Friday, October 11, 2013

as I ease off into lala is more week in the life

I finished the gray in my dining room that goes into the "conservatory".  I am trying to change the rooms name from home school room(we don't homeschool anymore), but it has a nice table, bookcases and my desk in it...and I always loved the purple conservatory in Clue!
Anyways, here is Saturday, and I have to admit I am not done with Sundays, but I will try tomorrow..try..try..

I also painted my little accent wall in the walk way from kitchen, past the laundry room to the dining room the most deepest darkest red possible! 4 coats of that baby...and it looks delicious! I am beat, but tomorrow the conservatory YELLOW, creamy buttery yellow, to butt up against the charcoal gray! Excitement builds!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week in the Life - Friday and a little more!

The day was kinda nuts and I didn't take as many pictures as I could have. I did make a few more full pages for this week, so I will show them :

Saturdays is a bit more to it! You can see the time gets away from the camera.

~never lose your joy
Anne of Alamo

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week in the Life continues

I am on a roll now!! here is our typical Thursday!

Woot and I even have  Friday ready, better finish the weekends today!

~never lose your joy

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Christmas is DONE!

From last year!! lol!!
I just ordered our Countdown to Christmas The BOOK from Shutterfly:
Click here to view this photo book larger
Shutterfly baby photo books are the perfect way to preserve your baby's precious moments.

If that doesn't show up for you there...try this one:

I am so excited, so now I can do 2013 without guilt!

Wednesday Week in the Life!

I figure before I start painting today, I better get this up:

I will take more of these moments and expand on them for our Yearbook, and here are a few layouts from this WEdnesday:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Tuesday in A Week In the Life

I know I promised to put Tuesday's up the next day a month ago..but wow life without any more delay, here is Tuesday in our life for the week:

 I will try and get Wednesdays up tomorrow...I have all the way to Friday done...woot, hoping to finish the weekends this week, but I also have to paint!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A week in the Life!

I tried P365, in 2010, took 100 pics on Jan 1st, and made it about 2 weeks and just crumbled.  I am just not a long term project person.  Then last week, my friend and co-Polly at the Lily Pad brought up A Week in the Life on THIS THREAD. I was intrigued and figured I could take photos for a week.
I told my family, and even my oldest, who isn't a fan of the camera was obliging. I snapped like a mad woman on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, slowed a bit.  Today is Saturday, and I am still snapping.  I have made a few pages and have them uploaded to make books. YES, mom, a copy is coming your way!! lol
I did this last one for Monday as a double page, but am going to have to redo.  The journaling will be lost in the CRACK of the book.  lol, but here is the original for now:
Six pages for Monday, it goes down to 4 for Tuesday, and I will post those tomorrow!
Everything here is from the LILY pad!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boot Camp for My Bigs

Yep! We sent all 4 of our Bigs to a Believer's Bootcamp! They wanted to to go! It was a sacrifice, but I think they totally enjoyed it. It is called Enlisted 2 Endure. They really do focus on the relationship with Jesus Christ.  Dealing with family issues, attitudes and peer pressure that is real and getting tougher and tougher to overcome.  The kids left on Monday Morning, Mom was a bit nervous.
There was a ton of stuff to get for them. Jeans, sleeping bags, tshirts and more.  They look so calm.  I was wanting them to get the most out of it as possible.
They went with a few other teens from the church and this past Sunday, they were honored in the PM Sunday service:
Eric is on the far left. He does the sound for church so is hanging there until the boots are called.  You can see Gabe in front. He was the one who called the instructions.  He loved it!  The boy so wants to be in the military. Oh help this momma!

 The did dress right dress, present arms, some right and left facing, and about face.
Pastor was also one of the DIs at the boot camp, and although he was their DIs, he talked with each child's DI, and said the nicest things about our children.  Then each boot gave a testimony of how they enjoyed it.

Abby looks so serious.  She was the one I was the most "worried" about.  She is sensitive, and she had a blast!  She did it, and I am rather proud of her too.

Anna had us all rolling. Apparently Pastor got the scoop on her inability to go right or left.  The common heard phrase, was YOUR OTHER Right BOOT!  I was laughing so hard.  She is a goober, but all ours!
Gabe is totally into this. They have obstacle course, paintball and challenges that he thrives in.  He didn't even look nervous, just smiled and took it like a soldier!
The boots practiced late all week, and did a song from the Boot Camp that they loved.  This was Gabe's first time on the drums, and Eric's first on the bass. Mom was so impressed!

 They are some amazing teenagers. We are proud as can be of them and hope they are able to go next year.  They have to earn the money next year.  This was a one time Parent Paid trip!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

back to school!

As the smell of chile's being roasted waft thru the air, the yellow school buses rumble up the street. School has begun!

The Little's were lookin' mighty cute in their new duds.  A bit florescent!
Abby and Anna took the time to look purty, now that they can wear mascary:

Abby looks so stunning in white.  She is all happy. This is good, I have to admit, I am gonna miss them a whole lot.  I did enjoy having them at home the past few years.
 Anna's new shirt makes me so happy, she was so hilarious when we were shopping, I bet she tried on 30 different shirts.
 Gabe, he is so easy going.  He is really happy about being out of the house and going to school.  He is going to do fantastic.  I am happy about his electives too. Welding and RoTC!
 Here is the happy mom, sadly also sick with strep throat. ugh.  But still smiling!
We trudged to the Elementary first, and took the obligatory photo outside the school:

Eric gets a pass, because he is in college and doesn't start for two more weeks!

Mrs. Woods is Jordan's teacher, and 12 years ago...she taught Eric. Kind of trippy.  Jordan was not sure about school. But he did inform me after school that he would go back again. ha ha

We dropped the girsl off at the Middle School, and took this photo from the van...tee hee...MOOooooom! lol
There is a ton of construction going on at both schools, so we took the long way to get Gman to high school  I knew there would be no pose from we dropped him at a stop sign , he ran across the street and I yelled hey:
Yeah! I got it! woo hoo
I dropped Tony and Eric off to work on my dining room entry way.  I then went to get meds from the VA clinic for my swollen throat.  Three hours later, I was drugged, and slept for a few hours.  Made some cookies and smiled as the kids came rolling home.