Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just a layout! and a bit of news!

This is an old picture of Anna and me. We are in San Diego. I had forgotten about it...I am trying to figure out masking...and wanted to do actions (just figured out how to load in PSE5, because Adobe CS is overwhelming me). Actions for those going what are you doing now Anne? It is when you are working with the program, manipulating the picture, changing contrast, or colors etc....another person has taken these manipulations, stored them and then packaged all together as an action. You click on the "action" and it does all the manipulations...boom boom. CoffeeShop has so many different ways to change a picture. I have been trying to use CS4 and then save it and bring into elements...but I figured out how to get it in the application folder in Elements! I feel so smart!
So, then masking, what is it? Putting a mask over what you don't want to change or over what you do want to change. I haven't figured it out yet...see so I am not as smart as I thought I was...God is helping me with humble...ha ha,
so I cheated! I wanted that cut up look I have been seeing in the gallery' I used my shapes...the crop ones, made a grungy looking shape. Then used the magic brush(I am so loving the magic brush) and highlighted it(marching ants) and copied and cut it out of the paper! ha ha that is it! it looks like I cut the picture, but I cut the paper! the picture is actually behind it, like a QP.
I got the look I wanted, then did the action on the picture (vivid action) and then it all came together with the help of an awesome kit by Charlie! Fantasy Dreams, available at SAS or Snap and Scrap!
for those who wonder....I have another CT! It is one I have had my fingers crossed on and I am still a bit in oh my gosh, what did I do...cause I went and looked at the other peoples gallery's, I mean wow, this is stuff for art museums, not scrapbooks...some amazing stuff.
I have that nagging fear of this little orange pumpkin I was so proud of in 8th grade. I made it in pottery class, and was so proud of it, I mixed the glazes and got a cool looking brown with a bit of an orange look to it and a smart looking green leaf on the stem...I loved this little pumpkin, so I entered it into the VIC expo( a competition for public school art). My whole family went to the fairgrounds to see my first public display of art...the place was HUGE, and the talent...oh my GAWD...there were bust of David and Michelangelo's little pumpkin, looked so pathetic...I just wanted to put it in a bag and slink family of course ranted and raved about my pumpkin....
But I am gonna put my fears away...and learn from these ladies...I love scrapping, it is fun and a great hobby for me...and they are all I will tell you...
I have been invited to CT for Doris Castle! I just found out this evening, and just looking at her beautiful designs, I can't wait to begin!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Please Say Thanks with Me

Freedom is never Free
I just sent one of these...well actually Xerox did it for me...I know I don't get a whole lot of thank you in the comments. But could you maybe take a little time and send a thank you to the men and woman overseas? That would mean so much to them and be such a small amount of your time!?!
Thanks, enjoy the freebies!

Wow! Some of you get up early!

You are seeing right! Word art in Russian! I have told you before how excited I am to work with people ALL over the world in digi-scrapping. People globally wanting to capture memories of their lives thru pictures and display them for all to see! JennyK finished her HUGE kit last week and still wasn't satisfied with it, she wanted to put word art in it, but the language translations sometimes don't go right. I tried to write a compliment and put it thru an on-line Russian translation and it was all wrong. But Jenny has much patience with me! ha ha I volunteered to make some word art. What fun and a big thank you to Misty Cato for her great tutorials! I am telling you if I can learn this stuff, so can you!!!
Jenny has a free download on her blog for the Russian word art, click here or on the Russian word art. Go and tell Jenny hello and a thank you. She speaks English also, but you can always cut and paste спасибо Дженни which is thank you in Russian! Her wonderful kit; Sweet Christmas is available at DigiDesignResort or AhhhScrap now! The word arts are made from this kit, so compliment each other!
I told you I had in one day made two layouts with Sweet Christmas, the one of my oldest son is here! If you like it let me know and I will make a quick page for you to drop in your own picture and title!
I am up so early, because my hubby works very early in morning and I am going to try and clean my house before he gets home at 8am! My husband works 4am to 8am at Target unloading trucks because his full-time job is a Pastor! He needs to study today and the kids are home, so I try to make the house a refuge for him. Tonight we have a bible study and are so hoping and praying for the new converts this past week to show up and have Jesus touch their lives. We are also having a couple that pastor in neighboring town for Thanksgiving (this Thursday in America). My girls are learning today how to make pumpkin pie and my boys will make chocolate chip cookies! I will take lots of pictures and probably use Jenny's kit again!
I hope you enjoy the word art, password is charlie (the awesome lady that gave me my first chance at a creative team) and here is the link for the freebie or click the preview for the word art!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Life with 2 Creative Teams is full! I have spent the day with my boys and me doin' prep work for Thanksgiving and catch up with previews and scrapping! I did 2 layouts! woo woo
But I wanted to come in and give you all an update to the lovely brag book pages! There were 13 given away free from Charlie, and Caryn (also on the CT for Charlie) has one more on her blog.
Charlie took a chance with me (a complete unknown, never on a CT before) and I am so grateful for in 2 short months how much I have learned! If you are scrapping and wanting to push yourself a little more, apply to a new designer and take a chance! It is a blast!
Charlie is a giving lady, her kits almost always have a huge freebie involved with them and are packed to the gills with papers and elements.
Charlie's latest (all of us on her CT believe she must get extra hours in the down under of Australia) amazement is this calendar set! It is just perfect for a quick can buy it right now, in the SAS store, download it and add pictures tonight. Print it and send it all before December arrives. Check off all those names on your list! But wait! In Charlie style, there is a freebie for December available now at her you can start the calendar off right now!
Go to Charlie's Blog and see the freebie and then go get that calendar. I know every year you say, I should make one, this year it is done for you. It's fast, it's easy and you get December's calendar free! You would have to buy 6 or more kits to make this yourself! Click on the preview and you go right to the store over at Stone Accent Studio. It doesn't get any easier!

Just like a kid at Christmas!

I have the giggles, because Jenny is so excited about her new kit, she pushed up the store revealing! This kit is so full of fun things! I am a big fan of sparkle and it does sparkle!
I made on layout so far and had another that poofed off the computer to never never land, but I am determined to do it over and more! The kit has so much to choose from. The papers are textured so elegantly! I am loving the papers more and more!
If you use templates, this kit would be fun to play with, as the papers all compliment so well. Then with the large amount of elements, you could decorate and cluster to your hearts desire!
Jenny is selling her kit in two stores: DigiDesignResort and AhhhScrap, so no lines!
Enjoy them and here is a layout I did with it! It is my twin girls staring at the top of the Christmas trees a few years ago. But they have such anticipation of Christmas.
We spent this past weekend with my parents....and my mom did Thanksgiving, my birthday and decorating Christmas all in 24 hours! So I took some pictures and hope to use this kit and do some more layouts!
There will be a freebie add-on coming so bookmark and come back!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am 45 years old today and Charlie has a freebie for you

Yep! It's my birthday!
I love precious children already gave me a huge chocolate bar of my very favorite Symphony! I plan on snacking on it thru the day...a good breakfast!
I opened my email this morning and the scrapping world had filled my in box with Happy Birthday wishes! Then my first CT boss Charlie gave a lovely gift to all her team members, so it was like a birthday present too! Jenny had a thread dedicated to my birthday wishes and it made me smile!
I wanted to let you know about a FREEBIE over at Charlie's Blog! It is brags 13! of them! All made with her new kit Fantasy Dreams available at SAS or Snap & crap Stores!
Download here at Charlie's Blog

My hubby is taking the kids to school for me today, and I have the whole day to play...I am a bit sick, so a nap is on the agenda, but scrapping for fun will be a big part of the day!
I wanted to share a layout I spent days on...I had it done last week, but kept reading books on softening and extracting, and played with it for about 3 days. It is my sweet Abby, sound asleep on a bed made by the kit Charlie produced: Fantasy Dreams.
The kit is so soft and silky and the other CTM just made the most amazing layouts!

Please be inspired and take a look, you will see them and not believe how versitile this kit is! I saw the satin flowing papers and knew I had to find a way to use them...they look just like a rumpled bed! I am learning new things with softening and the magic brush is my friend! ha ha
Jenny has a new kit in the works to come out this Friday! I will be playing with it today and hope to have some fun add-ons for you also! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This kit is sooooooooo worth buying!!! Here is more stuff FREE!

Just look at the things you can make with this kit! There are 10 brag book pages here! TEN! This kit contains 50 elements, 39 papers and an alpha set . The elements are fantastic and the papers just go perfectly! This brag book is FREE, from Charlie! You go to her blog, and download it, but honestly, go to the store at Stone Accents Studios, and buy the kit! You will be making layout after layout! I did boy LOs, girl sleeping and dreaming LOs, and of course a princess LOs! It is just perfect for girl birthdays, or school pictures to be dressed up! You will not be disappointed in this kit! It is just full of possibilities!

LOOK OUT for JENNY K! and another FREEBIE!

We are movin' and groovin! I am not one to sit and do nothing, love to stay busy and having 2 designers to work with is keeping me hopping! I wanted to tell a bit about JennyK,
Привет, меня зовут Евгения, можно просто Жека. Мои увлечения фотошоп и фотография
Did you get all that? It is in Russian! Isn't that the coolest thing! She is Russian! I tell you the scrapbooking community is so far reaching. There is no racial prejudice and you can cross borders without showing a passport.
When I started with Charlie, it seemed so amazing she was in Australia and me in California, USA! Jenny is now living in Canada! She somehow finds time with toddler twin boys to make some wonderful kits. I told her when I was making the layout with the Winter Frost kit, I actually felt a bit cold! It is that realistic!

She has been designing for a while, but is just now compiling her CT and selling her beautiful kits! To kick off her shop DigiDesignResort , she is having a sale right now! The sale is running from now until the 26th of November!
I know you are skimming looking for the freebie. I have to babble for a little bit more! Jenny gave me permission to make the brag books for you. The are made with the Winter Frost kit I used in the layout with our Abby in the snow. I love putting brag pages together....I would really like to hear how you use them, or if there is something you are looking for in a brag! I love to be able to give back, but also want to encourage you to go to Jenny's store at Digi Design Resort, buy her kit. I was so nervous the first time I bought a kit. But I tell you, it is so much easier to have a whole kit to make your pages with.

Leave a comment if you want to learn how to make your own, I'll help you...they are fun and fast...

Brag Book Freebie Link or click the Brag preview.

Password is charlie (in all small letters)

for anonymous who commented...try it with all small letters...4share is case sensite, I had it wrong on post...sorry! thank you for letting me know...mwah <-----kiss noise!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Freebie for You

Charlie has once again given me permission to give you a freebie made with her kit, Shabby Old Blue!

I had a blast playing with her kit and it is available at Stone Accent Studios. This is a freebie for you! Please realize I only assembled it, Charlie Digiscraps is the designer! She has more freebies for you at her blog also...she has given and given, so maybe you could take a minute and give her a thank you....don't worry about leaving love here, I am like a kid in a candy shop with $20 watching the download count go up! Leave some love to Charlie! It takes about 1 minute and 37 seconds to download this quick page, while it downloads, why don't you go over to Charlies blog and tell her how much you like her work!
Here's your FREEBIE QP link or click on the picture, the password is charlie. I hope you are getting the drift. I came into her creative team, just kinda new to it all and she gave me a chance and keeps giving. I am able to give back because of her, isn't it time you gave something? Just a small thanks?


I sent yet another batch of "Hello, I am Anne and would love to be on your Creative Team" letters...and I was about to delete my SPAM folder and saw a reply! I was chosen!
She is so so sweet! This is so exciting, I am now downloading her beautiful work right now and can't wait til this evening to play and show you layouts with her designs! This is one of the kits I will be working with! Winter Frost! It is available for sale in two different stores....DigiDesignResort and SDC !

The pine tree elements and that purple bow just scream to be in a layout! I love it! Don't you?? Jenny already has a free QP over on her blog and a few layouts made with the kit! Wait til you see her twin boys!!!! Click on the freebie QP and get it!

I will be adding a freebie QP from my 1st boss Charlie's Shabby Old Blue kit. Hopefully tomorrow! So much thanks go to her for giving me a taste of the CT scrapping world! Please drop by her blog and tell her what an encouragement she is and buy something! lol

No Pictures

I am kicking myself, I didn't get very many pictures of our visit with Heidi and Roger. I am going to upload them this afternoon...hopefully after going to school to give Anna cough meds or after picking them all up for the dentist and after Wal-mart! I am overwhelmed already!
I spent the morning with one of the precious converts in the church that had fallen off the planet and she prayed and rededicated her life to overwhelmed with family can be handled! woo woo
this is my life and why I live! seeing the power of Jesus Christ touch a life! and to be the vessel that is used...

I have sent off numereous emails to different designers for call to make layouts for them (it is called a creative team or CT). I have also recieved alot of thanks but no thanks, boo hoo...(not really, ha ha), but I keep persueing different calls that have designs I feel I could do good work and feel right about blogging and telling you about! So I just wait for emails from these talented woman!
I am going to be guest CT (December and January)for a new lady Nikki Painter, her kits are really beautiful. The poor thing is at the end of her pregnancy and not feeling to well. I am hoping to do some good work for her. I picked up a gorgeous alpha (FREE) from her blog! Thru Nikki, I have been perusing a new forum Faith Sisters, it is a very nice bunch of folks that put God first in their scraps...and I like that!

I wanted to post this layout too, I did it using dear Charlies new kit Frogs and Mudcakes...and it is my kids walking with my mom. I feel a bit dishonest in the picture, as the picture was kinda ugly, so I did alot of manipulating to make it a better shot...because they were all together in it....I added the sunrays and the left is actually another picture later in the walk I extracted and merged together....but I love the layout, because Gramma loves her grandkids and walking and having the two together makes it special to me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Charlie has done it again!!

She has made a fun kit for all ages...and a special free taste of an add-0n to go with the kit. Now I was a freebie collector and had oodles of add-ons with on the kit. I tell you, the add-on is super, but go get the kit, it will make your layouts just be better...this kit is fun! Pop over to Charlies and get the freebie! Here is a little preview of the kit...Frogs and Mudcakes!

These are a few layouts done with Charlie's DigiScrap Designs new kit Frogs and Mudcakes! I love that can almost imagine a layout with little boys and dirt! I got the kit and within a few hours had 2 layouts done! It is a a fun one! I hope you go by Stone Acccents Studio and pick it up. It is full of wonderful elements, but my favorite is the papers..they have great depth!
This one of my Eric, had me crying, missing the little boy...but he is such a young man of God, a help to his dad and a support for me and an example to his brother and sisters! I will have to pull some little pics out and do one of him. I did another and will post later this week!
I am rushing to get this posted. My friends visiting made here safe and we have giggled and laughed for 2 days already! It is going so fast! I will try and post pics after they leave and do a bit of an update!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

cleanin' up

My bestest Brittish friend is coming! woo woo, tomorrow her and her hubby and baby girl will be staying for a whole week! I am tellin' you, I sooooooooooooo need the fellowship! I am a peoples person and babbling is my life...I can feel myself sometimes channeling that talkativeness into my, click clickity click! lol

I have been busy, getting all my duties for Charlie done, as she has a new kit....I will do a full blog on it tomorrow...but I got the kit yesterday, and did 2 full layouts and 4 is a good one..

anyway...I have been playing with different actions in the CS3? program so lovingly given to me by a Mucho man of God...and I made a whole different type of layout...and wanted to share it with you. My girls joy with the ocean!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


These we1re the funniest things ever...making brag books! I loved being a part of this hard working group of ladies...
For more information read Charlie's new blog at Charlie DigiScraps, but really get the kit Honey Love it is on sale at the Stone Accents Store, and it is such a versatile kit, you have pinks and browns with grays, that go so well for both boys and was fun kit to play with.

I too used to be a freebie taker only! Really, I did, then I thought, I am making scrapbook pages for my family...and I enjoy the comments people give selfish of me to not leave a small note on what I liked in the "freebie" for the designer. The more I learn about the "other" side of digi scrapping, the more I like the people and realize the work that goes into this...

You know if you join a forum on digiscrapping and get involved do some challenges and read some of the fun things on the forums, you will see that digi-scrapping is full of people just like you, they arn't stuck up talented people leaving crumbs of free things for you. They are mom's trying to make a bit more for their families, sisters who giggle together and get excited about people wanting something they made, daughters who crave a creative outlet and have found it thru digi-scrapping and most could be a friend to you that has given and given and will continue to give with or without your comments. They are just like you....s0 wouldn't it be nice to leave a comment?

Please if you could leave Charlie some kind words at her blog and then go get those brag book pages!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

over 100 downloads

there are 100 cans in the picture...and I had 103 downloads of my quickpage!!!
I did my first of hopefully many freebies...there are more coming...stay tuned...Charlie (my boss in a joking manner)of the CT (creative team) has kits galore in her mind and as they come out, with her permission I will make as many as I can...
I would watch the live feed to see what country people were coming in from and if they was so funny!
I recieved..11 comments....which is pretty good, I'm told..10% left love! AWwwwwwww and I thank you for it! even the one who wrote: ty.... :)
.on the homefront today....I rearranged my living room, and scrub bathrooms...exciting huh? I wanted to get the dust out of the house and make it all shiny for bible study. My dear hunny was at work, so I flew around crazily getting done before his 2pm finish time! He was home for a bit and then out to knock on doors...he is one dedicated man! How I love him!!!!
We are gonna have a fire tonite for bible study...I hope I don't fall asleep! tee hee
I did zilch scrappin' today! but....................I am going to be doing a flyer for a play for my dear and precious friend in New Mexico....we emailed back and forth today and I laughed thru them all..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday Update of God Moving

It's Tuesday, and God is on the throne! We just heard the news about Mr. O'Bama. ( i am beginning to think he might be an Irishman with that O') So now we move on and show respect for the office and pray more than we did before!
So life here in Yuba City has been the normal adventure....alot of waiting....waiting to hear about a building(the owner is finagaling with her accountant), we are praying that they will:
1. lower the price per square foot
2. do all the building...tear down walls etc! It seems to be leaning this way....
they are a really sweet couple and just want someone who they can trust.... ha ha
The girl Tony talked with last week had to work Sunday but she is all excited because she is off this Wednesday! Our faithful C was there in her seat, both Sunday and Wednesday! She even said Tony's homilie was right on target! lol
Tony preached an awesome sermon that restirred my heart to put God first and the wild thing is 1/2 way thru the sermon, a kaplow of the Holy Ghost came in and I could see a change on was really a good thing!
Tony is still on the early early shift at Target and picking up hours where he can with ToysRUs...and still putting out resume's...with some new options opening still in the field he was in.
Halloween was fun, had about 30-40 kids come by, talked with a few neighbors parents I hadn't met. Tony took the kids around the block and they had to come back to empty their bags...they were BLESSED (me too) with the good candy...woo woo! We have 4 big hug bowls of candy...
We had RAIN this week...I mean RAIN! It was beautiful, made a fire in the fireplace, enjoyed some fun with the kids inside....(yeah I am nuts)...and then the sun came back out and the air was clear and crisp and the colors of autumn...oh my they are just amazing!
I am still enjoying the scrapping world, and have learned alot! Hope to have some fun Christmas cards to send all ya'll!
thanks for your prayers...we need and covet them!

oh by the way, the Rog and Heidi are traveling down here from Oregon this upcoming Monday, prayers for them and their van to make it here and back would be so appreciated...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My First Freebie!

Okay it is only a quick page, which means you open it...and plop some pictures behind it add a title and date and you have a layout all done!
I had a blast learning how to do this....I think I wore out my boss Charlie with my emails and read the tutorial over at Misty Cato's about a million times (thank you Lori for the link). For those new to scrapbooking, there is so much to do once you get the stuff done. Save a certain size, terms of use page, preview jpg with a wrapper. I love my wrapper!, and then open an account at 4 share to upload it too....My brain froze up at one point!So here is the picture of the QP! This is all made with Charlie DigiScraps new kit....Honey Love (click on it and it will take you right to the store). She graciously allowed me to give this to you as a freebie, so please remember her and give her some love too!

Thank you for looking and this is my first freebie, so I would love to see the love!
whoops, password is: charlie
cause she rocks!

if there are any problems~please let me know~I am learning and usually make a few mistakes....your patience is appreciated! Please know that 4share is having problems, might be slow!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Learning New Things!

We had a deluge of rain today, rain where you get soaked walking from the car to the house rain! Wow, what is that song:
"it never rains in California, But girl don't they warn ya, it pours, man it pours!"
and it does!
Soooooooooooo...after a night of so much candy trick or treating, we were on sugar hangover....Tony worked early this morning.
The kids and I went to the library and a bit of grocery shopping on the 1st...EEEK! everyone in Yuba City was in the SAME store!
I got to scrap for hours this afternoon, with a fire in our stove, it was lovely. I am learning how to do brag books and quick pages. I enjoyed it...and hopefully be able to have something up soon for you!
I am looking forward to giving to the scrappin' community.