Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tidying Up together SATurday fun!

My whole  is on THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UPToday, is the Saturday before a Revival.  That means the week will be insane! Just the way we like it! 
The carport had become the dumping ground for all the Tidying UP discards! Tony took a truck load to the thrift store:
This along with 9 big black industrial garbage bags have come OUT of our home! The total decluttering process is amazing! 
Gabe taught D how to mow the lawn.  I could cry at how sweet my Gman is with his little brother:
The fact that the lawn is green is a miracle in itself. We have had so much rain.  I think we are getting California's weather. You can see little J, scooping poop. He is still fighting the chore, but we aren't budging. 
The twins turn 16 today, so we usually go out to a restaurant, but they requested Green Chile Stew and then go out for ice cream after! I love how they think! I will post pics of that tomorrow.
Tony busted trying to get the window up on our little white van.  The thing a majing that makes it go up is broke (again.). He got it up, and Anna put Hello Kitty duct tape on it so we don't let it go down again. 
As, always, a hearty lunch of top raman made by one of the girls, and devoured by all. OH OH you can see my painted red walls now too!

Saturdays is also laundry day for the Littles. I am rather proud of them.  Today, they not only put in washer, but each one is now tall enough to reboot the wash into the top dryer! You can see W enjoying it. He is my son that loves chores, especially when the camera is out!
The thunder is rolling outside, and I am gonna enjoy an evening of crocheting a baby blanket! Enjoy!
~never lose your joy!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Facebook isn't for me! So ReBlog!

Long ago, I would blog with great discipline.  Then Facebook happened. It was easier to LIKE, or scroll by.  The neighborhood was no longer friendly, but a surface relationship.  It seemed like an endless amount of post that were reminders of Christmas letters of days gone by.  Quick synopsis of everything AWESOME about another's life.  Reader's Digest version.  I deactivated my account.  Then breathed a bit of life into my blog: hence this post.
Stay tuned for updated blog photos and fun.