Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday-November 18th ~ Thank ful

There is talk in the kids room, the last two from the bible study are here...good friends, kids I love my kids to be with.  Tony just went to bed.  We had a full house for the bible study, good fellowship and zeal for evangelism. 
These are people God has touched, lives that the only way they can be in the same room is because of the blood of Jesus Christ and His miracle within each of us.
I am so thankful for this fellowship our church was birthed.  The spirit of true Love and Compassion is alive.  Yeah, I am waxing eloquent. But it is a precious, precious jewel.  I smile as I type this, and am just honored to be a part of the revolution and revival of these last days.
~never lose your joy

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alamama said...

thanks for watching the kiddos. they said it was a good bible study. and thanks for liking my kids. ;) ♥