Monday, November 21, 2011

monday-November 21st-Thankful ♥

The official post of the day.

I am so thankful I have friends I can just sit at their home and laugh! I can giggle and slouch on the couch.
It was way cool, cause tonight, my girls and I went to one of these remarkable friends home.  This lady prays for me and my family, and she has imparted so much into my life it would take a long post to write them all.
I so needed the laughter of other ladies with a joy of the Lord in their hearts also. Thank you my friend for opening your home tonight, and your heart and life to me! 
shhhhh...but I kinda love you a lot!
tee hee...
bha ahahaa

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alamama said...

ok, i am tearing up. love you too.