Friday, September 30, 2011

Home School goe Ary? Awry, A rye? hmmmm

You may have seen these ugly little babies around your town.  It is called the Flour Sack Baby Project. There are some pros and cons about it, but this blog is for fun, and I am not here to discuss that.  I am here to tell a tale of our family and homeschool! bhahaha
Since our decision to homeschool, came 21 days into the school year, we had to order curriculum for a few of the kids and readjust (I call it degossing) back to the homeschool mode of life.  It is very intensive in our home, so time just giggling and playing are a joy.
Oh the story! A precious girl in our church has this little pin head flour doll, she at first was very attentive to it, but you can tell it is near the end of the project. The "baby" is left on a chair as she chats with friends and such.  One of the boys was going to cut it with a knife (jokingly), but the girls squealed no, no.  I said we should kidnap her.  Oh, the glee in my children's eyes. 
The girls spent hours putting together the ransom note:
It was an easy job, I covered her with a blanket and the girls whisked her out of the sanctuary, into our van.  They had already placed another labored over note in the bathroom, where the ransom was to be paid.
The church was in giggles and speculation.  It was quite fun.  As the young lady tried to find 2 pieces of gum, one man offered a few mints, and thought perhaps that might buy her arms back?  It was fun.  It went on about 2o minutes prior to church starting, and then my twins brought her in and told the young lady.  She was so relieved. It didn't make her laugh til after church. But she is a sport and gave an evil glower, but laughed afterwards.  
This is what we do in homeschool!

mojo mamma here, to show off!

First off, I am working for a new to me designer, as a guest blogger and kinda part-time fun assistant. Pebbles Jones.  She is at Scrap Girls.  This is a very new territory for me.  Very new, very different, but I love to learn and am enjoying it. I did my first blog for her and a FREE quick page from this layout. This layout is from my pics to be scrapped from years back. It was a field trip with their old school in California to a Pumpkin Field.  There was a petting zoo area with baby everything from the farm.  The animals were very persistent, and I bought feed for the girls to give the goats. They serve the feed in ice cream cones.  Abby got hers and withing seconds the goat knocked it out of her hands and had a feast! I love that I got Abby's face!
My friend Fhung is a designer at SBG, and this is her 6th year there.  I just giggle with her in chat, and had to do something wicked fun for her challenge over at SBG. In your honor of 6 years I have the number 6 hidden 6 times along with 6 enjoy looking for them then play along!

Of all the things I could collect it seems that dust is the one that finds me the most often
Oh I played and played, and had pure fun.
First off I got the FREE SIXTH ARTiculate Set from Studio Ztamph.
Than I added lots of fun from Haunted Pirates and the Collect Kit along with the Art Journal Caravan #32 Ztampf did with Tangie Baxter. I did grab a few of Tangie's things in my stash!

my poor girls excited about their new bows, only to find they were too small, and had to go back...NO way..yeah, they did!
Miki's Photo Pro Series - Tritones
and her Carefree Page Kit
final touch with Miki's Belinos Alpha

and Tangie's lighting effects 
 My girls enjoying the fair on the ride, the yoyo. Mom enjoys from the ground !!
This was my first of too be many times playing with Studio Thaty! Wow, fantasticly fun!
My Sweet Home  
Oh I love being on the site CT (lovingly called the CREW) at SBG! The system is way cool, the lead Kate, my bestest buddy, and I love everyone of the designers!!
My dear friend Vanessa, singing for Jesus at a concert! I love this young lady and am honored to know her!
Using the new
Studio Mix #8 of Studio Boutique Cute Doll, Studio Rosey Posey, Studio Thaty.
and a bit of
Shabby Stitchin by Studio Christina Renee
Provision Parcel of the AJC from the Apprentice Box by Tangie Baxter
 From the bumping and people filled state of California, we returned home to New Mexico...where you can see forever.

Of Earth and Sky by Studio Vivarant

 My daughter looking rather raggedy! All "dressed" up for halloween!

Steampunk Spooktacular Spectacle Collab w/ Studio Tangie and REbecca

and another from Tangieville:
Some of the family and friends of one of our "football" team. Really sweet, as the first boy....and the boy on the team I have known since they were born...very precious kids.
Had a blast playing with Journal Anthology #7 by Tangie Baxter
I was in a contest over at the Studio, it was supposed to be only 4 weeks, but ran into 5, and I am committed to other things this week, and so I had made it to the last round, but can't go any further, this and the spider layout below are from the contest:
The ViVas are still kicking butt designing and making me love to put together pages with their creations.  I love these ladies and hope you will give them a whirl and see their outrageous talent too:
my daughter's school work report for writing -I saved this because it made me smile. I wanted to put it on a page some how, some way, and this kit by The ViVa Artistry is called DIY tags, but there is way more in the kit. These two ladies put their hearts into each design. I found it beating and hopefully put that on this page.
 my daughters found some baby birds, we think they are some kind of swallow or martin? but Anna (not pictured) is the photographer. Abby is the one pictured. When we lived in Cali, my mom (Granma) instilled the love of bird watching.
I started with the new release:
Illuminated Journal #3 by the ViVa Artistry
Then raided my The ViVa Artistry Stash, so you see things from:
ON my Desk
About Him
fabricology ?but I think it changed names??
sweet song
and there may be more, I was opening all the beautiful kits from The ViVas!!
 Last but not least, I have a page from my friend and co-CT all over digiland. She is a superstar new designer, and think you will love her work.  I am so not a minimalist scrapper, but with her designs and her templates, I can pull it off.
My daughter being a goober, posing and all in her nifty keeno fishnet of course!
Hootie Cute by Studio 68
Kickstarters 10 by Studio 68
or at Zig Zag Scraps:
Hootie Cute by Studio 68
Kickstarters 10 by Studio 68

Pretty good? I am rather proud of the pages, and have 5 others done that have to wait for release!! woot!  I hope you enjoy your scrapping and that Mr. Mojo covers you from head to toe!
~Never Lose Your Joy

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

21 days in Public School

Quick update!  The kids had their lists, we fought the masses at Wal-Mart for the correct folders, locks, USBs and backpacks.  It was insane, I grumbled through it all.  Then mass registration.  Four children mean major paperwork.  The rules and regulations for school bewildered me all over again.  I psyched myself up for me time, alone for hours!  Lab fees, PE uniforms, physicals and renting of scientific calculators. The costs of public school is driving me to the poor house.  On the list is 4 boxes each of tissues.  I revolt.  NO! I will take a string and attach a roll of toilet paper to it.  This is beyond ridiculous.
Breathe in, breathe out.
School starts, giggles, pictures taken:
 Off they went, at 8am.  I was a free woman til 3:30pm.  My oldest would roll in from high school at about 4pm. The homework and stories of school would fill the next hour and a half.  I would try and help with homework while cooking dinner, insane time.  After dinner, finishing up the rest of the homework.  I am perplexed, they are at school for over 7 hours, why is there 2 more hours of homework?  We press on. 
My house becomes cleaner than ever, I organize my kitchen.  I begin to cook new and fancy meals.
I miss my kids.
We are in revival, this means church every night.  Crazy toss dinner down our gullets, bring your books, do the homework in the seats.  I hate this.  The kids have the best attitude.
I miss my kids.
Did I mention, we are also in the process of adopting more children.  The foster system here in New Mexico is wonderful, but the process is insane.  So Tony and I are in class on the nights we don't have church. 
I miss my kids.
It is now Thursday, the 15th of September, the kids have been in school 21 days.  Anna is lost in her math homework, again.  I am angry, and refuse to get mad at my kids for not understanding.  I spout off, I am 2 seconds from pulling you all and homeschooling.
I tell them all, sorry and that I am just frustrated.
I miss you guys, alot.
This prompts Anna to say,
Can we come home again and you teach us?
Eric says, you already know I want too...
Gabriel tells us he is so stressed at school, every morning he just knows he will forget something.
Abby is in the bathroom.  hahaha
We have this deep discussion, and when she comes out, she says, yeah, I want to do it!
Tony comes home a few minutes later, I meet him outside and explain.
He says oh YES!
I google homeschool New Mexico!

How do I establish a home school?
Parents/Legal Guardians must notify the state of the establishment of a home school via the home school web site (electronically), or send written notification to the Secretary of Education at 300 Don Gaspar Santa Fe, NM 87501-2786 (Attention: Home School Notification) within thirty (30) days of establishment of a Home School and re-notify on or before April 1st of each year thereafter.
What are the requirements?
The home school operator must:
  • be the parent or the legal guardian
  • have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • keep a calendar in their own files showing that they are teaching the child(ren) at least 180 days out of the school year
  • keep a copy of their own diploma or degree in their own files
  • keep a copy of the child(ren)'s immunization records or objection to immunization waiver form in their own files
  • send electronic or written notification to the Secretary of Education within thirty (30) days of the Home School's establishment
  • must renew the home school's establishment every year on or before April 1st by submitting written notification
I submit the electronic notification, get a nifty little number and we are now Square Oaks Academy (the New Mexico campus).
Friday, Dad goes with us, and we withdraw from the schools, returning, the calculator, the books and getting our locks and refund for the labs/choir/chorus back!
We are homeschoolers again!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blowin' my own horn!

I am so excited...this is real...LOOK LOOK at ME! 
That just blows my mind, I look at it and smile.  I make pages for 

  and look forward to writing also! Oh my still my heart! I can't tell you anything of details yet, but oh what a fun and exciting adventure!
Then on top of it this week, an opportunity to be a site Creative Team member became available at ScrapBook Graphics. To be on the CREW (that is what it is called, the SBG team).  I have to tell you this is a scrap book dream to me.  I love every single designer in the store and many I am proud to call friend.  This is a fabulous position and I am excited to show you my cute little picture:
I tell you, I grinned from ear to ear having that little frame around my face! lol  Already, I have had the opportunity to work with some magnificent designers.  Very first one Christina Renee'! Oh my gosh! I had a blast! Totally and completely.
I used Christina’s Shabby Stitchin’, Photo Montage-Champagne, Authentic Artistry and Collectors Plethora.
Then my old boss Dawn Inskip, whom I was honored to be on her CT for quite a while.  I was so happy to open her kit; Are We There Yet? and Above and Beyond Template #23 both by Dawn Inskip
and added a bit My Sweet Home by Thaty

The week has been wonderful...I am in a contest for Best Layout Scrapper...and I moved on in the first round with the most votes! That was pretty cool.  It is over at The Studio, a sweet group of ladies and hearty fun competition to get the mojo moving. The kit is Early Morning Light by Piggyscraps Designs that was a FREE with this fantastic contest.  Here is my layout for the contest:

Then okay, I got blending with some move and a bit more groove, and tada:

all with the Fantabulous The ViVas collab with Laitha called The Renaissance and some new fangled add-ons!
There are some more exciting things coming but I can't say yet! ha ha...but I am rather buzzed about making pages and learning and laughing!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Day to Catch Up

Sitting down to a big bowl of healthy shredded wheat with some lovely white sugar baked right on to it! I think it is my energy yumminess...I was feeling rather yuck yesteday.  My head wanted to explode off my body, and I was willing to look into blood letting due to the pressure in my head.  I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 6:15am feeling like a new woman.
So life gets a bit of catch I let the laundry dry I thought I should show some pictures.
Ahhh...can't you just smell that goodness? I love my clothesline. 

Last month the girls turned 12.  They were so excited, and one of the family traditions is you pick where we eat that night.  The girls picked The Empire Buffet in Las Cruces.  They had requested some new clothes for their birthday....but wanted to shop for them. *insert here Mom buys baby things...hahaha
So, they were so surprised to receive a little stereo for a present (along with some Gift Certificates for a local teen store).
They were so excited and it has a remote! They are so cute, they set it up all by themselves and lay on their beds and push that remote! I love it!
Then Eric surprised us all with octopus on his plate:
Sorry for the was gross...oh my gosh...Eric is our picky eater, but he just got a wild hair and wanted to try it.
The Gabriel tried it! I was laughing so hard at these boys.  They are hilarious, just like their dad! hahahaha
Anna was disgusted, I mean totally!
Then we got our fortune cookies, this was mine:
 Oh how I do appreciate the peeps God has surrounded me with, especially my family.  Group shot!!
Time to bring in the laundry! Hope you enjoyed the post!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Playing with Paula Kesselring's Travels @ SBG

Now, Scrapbook Graphics is an ICON in the digital scrapbooking world.  Maya has kept some awesome designers there for a long time, and she is always amazing me by bringing in guests and fun new people...I squealed with delight when Paula Kesselring told us she was guesting at SBG!! I don't know who was more excited, Paula or me?? haha  I so enjoy the folks at SBG, and it is like having best friends met each other.  I also think Paula's red @ is so dynamically beautiful!
I love the Traveler series that Paula has been doing, and she has a special Italy one for SBG!  I had to grab that and play!! This kit is huge!! I mean huge!! One hundred and nine wicked cool elements! There are also 21 papers and a brush set that is just fun to have just to fiddle.  I knew immediately I was gonna show off my meatball sandwich recipe, but didn't want it to be just a recipe card.  This kit has the most fantastic real items, that you can do recipes, pizza fun nights, trips to Italy or just an evening at Olive Garden...bhahahaha
I have to admit, I had a hankering for a meatball sandwich by the time I finished playing with the kit!  I hope you love it enough to go and get this kit!

Now, if you have an inkling of Paula's generosity, you know she is going to have a sale.  Check this out:
Just click on the ad and it will bring you right to Paula @ SBG!!