Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Nove 23rd, Thankful

Twas the night before thanksgiving and all thru the house,
visions of turkey and other things to stuff in my mouth.
I thought and thought of how to be witty and smart,
and then my brain came up with this poem as a start.
That I would write a cute litte verse
that life is good, cause others have it worse.

my home is nice and my health is beyond neat.
a husband who loves me and kids that are sweet.
A church that preaches the Word
and friends that practice all that is heard.
I wake each morning and am amazed at my life,
and all the joy from my Savior; Jesus Christ.
I am thankful you see for all that  have received
and hope that you too can look and believe;
so tomorrow as you feel your waistband cut in
stop and remember the Savior that
died for our sins.

argh!  It is off my head...but from my heart!

Enjoy tomorrow!
~never lose your joy

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