eric’s wedding was a joy. Gabe and Sage Marie had a special connection.

Day 16-Using Paint as a Photo Mask
When I took these photos in May 2015, I knew I wanted to do a paint page, it has been ruminating in my head all this time...oh I adore this challenge.
my mom, whose hands hold so much and never seem to stop moving.
It has been a fun week of scrapping. The kids are all working or in school, so it is nice to sit and scrap a bit, clean, then oh yeah, then scoop up gallons of water, when the washer explodes.  Life at our house continues! 

~never lose your joy

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

smack in the middle of MOC'16

The Month of Challenges.  Yep, everyday for 31 days in January, the Lily Pad, a little place I go to help me create digital scrap pages!
Today is Day 12 and I am up to date! Here is a quick update of the 12 pages I have done: (and if you want to jump in and get the instructions, I have the title linked)
DAY 1- Blind Scrap (Inspiration Challenge)

DAY 2- Listers Gonna List (Journaling Challenge)

DAY 3- Text Spacing (Technique Challenge)

DAY 4- Photoless Layout (Style Challenge)

DAY 5- Embracing Imperfection (Photography Challenge)

DAY 6- “This is My Song” Image Challenge (Inspiration)

DAY 7- Filled Template (Template Challenge)

DAY 8- One Word (Journaling Challenge)

DAY 9- Scrap Therapy Challenge

DAY 10- Extraction with a Twist (Technique Challenge) I actually am the hostess for this, and you can see my goofy video on the site too!

DAY 11- Scraplift (Inspiration Challenge)

DAY 12- Embellished Template (Template Challenge)

I am having a blast scrapping memories and will be back to add some more next week!
~never lose your joy

Monday, January 4, 2016

Bullet Journaling My Way-Battle Plans

I make lists. All the time. Then I leave them at home.  When I had a smart phone, I would take pics of my lists.  That worked kinda, but I couldn't edit the photo...quite the conundrum. Then one of my Sistas in Scrap(Sarah) at the Lily Pad did a blog post on Bullet Journals.  I was hooked!
I am not one to print things out and then cut them out, so I am relying on my pens and doodle ability.  I don't have talent for art, but I do love words!
After watching the official Bullet Journal video here.  I knew this was for me, but I needed more tweaks and color! I discovered Bojo Berry and her videos.  She walks thru her whole book and then set up for 2016, and that helped me to get it better!
I can honestly say, after I watched her videos, I went directly to Amazon and ordered

Leuchtturm Medium Hardcover Dots Emerald by LEUCHTTURM1917 -

but it won't be here until FEBruary, so I went back and got a RED one...I think I will need two this year anyways!
I then was getting buyers freak! What if I didn't use it? So I picked up this old and oh so heavy notebook I already had to begin RIGHT now. It was heavy, oh my gosh, like a brick, but I am glad I started that day, because I became fastly addicted to the journal -Which I call my Battle Plans! I wasn't sure how the monthly list was going to work, but it did. I did a change up in my new book,and it helped.
I needed something to also help me track my fun job as a Pollywog over at the LIly Pad. I make many digital scrapbook pages for designers and have to upload them for advertising purposes on certain days.  Plus there is a major challenge going on there, and I needed a place to plan. 
I did an end of year goals, and totally wacked the page up...

Here is my first weekly page, and you can see I am not real confident in the journal yet. 

So after a couple weeks, I wanted to plan what to put in my beautiful red Battle Plan journal, so I made a page in the Tank (the old journal), I got some tabs from Walmart (way cheaper than ANY where else)
See the difference? Pure beauty in the new one, I love her!
Here are my tools for making it purty.  I got these awesome pencils as a birthday present with grown up coloring books, from a precious friend! The big ones are Prangs, and the then ones are Lyra's. They blend so nicely.  When I am going over my todo lists each night, I color, or sometimes, just feel the need to color.  That cool transformer case is actually my son's but he lost it for using it as a weapon at school. That is a whole diffferent post! I use Staedtler pens, because they dry instantly and I can leave the top off for 18 hours and no dry. 
Starting off with a legend or Key.  I called mine a key, because I keep forgetting the word legend.   I also included the pens I plan on using, but now that I am into working with them, I wouldn't do that again. But it looks cool here. 

 This is the Index, and one of the reasons I wanted this particular journal. The pages are prenumbered and I just fill out the Index. This is a huge help, and looks so professional to me.

The calendar was a blast to do...scary, and only one mistake, hence the flower covering the 31 of April!  the left side is just so I could familiarize myself with the page.  I need that to break down my lists.
I took this idea from BoJo Berry, having 3 columns for the monthly calendar.  All Day(for holidays, birthdays, or duh, something that goes on all day).  Then Daytime and Evening. This is a huge help, as the day really needs that for me. Color coding, is important too. Red:church, Orange: Kids, Purple: Finances and Green: the Lily pad.

My very first weekly log. I am waffling between the box or bullet (dot) for actions. I figure it is my book, so I can waffle.  HeLarryUS, my first big boo boo, 2016 was 206 and what? I had to smoosh the 1 in there and laugh!

I use my journal for sermon notes. I then can use it also in my prayer time, to remember the words that spoke to me, and apply to my life and praying for others. 

We watched the movie WAR room on New Years Eve at church and that inspired my Battle Plan Prayer pages for my family. I cut my family out of the Christmas card, and surrounded with scripture for them, and things that are on my heart for them in prayer.

I am here now, and still playing with my weekly log, I don't preplan them, I add them as todo lists and use my monthly calendar as the main planner.

There ya' go, hope you understand my ramblings!

~never lose your joy