Thursday, December 31, 2009

my tada kitchen~

So what do you do on a three day fast!?!? I scrub my kitchen and paint it of course silly! Officially I can't post this layout til tomorrow because it is Christine's! I take huge advantage of being her friend and far far far away!I keep turning around in my puter chair and looking at the kitchen~it positively glows! I think you can click on the layout and it will get bigger for those with the need for bigger fonts. uhm me! ha ha and a nifty trick is to hit control and the + sign, and your page gets bigger!
My dear honey has just gone to 5pm so he can get up for his mid shift at Target!?!?! it is just for the next few days, then conference for him!


Monday, December 28, 2009

My obsessive compulsive kicks in!

I await my children to eat their breakfast and then I will be tearing apart my kitchen! Pulling EVERYTHING out of the cabinets. Scrubbing the wood, and the shelfs and re-arranging the insides.
Then the ceiling, the walls, baseboards and anything else will be scrubbed til raw. I have a gallon of Greased Lightening, a heavy duty cleanser. The goal is to have it clean and prepped to paint!
We are renters and our landlord will pay for the paint. The house is all in flat paint, and it is impossible to keep clean. I plan on a creamy wheat color thru the house. The ceiling will be white.
My body already hurts thinking about this..but the smile on my face is worth it! I took some before pics and will have some during to go up later with those.
Last week before we dive back into school!


More Art Caravan!

I'm officially hooked. This Art Journal Caravan of Tangie Baxter's over at SBG has got me. I made one page for the flyleaf of the book and am craving to do more. Some of my fellow journeyers have made covers, but my brain can't wrap what hasn't been made yet. So I did a fly leaf for a book I already had.
The book is next to my chair, and I kept looking at it, and wasn't satisfied with it. So to the thrift shops Saturday. I had this old book in my head, that I would transformed with my imagination. My son G-man came over and asked to help look for "the book" I needed. I was explaining and this lady next to me turns and asks, "Is this your first altered book?" I said yes, and we both in high excitement talked about what caused us to venture into this arena. It was just amazing that 2 people in one thrift store were after the same final product. Sadly, pickin's were slim. I did find a nifty cookbook, Sunset Easy Basics for Good Cooking, with lots of pictures for Eric and a cool silver retro looking lunchbox, that says, Skip Rope not Lunch! The kids want me to change it to breakfast, as I always forget to eat breakfast til I start shaking from caffeine.
Then I went to Goodwill, which is usually so expensive, but they had a 1/2 off sale..woo hoo, I found a book, and it is not an old book, but one that made me grab it!

I think the made Easy grabbed me~ha ha...but I liked the size and the 3 ring part, and the $1 price tag.

I will do the outside and the inside flyleafs also, for some reason that makes me happy.

It is full of pages and has 12 (for months!!) index cards, so I can fill with layouts also if I wanted to.
This is what really grabbed me, the folding papers, as, I am really wanting to do this, especially for some journalling that I can write and add pics to the front?

Then that it sits up so nicely is good too. I am going to Wal-mart for Mod Podge! woo hoo

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cheaper than Work Boxes-less room also

I have 4 children and a small house. Our dining room is our arts and crafts, computer and class room. The thought of more boxes just is not a possibility for us. I admit I did not buy the book about work boxes but Google andread as many blogs of those that are doing it, to get an idea that would work for our family in homeschooling.
We tried paper schedules and that just wasn't working. I make ATCs in my scrapbooking world. These are baseball sized cards, using retro and classic elements to make these artsy fartsy cards. I love them. A small canvas and they make me smile. So I thought why don't I blend my art hobby with homeschool. Kinda like peanut butter and chocolate, I imagine Reece being rather happy the day he made Peanut butter cups.
Enough of my rambling.
How it works. First I went and listed ALL the things each child did or could do of the ever growing of school items. I made these 2.5x3.5 inch cards for each one. Here is an example of one for READing:
I expect at least one half hour of reading each day and they have to journal what they read. I like to have this after lunch. This is one of the cards. I then made 9 to a page, so I could print them out. I then went and got some baseball card protectors sold at Wal-Mart for cheap, they already have 3 hole punch and open at the top. I print 4 of each page, cut them out for my Master folder.

I still have a Master Schedule to help me to know what we are doing during the day and for each day. It is more of a skeleton to build with the work cards. You can see the highlights, that is for subject. Because we have scheduling conflicts with computer and mom needs. I have to schedule accordingly. Math is yellow, History blue, Science green and all English is pink, and Spanish is red, then Breaks and lunch are kinda khaki. This is more to help me make sure I don't have everybody on Spanish at once. It is also nice that I have one on the computer with headphones while I help another who is struggling in a subject.

Each afternoon, I look at the work completed on the left side of the child's folder, and record or note as needed and place in the back of the folder to hold for our ES.

This green folder is Gabriel's, and you can see he starts the day with Spelling. On the card is the word TEST, he has to be prepared for his spelling test on Wednesday. That is his responsibility.
Next comes, Math. Notice there is a blank space next? Each subject is about 1/2 hour long, and math needs the extra time. Handwriting without Tears is next, and I am needed to be there with him. Then comes break time!
After break is History Work Sheets and the report he is working on at the time. I have the worksheets for the week in the folder or if there is a curriculum book, he knows what is expected.
The back of the page is for after lunch. Each child is expected to put the folder in my in basket every evening. I usually go over it in the morning before school and rearrange the cards at that time. My goal is to have them arranging their own, but at this time I do it.
I have about 36 cards made up, if this is something you are interested in doing, I will upload them for a free download. Please leave a comment and I will do it.


Can post now! A fun gift to make and give.

I had a blast making a hybrid craft for my parents and MIL. I fought and fought doing it..glue all over, and my patience level to wait as usual got me in trouble.
First I found a template for an Altoid's tin template. I made each "page" for the template and then put them together to fit on a regular sheet of paper so I could print at home.Once these were printed out I cut them out (not the curved area) then folded in half to complete the curved cuts. I learned this little trick to keep them a bit more even.Before I began, I went through all the pics of the year and made a plan. I knew I wanted to include each child and my hubby and myself. There were a few special days and shots I included. I got an affixative spray to keep the pictures. I learned alot...and had a blast...I hope you enjoy the pages!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning Breakfast

Last night we watched the video of our kids when they were 7, 5 and 4! It was unbelievable! How small they were, it was Christmas morning and the amount of work that goes into a Christmas for parents of small kids is remarkable. From opening EVERY package, to putting in every battery, to showing how to do EVERY toy!
This year it was so different, as they pulled out tools to open battery cases, uploaded games to the laptop, put together scooters and painted arts and craft sets all without assistance.

Then a quick crash course on french toast and Eric took over!

He is not even embarrassed about the apron, because he has his new Tomlison's San Diego Charger jersey and he did not want egg on it!

Making french toast in our home is not just a couple slices! You gotta make a whole lot!

Don't let his nonchalant look deceive you, he was very excited to cook for us!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!


Is tomorrow Christmas Eve Day or Just Christmas EVE?

Family Feud...this is the disagreement:
Eric and I say that tomorrow is Christmas Eve Day and the Eve is the evening. Tony says we are delirious and insane...and off the wall and a few other slams on our brain waves. ha what do you think?
Now that the cards are all in everyone's hot little hands, I can post it on the blog!Merry Christmas from me!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Artsy Fartsy Me!

The Caravan hasn't actually started yet, but my brain was whirling yesterday. That in the fact my hubby just started mid shift and we are sludging thru mud trying to figure out our schedule! When I get overwhelmed, I can eat or scrap! Scrapping keeps me in the size I am.
I had this page opened all day. Making sure I saved it numereous times. This is a different way of scrapping, it is more me and not to highlight a kit or element. I actually did not even keep record of what I used on purpose.
Here is the journaling if you are unable to read:
I lay in bed with thoughts of why I couldn't do this.
All of that is now null and void.
Paying $30 gives me the oomph to start and complete this.
Establishing ground rules:
1. Have fun! 2. Be me!
3. Learn new things.
4. Panic is not an option, breath!
5. Make time and do it!
6. Print the pages.
7. Break rules
I was happy in the results, and now waiting for the 1st of the year to start will be hard! I am ready to begin this challenge for myself.


Monday, December 21, 2009

I am pushing myself~and kinda freaked!

Birthday money sits in my wallet...usually til I flitter it away here and there with reckless abandon. I have watched and watched Tangie Baxter's Art Journal Caravan ad with desire. I am not an artist. I am a creative team member who uses other peoples ideas and rearranges them. But I want to do this. It seems selfish and self centered. I'm a mom, those are not words used as a mom. I lay in bed last night with visions of pages and words that I want to put on paper, but not a lined sheet, but nudged with little doodles and elements.
I bought it this morning. I spent money...
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo the FCC and all the other acronyms that follow the blogs of the world. I am a part of the Art Jounal Caravan, I paid money for it...and all opinions are mine and I will share with ya'll the experience.
I even get a nifty keen-O blinkie to go with it! Yes, I will still talk with the little people. If you promise not to laugh at my life.


Saturday, December 19, 2009


The title sounds like I didn't enjoy the shopping part, but I did. My mom and dad every year bless us with a substantial check for Christmas. It is our Christmas. More so this year. Usually we add more to it, this year we didn't. Our family budget has been cut by almost (getting my 5th grade fraction brain to work here) 40 percent. We did this by choice, so no worries! lol
My husband has a call to preach on his life, and our Pastor and home congregation has a call and burden to send workers out! Good combination! So we set out for California in the midst of a economic collapse, with support and prayer of our home church and relocated! Jobs are scarce, but my husband was able to pick up one at Target, stocking shelves.
There, enough rambling...back to Christmas shopping.
Each of the four children were given a dollar amount we were wiling to spend, a pile of ads, and knowledge of shopping the past few weeks. They were to write a list of wishes, knowing not all would be purchased, as we as parents made the final decisions, so make sure there were alternative desires on the list. They cut out the pictures, prices and told where said item was available. It was magnificent!
My hubby and I (after he got off an 8 hour shift that started at 4am, I so love this man) loaded with cash, letters from children and a plan took off for 4 1/2 hours of fast paced shopping! Kohl's Department Store, Target, Ross, Sears, the mall, K-mart, Big-5 and finishing off at Super Wal-Mart!
The doll that our dear Anna was desiring this year was sold out at Target. It was on sale almost 1/2 price and we were counting on hubby's employee discount there. They had it at Wal-Mart, so I asked about price matching. The man said I needed the flyer from the store, due to dates and all. Oh I showed him Anna's letter...he smiled and said, " others might not accept it, but I do!" I tell you I could have cried, because if not, that doll was not going to be loved by a certain little girl in my home.
We stayed within budget, allowing a few more dollars for stockings and wrapping paper. We didnt' snark each other. The closet is full of presents waiting to be wrapped!
We did it!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Boredom? uhmmmm,,,,don't think so?

My dear (not even thinking about her elk shooting son) friend Christine of the Pressed Petals Designs has come up with an awesome and original kit. The kit is called I'm Bored. I laughed right out loud when I heard the name. The elements are fun and bright, and the alpha is just one of my all time favorites. Very funky!I sat down Monday evening after the kids were in bed and started going thru my pics for some attitude shots...I seriously couldn't find any. What was I gonna do? I thought I could just be artsy and cut pieces of my Mr. E's face and make an attitude layout. But, my son is not like that...he really is active and keeps himself occupied and loves to work and be busy. I left the program up and went to bed.
At 2:30am, Lady FluffyPants our cat wanted to explore outside, but was inside. This means a yeowl and meow that can awaken the dead. I popped up out of bed and let her out and saw the glow of the puter screen. I bet I can do that layout.....I did it, took 3 hours, but it captures my kids perfectly...they just have these ideas and thoughts that make me laugh and wonder.
But the funky and fun alpha? I hadn't used it...and I love it lots. I pulled it up later in the day...I had a thought in my head about clipping pics to the alphas and going with the whole geometric thingee. I just had to find the right pics.
Oh yeah! We had gone a few weeks earlier to a 1849 Christmas festival. Rich with California history, and real gold panning for REAL gold flakes. It was beyond fun and since we are right there (finishing the Oregon trail) in homeschool it was perfect timing!

This is a fun kit, and I love being able to make things with designs that Christine comes up with. Her mind is so creative and full of ideas! It also makes me feel like we are next door neighbors all over again. That is a good place!OOooops! Hey pop over to Pressed Petal's Blog and pick up this Add-On! It is just a taste of the kit! Buy the kit!! It's at Scrap Matters!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All Clean and Spiffy for the New Year!

Last Thursday, we finished school, and I said, "Well, that's it for this year!" I was expecting yahoos and all rights. I got these weird looks. No, public school is in next week, we have to do homeschool. I was kinda bummed, as my dining room/homeschool area was becoming stacks and piles of STUFF~I don't do well with STUFF not in the right places.
I really do get anxious and fight myself on bad moods and it is just not good! Okay, I can flow with kids that want to keep learning...I think.
Monday, piles have grown over the goes good, things are clicking...I have errands for's in the pile by the door. I walk in kitchen. Look towards my kids working hard at copywork..and I slide the fridge over and gross out what is under it! Then I manage to get the side by side behemoth turned to face the kitchen.
Now we have a galley kitchen, one long skinny kitchen and the fridge is supposed to be to the left of the stove, but it made me claustraphobic, so I pulled it out of the galley area, and it is in what is supposed to be the dining room. It makes a great bulletin board area! Whole bunch of metal to attach magnets. But it was awkward to get into.
Now I have a walk way instead of a pain in the neck...Eric's eye's light up as he closes his book. He knows me, and he knows that we are gonna rearrange! The other three look at him and then me, and bubbles of thoughts and ideas where to put what and how are we going to plug this in, and what if we turned this sideways? Oh I love this!
Gabriel says this is real homeschool! Oh yes it is...3 hours later, we accomplished so much. Here are the pics:
We completely gutted our nifty cubby/storage thingee. It is now functional and everything has a place. The back of it has cubbies also, and we have extra papers, books and curriculum on hold. There is a rolling cart with art supplies that comes out when the muse hits the kids! I also took down our timeline, as we are moving to the Gold Rush and Civil War in January!
This was Gabriel's we are getting a laptop from the charter for the kids and it comes with a the white desk is ready, and it is also great for art! The back white cube is one of the tables on it's side! Brilliant! We have a bar stool there right now, but the printer will live there eventually!
My poor drapes....we have vertical blinds that need to come down and until they do my drapes are kinda just hanging there waiting for rods! Low on priority list..ha ha
You can see the fridge now that it is turned, my little office is behind is cozy!
Here is my view from the puter! It is perfect! If you would like to see the last rearrangement pop over to this post What is ON your Walls? it's time for me to play!


A layout! wow!

We spent some time with my parents at Bodega before Thanksgiving. There place is a few minutes from this beautiful look out of the Pacific. I think it is called Bodega Head? I wasn't sure, and needed a title..hahaI was trying to do simple...sometimes, I just pile and pile things on a layout!
I have other ones, but they are Christmas gifts, and since my mom (hi mom) reads this, I am not posting til she has in her hot little hands!
I have one that "may" be published...I didn't already post it, so I can't leave a "removed for publication" space holder.
Then Pressed Petals has a new one coming out, and I was up at 2:30 in the morning working on it, cause I just woke up with an idea. I think I sent her my psd? I'm not good without sleep!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brain Teasers!

We have been doing some brain exercises...and I gave this to the kids and my hubby:

How can you use the letters in NEW DOOR to make one word?

Now, no fair googling...I will leave the answer on Wednesday! leave a comment if you know it..without google!
In the meantime....I am letting my kids do things...and try and fail..and try again!There was a free hair clipper on our local, I called and asked if they used it on their dog? nope, on their sons, and failed miserably! It came in a case and a dvd to use it..the boys sat down at the computer and watched it! Then Gabriel got to be guinea pig!It was a bit loud, til I showed them the handy dandy screw on the side and got a nice vibrate going, and off came the hair!

The one with the grimace is my son Eric...noticed the newly cut and blocked hair...he did awesome!! Cha saved!

If you have read to the end of this blog, the answer is ONE WORD.