Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday afternoon!

I just finished this layout...real quick one for a challenge....had to use a certain colors off the color wheel....the roosters are at our outreach this past weekend....I counted them as visitors...woo woo
we had rain today!!!! I was happy, really cleared the air and the walnuts (our landlords raise them) are easier to harvest after a rain!
Life is good, the family is fine..enjoy your Monday!

Heard it from a friend......who heard it from another...

Funny thing today...

First off, school called, need a volunteer BAAAD! Teachers and aides sick and no subs available, so I say sure....went great! Had a blast with both E's and G's class combined due to no teacher....great group of kids (4th thru 8th)

Get home, eat a pb&j sandwich and decide to look at my mail...Christine, the famous scrapbook queen over at Pressed Petals left a comment that I am being voted on for layout of the week at a small site I go to for the challenges! I did the layout for a speed scrap first and then added some stuff and b&wed a few pics for another challenge on Snap and Scrap! So if you scrap and like my for me...tee hee, I don't even know what you win. A chance to clean someone's toilet? ha ha Pop over to Snap and Scrap and hit the button for Precious Anna!

I personnally thought it was way too busy of a layout! That is what makes me giggle...

I did one last nite and love love love it...Eric is learning guitar and picking it up so fast...he is persistant to practice everyday. I did this layout in another challenge and wanted to blend the time for Eric's practice. I love it, because it is a picture I might never have thought of to use...his face is down...but I love it!
Well enough puter time for today! Will load up a few more layouts later!!
Pray for us!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Been busy scrappin'

I am loving scrappin' now...have learned some new stuff and gotten a fresh dose of imagination!

Here are a few layouts you might enjoy!

the boys are having a blast in a blow up boat...they would rock this back and forth until one fell can see Eric's arms and legs only in one shot. They laughed so hard. I bet they were in that freezing cold pool for hours!

the other is my little BBQ and green chile! I tell you I am addicted to that green stuff! We got about 5 little freezer bags. I am waiting for colder weather to do a stew...but we had some MUCHO hot rellano's that evening....wowza...

The girls were in heaven, the boys eyes were watering.

I am off to email my tuesday updates! Oh wait, I almost forgot the In-N-Out layout! That place is pure grease man, pure heaven!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

She isn't in the house.....Yet

Yes, that is my van, and that is the dashboard to my van. Lady (our outdoor cat) is enjoying the sun and staying out of the chilly wind. Tony caught her here and just laughed...
I am dreading winter and already beggin' that she just be able to come in the main living area where there are wood floors, not in living room (leather couches and carpet). Tony is firm and I am trying to be good. But she is so precious, and her hair is all soft now that she is eating good. Her purr is loud and makes me smile. She sings to me in the am...please please bring me my food..then knocks on the door with her paw!
Gotta run and pick up my tax exemptions from school!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Hand of God

I did a layout using this pictue for a website I do challenges to help me learn things and I love how it turned ... check it out
I have been enjoying learning stuff...stuff is a little word for some amazing things these ladies do with one program.
Look at the picture, do you see the fingers? There are clouds around the lightning that look like the palm of a hand. I thought it was cool.
So on the is Gman's birthday, and we had his birthday party last weekend.
So today he really thought that it was all over...but you know me....
We got his favorite icecream, put candles all over it...and sang "happy birthday" he was grinning ear to ear. Plus he got a present...Transformers that he wanted so so bad! He is a happy little ten year old. How I love being a mom.
My honey has a bad cold, his throat is hurting him so bad....he took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. He is working so hard to find a job while still outreaching daily. I am very proud of him.
Oh good news....our landlords told us to get a new stove top!!! The one we have now only 2 eyes work...
Another blessing..curtains...nice wheat colored ones from JC Penneys...(found at thrift store, 3 panels to cover 2 sliding glass doors) all for $20!!! Yowza!!!!!!!!! Tony is going to make cornices to hang will be great come winter...they are lined. I am doing my dining room/kitchen in the colors of wheat and asphalt. Better known as creamy yellow and gray. The road to Oroville, (where we go for regrouping with our Pastor friends) has wheat colored grass on the side and the road is gray.
so I leave a comment and babble to me about your day!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scrapin' Fever Runnin'

Woo! Woo! Christine was right...I called her in regards to my diet...not starving, eating right and exercising. My energy level was at an all time low. I am thinking is life without chocolate causing me withdrawal symptoms...
We chatted a bit....okay a long time.
I pop in her blog often, sometimes 2x a day...yeah I miss you folks! I love any kind of link to you possible. Kind of an umbilical cord.
Christine is a host for a speed scrap....I don't even know what it is. I did it...loved the energy of it ~ hated the end results. But it caused me to look thru pictures of life here over the past few months.
I did 2 layouts in one day...I haven't done any in so long. It was energy is back and now I am sleeping less!
Tomorrow we do Gabriel's 10th birthday party!!! I will scrap something....

The first layout is our house here in Yuba City.

The Early Morning was a fishing derby in the twin city to Yuba City called Marysville, there is a man made lake that they stocked with catfish...people all around us were bringing in fish. We caught nothing but had a blast watching the sun come up. There was a drawing at the end and Eric won a brand new fishing pole!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Middle of the Night

My poor blog has been feast or famine. For that I apologize. Those that get my emails see that life has been a bit full. Today I had a very selfish few hours. I did scrapbooking, but a different kind. I did something called speedsc
rapping. I have never done anything like this and the final result I wasn't happy with, but I learned so much!
I would never have even had attempted the challenge, but my friend Christine over at hosted this challenge. The actual website where the challenge took place is Christine is on a creative team and has learned so much in the digtal world.
Time seemed to be eaten up for the past few months...and I am NOT complaining, but it was nice to scrap without guilt this afternoon.
Why the nose...ha ha, it is why I am up at 12:53am. My little Anna had a woozy of a bloody nose...all is cleaned up, but I was hot and couldn't fall back to sleep. I figured I could organize my scrap stuff a bit and update some on my blog. I will get some pictures up of life in Yuba City later on.