Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Layouts by MOI!

I have been doing the Daily Thankful on my personal blog, so this blog was so sorry! So you now get everything I have made since the 7th of November! Luckily, my mojo went on vacation! hahah
Gonna start with the newest designer to trust me to rearrange her fun things, Kaye Weiniki over at the-Lily Pad:
I have taught my children the finer art of kidnapping...albeit a flour sack doll, they did use multiple magazines for their ransom note.
Nuts? Nutter, oh yeah...we are...Nutter-the complete kit for Nuts and Apple Slice - the Alpha all by Kay (with an) E Winieki
Next up, the ladies at Catscrap, both Paula Kesselring and Lynn Marie! I was having Paula withdrawals, so I went and raided her store.  I made a funny layout that caused quite a raucous. I had people emailing me links and everything and actually found the duck, ordered it and have it on my key chain! hahah
I used to have a pig on my keyring. You squeeze it and it would squeal. But I have no need for the Pig, I need a duck. I continue to search for a duck, not just a regular duck, but one that you squeaze and it quacks and is on a key ring. The story you have read is true, and the search is still on for the quacking duck key ring. Thank you to Paula Kesselring for making such fun and fabulous works that I am able to express my deep emotions as I search for the elusive duck. I will find you!
Graffiti Collection - Brushes and Stencils by Paula Kesselring
Flair Box #2 by Paula Kesselring has the duck flair
I was rather excited too, I got BOB at  Catscrap!
Then I activated my wonderful CT coupon for Lynn-Marie!! Thank you, thank you!!! I got another BOB from this page also!! Finding this kit was like a joy to my heart, I was way too young for Woodstock, but hanker for the revival that came out of the craziness of this generation!
Lynn-Marie's Woodstock
I read about the Jesus people movement. I missed it. I was just a kid, and living outside
the United States.
I gave my life to Jesus in 1988, and pray for revival for this country again. I see the desire for a
revolution to happen in the youth today, and so hope it is one with Jesus Christ!
And for the VIVAs!! I always want to write ViVa LOcas! lol, cause they are two crazy women!!
I struggled making this page and actually sent it without any journaling to the ladies, with a cry for constructive criticism.This is one of the parts I really love about CTing for these ladies, the team ROCKS! People from different cultures, views on life, religion and more, but it is a tight knit group, that welcomes the new people! Amazing chemistry...any ways, I posted the page, and Vanessa(the Va in ViVA) kicked my mojo into gear!
The crazy game of infertility and the joy of adoption all rolled into one wild ride. Thank you to the ViVas for once again, making a kit that makes me dig into myself and push to do something different. DIY Board Game by The ViVa Artistry
I am very proud to announce I was selected for GSO-Finger Pointing  for this page! Big smile insert here!
Then Tangie finally had a about  withdrawals!!

As soon as I read the name of Tangie's newest kit, the song, That's how the lost get found...began bouncing in my head...and then this photo of 3 of my fellow laborers for Christ who have the fire and care about the lost came to mind!!
Lost and Found Studio Tangie

The Scrapbook Graphics site team, has kept me busy too:
For Fhung's playday:
I am honored to call Fhung a friend in this digiworld. She is an artist and a mad rocker, and I love that combination. I wanted to use everything in her store and say…here it is, the link to her store….because it is fun to touch everything over and over. Her woods and stitches are beyond the wow zone! Thank you my friend for brightening my day!|
Hipstagramix-Dreamy Photo Edges overlays Shadows, Haunting Pirates, Floralique Collection, Ruzty Alha Set, Syrin Seamstress, and ARTiStitches No 2
Balinesia Paper Pack
Then for BGs Playday:
Enjoying learning about trees, butterflies and just playing instead of day in the books!
Blogavesta Gosheva's beautiful kit November
and Studio Julia's playday:
I took some liberty with dear Studio Julia's fun kit and her word art...I had to scrap the pic of Anna, taken by her sister, Abby...pure fun!
Life is Beautiful by Studio Julia
fonts: 1942 report and
tangie's:{five, seven and two} -Art Journal Caravan Provision for Parcel 18
and last but not least, the most hilarious lady in digiscrap, Mirjam of Pink Reptile Designs!
 my daughter looking all funky and fun with a new hair do, tee hee but an old picture...the joy of scrapbooking...
The magnificent collab of Pink Reptile and Camomile Designs - Home is Where the Heart is!

There we go, I have a few going live this weekend, but have to hold them close til then!
I hope you have a Wonderful Thanksgiving, and even if you don't celebrate, remember to be thankful for something!

~never lose your joy


ViVa Artistry is: said...

Anne, these are just too cool for words girl! Love the feel of the blog. Pure awesomeness.

Lynne-Marie said...

Anne - you are a joy to read! Your enthusiasm is contagious!

paula kesselring said...

LOOOOOOVE all your pages Anne !!!You're brilliant!!!!

Joy aka GoddessJoy said...

I love your journaling, Anne! I have such a hard time with journaling. My words just feel like they have no interest to anyone but me. I guess I'll just have to keep trying! Thanks so much for sharing!!