Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday-November 27th-thankful

I have been sick for a few days, kick my butt, sweats, sleep and sleep some more sick  Last night at 4AM, my dear Abby threw up.  Poor thing, she is not a sick kid.  She throws up and giggles.  I put her in the shower, and the cleaned up the mess around the toilet.  NOT complaining, the last time Abby was sick you can read about that HERE.  She just had some on her and some on the toilet.  
She crawled right back into bed and fell asleep.  I waited in living room for part 2.  NOthing.  So I crawled back in bed about 5:30AM, and shivered to sleep.
Part 2 came while I was sleeping, but she had a bucket in her room! WOOT!
So we stayed home from church together, and I taught her Cribbage. What a fun time.  Part 3 for Abby came in the middle of Game 1, but we managed to finish that one, I won.  The next one, she won!  Then I had to sleep.  So we have a rubber game to finish next. 
We may be sick, but I am thankful for the time learning a game I played for hours with my parents!!

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