Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh my, this was indeed fun, and doable...

I am a true believer in Jesus Christ and His return and believe it will be soon...I dream of this and have faith in it...

I started with the map background (I am doing all maps for backgrounds), and found the picture of the people being Raptured....loved it..everything else belonged...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Playing Mrs. Cleaver Today

I am a homemaker. I love it. I love the day's schedule changes. Sometimes I can read a magazine with the cat in my lap at a leisurely pace, other times I can't find the cat because the laundry is piled so high! (probably to much leisurely pace).
Today was a good day for me as a homemaker. I have speghetti sauce simmering, bread rising, vacumned and dusted front room, and my white (curse the person who put that in) tile kitchen/dining room is scrubbed clean. I have candles burning, and a shower is right around the corner for me.
I will pick up my four kids and the boistrous bubble of noise that enters the house will fill the rooms to the brim with the reason I am a homemaker. My husband works very hard so I can be home and be mom all the time. When he comes home, having dinner ready and the kids done with school and excited to see him is a wonderful thing.
So I have to go and shower and put on my pearls.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I think I need a hall pass

I remember taking art classes in school because I love the thought of creating. I sat in a room of people that could draw anything and make it look incrediable. I was impressed and have always loved art. But I felt out of sorts in the class, and spent most of my time with a hall pass going to the bathroom. I made a pumpkin out of clay, and was so proud of that pumpkin as I had mixed glazes to get the most (I believed) color of burnt pumpkin. The pumpkin had a kind of comical look, but that glaze. I entered it in the show at end of year. I stood by to listen for glowing reports from the onlookers...giggles and mockings is all I heard.
A few years ago, I signed up for a class called, "drawing for those who think they can't" I bought all the supplies and tentively entered the class, asking, "is this the class for those who want to but can't draw?" The teacher in a moment of humur deadpanned back, "nope, only those who can draw and know it are welcome" I burst into tears. Luckily the teacher was kind and backpeddled and I went to this class and think I learned alot in it.
I want you to know, I am not a shy person, I am very charasmatic about life in general, but sometimes feel a bit small in the art world. This challenge is very very challenging. I hate to give up...but I think I may need a hall pass.
I tried to push this one thru, I am very limited as I do all on the puter...I began with my background book, I am using maps thruout the challenge. I cut up the elements for tummy already tightening. First one: 3-D. How the heck do you do that with digi scrapping? a ha! I remember some duct tape pics, now I love duct tape! That works, I feel calm, I can do this!! Next was SAND, oh please! I got some overlays that looked like sanding, well kinda, and tried it...I am not pleased with my work.

Next, is paper, yeah, I can do paper...that is what I have paper! I can do this....I think I struggled more on finding paper...I had it in my head but felt like my arms had been cut off and I couldn't type. I finally found some, it was okay, then next was picture...I had this really cute pic of a cat that just look so much like I thought this is it.
Then I got chalk, then smudge and it went down hill, next was charcoal. My tummy is in knots...and I am trying to bake a cake with ketchup and socks...wrong ingredients for this recipe. This part of the challenge is not possible for me and digi scrapping to the degree I know it. I will stay tuned Thursday for next part, and look at each of the final products as a woman who loves art, dabbles here and there, and sometimes can do it, but this time I am the audience cheering and clapping loudly for you!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

What is in that stuff?

Whew! Yesterday due with hubby home, we finished the little bits of moving the rooms around. Last week we moved the twin girls into the boys room, the boys into half the front room (formally the catch all room, with puters), and the puters and nice desk into the girls room. The other half of the front room is the kids game room, has a puter (not on internet), game cube, comfy chairs and long 2 seater desk set for drawing coloring and miscellaneous other things they do with bits of paper.
At about 10:30am, I was reeling from all the putting away (the little stuff), and throwing away and organizing. My hubby volunteered to go to the store for an expresso or this thing called Adrenaline Rush. Sure, get me one of those. He brought a huge can home, said it is like a double shot. I drank it, I like the taste, it actually quenches my thirst.
I finished everything, the rooms look great. We went to our Home Bible Study, then over to friends after to see new puppy. Came home, everyone exhausted! I was like the energizer bunny. I was up til 2am! Wide awake. I did 8 layouts for a website I stumbled across: was fun. Did one add challenge...what fun. I did a few more, but this one was great, because I have been playing with these pictures for over a year, trying to figure out how to do a layout to grab the day.
Luckily hubby home this am, and I slept til 9am. This is so unme...I can't tell you.
Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Wow! The kids were sent home?

The base called at 9:30am, hubby didn't have to go in at all. One hour later, the school teachers begin to call (4 kids, 4 teachers), school is getting out at noon, can I pick them up? Sure. A snow day in New Mexico, halt the presses, get Homeland Security on the phone. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

I took a picture of the massive amounts of snow.

Notice the grass peeking thru, I admit I didn't cut the grass in the fall one last time, so it is a bit long for winter, but that is the sidewalk right next to it. I am hoping you all can feel the sarcasm dripping from this post...

The wheel here is from our BBQ, to prove that we are not bringing it inside to heat the house!

So my kids are outside on the wet driveway, with their heelys(shoes with wheels on back heel) skating. Not enough snow for snowman or fights, no sledding, but they can roller skate!

I hope all you are enjoying your January day!

The Sky is Falling

My 4 kids came home yesterday carring bright yellow papers with warnings about snow, and making sure there was enough food in the house, and admonishing people not to bring their BBQ grills inside to stay warm. Okay, I live in the southwest, very southwest, New Mexico at the bottom. We do get occasional snow flurries and we made a 3 foot skinny snowman out of all the snow in our front and back yard once. This picture is the kids trying desperately to have a snowball fight with little snow!

I woke this morning at 5:30am, to skies that were thick, but the ground dry.

My hubby is a civil servant for the nearby Air Force Base and his boss called last nite to tell him not to come in until 10am!

Perhaps the storm is not fully here yet, but I am feeling a bit like Chicken Little is the weather service.

It is now 7:45am and there is some snow falling. The kids leave for school in a bit, hmm is the sky falling?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day is Done

Dinner is served, warm and hearty Shepherd's Pie. Thursday evenings are crazy, my hubby teaches a New Convert Class for New Believers in our church and I take the kids and do fun things with them.

Tonite we are learning the 10 commandments. I love teaching this to the kids, they pick it up so fast and we have a lot of giggles doing it. My boys went with hubby to help set up the childrens church area, and the girls and I are headed out in a minute.
I wanted to move the review layout so ya'll can see my family and glimpse into our lives.
I tried to organize my hard pictures...pre digital camera days and got so overwhelmed. I am at such a lost on how to start. I am struggling because I want to layout pictures of my oldest when he first came to our home and hearts. (my children are all adopted from foster and all came to us when they were 4 years old) I want to do scrapping without organizing first, bad idea!

Exploring Freedom-The Road less traveled, 4 hours of sitting and pondering...delete button used a lot! I think, no it is done. I have to figure out how to post the pic...there we go
This is completely different for me...doing journals is something I want to do more of...putting my thoughts and dreams in word/scrap format

Til the cows come home

I was laying in bed this morning...thinking. I joined a scrap challenge that is completely not me. I mean it is just chaos in my mind. I have looked at all the examples and this is really wow, different. But I want to do it, I think it will cause me to use my imagination in ways I haven't.
It is at "Til the cows come home" blog, here is the link,
I have to figure out how to do the nifty link with different words. Slowly, I am learning.
My brain is a bit out of see I live in a very ordered world, very compulsive. I am going to push this through and see a bit of unordered become fun.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

In the beginning....

Hello! I am plunging into the blog world. I hope to muse about my frugal shopping in a life with 4 kids, a loving husband and the wild time serving Jesus Christ with all my heart. I invite you to step into my life and laugh at my jokes when funny and learn as I learn.
I first learned about blogging about a month ago, as I frantically found freebie after freebie to make my scrapbooks more and more fun! I stumbled across so many blogs of ladies that were giving away scrapbook kits, papers, alphas, and embellishments and along with the freebies were lives behind the blog. I loved meeting them on the web! So I am beginning a little blog to allow them to meet me.