Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday-November 25th ~ Thank ful

Lovely looking bird, roasted yesterday, for the pure sake of soup! bhahaha....when we got home yesterday, the turkey was cut up in a very ugly manner, and the carcassed tossed into the pot to boil!
The Thanksgiving day was fantastic, I laughed and smiled so much. 
I was also spoiled by my beloved friends and family:

I love how excited they get out about my birthday!!That makes me happy too! I giggle so much opening presents with my family.
Then we loaded the van up and headed over to the Q's for fun, food and COOTIE!!!

It started out insane and got worse! I was so thankful for Marc, who brought the espresso machine and taught me how to make them for everyone! I was the barrister and it was awesome, handing out the cup and in exchanged happy faces of people who love coffee and the effects of it!!


Mariah said...

What??? It was your birthday?? Glad you had such a lovely day! :-)m

Malah said...

yay, pics!!!