Friday, November 20, 2015

Going Back in Time Time!

As a scrapper, a digital scrapbooker, one of the fun parts is going back in time and doing what I call throw back pages.  Sometimes they are photos, or memories I have used before, but a new kit has come out and it really will be perfect for the photo.  I like to pop these pages in our current year book. The kids love them!
Here are a few I did last week, that will make you go..."oh my goodness, they are so little!"

These are all done for The Lily Pad designers and if you click on the page, it will take you to the credits. 
I have about ten pages for the Eric and Rachels wedding and hope to have them up soon!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Scrapping Mojo and The Lily Pad go together!

I took a leave of absence with scrapping and my dear friends at the Lily Pad, back in May/June. I scrapped zip! NONE! My dear boss, Laura left the Pod door open, and I knocked last week! She let me back! I went a bit crazy, and made so many pages!
The first weekend of the month, The-Lily Pad has a special called Build Your Own Collab(BYOC).  I made 5 pages with all the goodies the amazing designers put together.  Here they are:

1. Grocery Shopping
In our house, this is a big deal and happens  A LOT!  The kids were all out of school, so we opted to all go...oops, no, of course, Gabe was sleeping like a good teen.

2.  Hair Dye Day
The girls in the past have had a friend do their hair.  She is a beauty school drop out, with creativity! They did it all on their own this time. Great fun.

3. Visiting the ER
I have been fighting UTIs for months now, and lost a few times and stuck at the ER, awaiting shots of happy juice.

4.  Stop Time
Before Eric got married, Rachel was out of town, and he came all by himself to the house, and had a fun evening just hanging out.  I love this photo of them all grown up!

5. My Boys with Fros!
The were so fun growing their hair out.  It takes a lot of work. You have to grease it up, pick it out and scrub hard in shower.  After these, we shaved it all off.  The wonders we found inside the fros, ugh. lol

I hope you enjoy the pages!

~never lose your joy

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Recap on Halloween 2015

The joy of having older kids! My eldest son and his sweet and precious wife took all of our kids out and about the town for candy! Fifteen pounds of candy came home with them. 
The day had been pretty horrible for Whitley, he was fighting everything and had lost the right to go with them. I am a wimp for taking celebratory things away, and Dad and I discussed it and let him go, but he had to be ketchup.  LOL, that was punishment for him in his brain. Gabe let D use his gas mask, and oh was he happy!  Jordan wanted to wear his size 3T spiderman costume, but would have had a perpetual wedgie.  We explained that cuteness is the factor for high intake of candy, so he went with the pumpkin!
Whit came home with an attitude, and had been a butt to his big brother, so Eric took his candy, Whit cried buckets and stomped off to bed as we all devoured candy.  His behavior has since changed and he apologized to his brother. He didn't get that candy back (because I think Eric ate it all), but has been able to partake in the huge bowl of sweets.
Tony and I played all by ourselves and ate ice cream! Woot, without sharing. 
The page I made is done with Spooky {kit} by Little Butterfly Wings pver at the Lily Pad!

~never lose your joy

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

This Polly lives again!

The last six months or so, well, have been exhausting and emotional crazy.  Things are on a more even keel (fasting and praying for it to stay that way). This is usually when I go and adopt another dog, cat or kid  NOT happening....hahhah
One thing that really went on the back burner, or more like the top cabinet, waaaaaaaaaaay back behind the turkey platter, was my hobby of making scrapbook pages. I did a few posters for church, a flyer here and there. I missed it, but honestly, wasn't taking pictures.   Sometimes, the things that happen in life, you can't really pose the rebellious child, the emotional melt down, or just plain weariness and say, "Smile!"
I am smiling still, and even more excited that I have been granted back as a Creative Team Member aka POLLY at
I jumped back in the last week of October, and have a few pages to share:

This was for a slow scrap by a sister Polly; Dana.   She gives 6-7 instructions, and you make the page. It was just so nice to scrap again!
Then I kept opening the failed online dress I bought for Eric and Rachels wedding...laughed and laughed and finally found the perfect kit and the idea for the page was born:

I have made 4 other pages awaiting the kits to hit the stoes this week. Stay tuned for fun here!

~never lose your joy