Thursday, September 27, 2012


Whew! Last night's sermon was one I had received personally from my Pastor a few months back.  You see, I have lived a very rigid and scheduled life for a very long time.  I set times and lengths of scheduled activities and never left room for just enjoying life and imagination.
On a white board by the computer was a time schedule for chores, school, meals and "free" time.  I was making my kids neurotic and I was already there! Now I didn't just do this for me, but oh the anger I would have when someone didn't do what was on the board in the right order.  I blame the book Cheaper by the Dozen.  Here is a small synopsis of the book:
No growing pains have ever been more hilarious than those suffered loudly by the riotous Gilbreth clan. First, there are a dozen redhaired, freckle-faced kids to contend with. Then there's Dad, a famous efficiency expert, who believes a family can be run just like a factory. And there's Mother, his partner in everything except discipline. You can be sure that they're not only cheaper, they're funnier by the dozen.

The bold is me, I was running my family like a factory.  That is not a good thing. I talked with my Pastor about my freaky nature.  He laughed and said, you have a big family, I understand the need to be organized,
you have to relax a bit more, and enjoy the time you have with them.

This was like a weight lifted from my  shoulders, heart and mind!  I went home and erased the white board, and told the kids sorry I was a spaz.  They laughed.  We had field trips just because, stayed at the park for longer and laughed more. 
Now I am still very organized, for crying out loud, I have 7 children!  We have set days for laundry, chores are assigned, and I do a menu for the week (to save my sanity, and help in grocery shopping).  Home-school is pretty organized and we figure out daily the car situation.  Eric works, Tony bikes usually to work and I am chauffeur to many kids (to school, preschool and activities).  But I don't regulate life anymore.  I don't freak on my floors being sticky, dust build up(heck I live in the desert, I won't ever win).
I listened to the sermon last night, as one who has been set free from being busy for the sake of being busy, and Pastor said, find that one thing God wants you to do, and do it with all your heart. I am a wife and a mom to many.
I love God so much, Jesus touched my life 20 some years ago, and I have not lost the wonder and gratefulness to my Savior.  The time I spend in reading my bible and prayer has become sweeter and stronger as I have unregulated my life.  I am amazed at the closeness in relationships with my family and even friends.  I think I can be a bit "overwhelming and daunting" to others with my organization.  I want to relax, and be like that happy little goldfish in the bowl sometimes, and now I can!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A day of RESPITE


  1. A short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.

Good Golly that sounds horrible but this is what we had Saturday.  As many of you know we are in the midst of fostering to adopt three remarkable boys.  D7, W5 and J4.  They are a handful and we also have 4 previously adopted children Mr. E16, Gman14 and the twinklies who are 13.
A few weeks ago, exhaustion and just plain worn out mom and the Bigs(my name for the teens) were ready to quit, cry and raise the flag of surrender.  Thankfully, my awesome hubby reacts with less emotions than me.  Yeah, it was a bit rough, yeah the situation gets a bit intense more times than we would like and the memories of before the Littles was dancing like sugar plums in our heads.
Quitting is NOT an option, but a day of rest or relief was and through organization and planning (getting people off from work), and a family that are foster licensed and would have the means to take in 3 boys for the day happened!
Saturday, we brought the Littles to a meeting place where the fabulous foster family took them off for a day of football, snacks, outdoor running around, horseback rides and pure joyful time.  None of the Littles even napped! That was huge!  They went all day, I mean all day.
We drove to pick them up at 8pm, and I told them they needed a bath, and D7 says, "oh can I please go first Mom, I am so tired, I just want to go to bed!"  We did speed baths and they were asleep before their little heads hit the pillow.
The Bigs, along with Mom and Dad spent the day together, we went out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and shopped in Cruces, and just spent money and time together.  It was so refreshing not to have to watch over little brothers or herd them here and there.  But they were missed.
The drive home down the mountain was beyond good.  I got glow sticks for everyone, and it was good.