Saturday, June 28, 2008

I just got off the phone with Chrissy in Lake Havasu, Arizona. How I love cell phones and weekend free minutes. It is so refreshing to giggle and talk with a good friend.

Probably some of you are thinking, naw, Anne is too busy to call.....uhm, I'm not. I love hearing from my friends.

So I am going to make it a point to try and call a friend a week. It may be you or you could sit and grab a drink and babble with me!

Opps gotta run, phones ringing!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Frenzy

Energy level high! I was quite the happy homemaker today! My floors, mostly wood, got a good sweeping, and mopping.

The air is still very thick with smoke from surrounding fires here in NorCal.

I cleaned out the baskets by my chair. You know the ones that collect all the "when I get to it" papers. I got to most of them, by throwing them away! Yeah!

The kids schoolwork, alas I admit, I school my kids during the summer... It always starts out rigid and floats into a casual but highly anticipated part of the day...we are down to 1 actual hour of school 4 times a week. It is funny, cause in their free times, they work on school stuff.

But that school is a clutter petri dish just growing everyday. So we pitched a ton of broken crayons, dried up markers and pens. Sharpened the pencils we need and got rid of those with no erasers or erasers that make messes. The school supplies are all looking good.

School is in centers. Each for a 1/2 hour. So with 4 kids they switch off. One center is Mavis Beacon teaches typing on the computer. Second is one of one with mom, usually math or California History, the third is reading a book somewhere fun (usually mom's bed), and the 4th is arts and crafts. This is where they make thank you cards, or take pictures, and the recent trend is to find a scripture and make a picture that comes to mind. Gabriel did as I walk in the Valley of Death and had a scarry (oops, spooky) picture. Eric did "he makes me lie in green pastures". They turned out really well, so they are up on the wall! My dining room is decorated in crayon! ha ha

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time in bed hit with a icky bug, or ate something...yeah I did have tomatos last nite. Grape tomatos?!? I woke up after one of the best nights sleep I have had in a while to queasy tummy.
Got up to pray, and fell asleep on couch, not the way to touch the throne of God! ha ha
So went back to bed for a few hours, had some eggs and tummy emptied..via another throne...ugh.
So I had to get dressed and get our van, (in shop). Tony paid for half and the rest after parts(yes plural parts) come in. We need the van and it is paid off, in the fast lane.
I am drinking a sprite and plannning another afternoon in bed.
Must feel better, New Convert Class tonight. Pray my friends, please.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Its Monday! The fires in California have caused a haze over our town. It feels thick outside. I mowed the lawns this morning and now I am just wasted! The picture here is not of the hazy skies, just one I had on my laptop! The skies are usually that blue!

I told some I had dyed my hair. It is supposed to be a golden brown, the kids like it, my hubby loves it, my mom didn't even notice it and I hate it! It looks very red/orange and old lady to me. So to make matters worse, I cut it. I went to my stylist and she wasn't there. I let someone else cut is so short on top, and long in the back, I look like I have a mullet! My dear friend over in Oroville; Peggy is going to try and fix the back for me this week! I can handle short, but the weird long/short thing is just too much...

Enough whinning! lol....

Time to jump in shower and finish the ol' laundry! Fish taco's again for dinner! It was a big hit last week, and a request from them all so I aim to please! Hope everyone's week is good!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday and the Temperture is Rising!

California sun is making itself known! The pictue on the top of the page is at 8:15pm here in Yuba City! Beautiful! We took the kids over to a water park...FREE....

These pictures are the same nite as red sun picture. It was a HOT day! We stayed until almost 9pm! Notice the ladies behind Gabriel, these are Muslims! We are seeing more and more. When in public, they will not even acknowledge us!

The kids have a blast. We can't go to the public pool til Anna's injury is better. We are headed to the ocean Thursday, so the salt water will accelerate her healing!

I enclosed some pics
of Gabriel, as he was noticably absent on this page!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Parental Viewing is Advised~gross pictures

You can just scan to the next entry if you have a weak tummy. As a mom, seeing this on my youngest and smallest daughter was enough for me for a long, long, long time. Tony took the hospital pics on his cell phone and he just figured out how to upload them. Anna is doing great and we are very thankful.

I was very freaked out, Anna was screaming, "I don't want to die, am I going to die mom?" and "Abby is scared, I think Abby is crying" I ran around the house, trying to remember everything I have learned in first aid. All I wanted was to not see that horrible gash. I wrapped a towel tight around her leg and put a big pack of ice on it. Tony was not home yet, and I called him; totally in freak mode. He was calm and was home within minutes.

The kids Anna was playing with had a teen babysitter watching them and they were freaking out across the street. Abby and Gabriel thought a chunk of her leg had come out and they couldn't find it...

Tony came home, saw the towel with no blood and thought I was exaggerating, I said oh my God, I haven't even prayed, baby please pray. He did, and woosh, the calmness that can only come from heaven filled our van. We got to the emergency room and she was put right in...when the towel came off, Tony was totally shocked. He didn't realize the serious of the wound.

But God is amazing, she barely knicked the muscle, there was minimal blood loss and she was walking on it that evening. I know God hears our prayers and your prayers for us. Thank you.

Magic by Eric

My parents are 1 1/2 hours away. Having grandparents is just amazing to me. My parents are so giving and kind to my kids. I am lucky to have them here and look forward to seeing them and having them get to know their grandkids.

My dad had showed Eric a magic trick with a string. He had worked on it over and over. The girls were in my mom's office aka craft room.

Eric came in and showed them, they were in awe...I hope this layout gives the feeling that happened. I love the smile that Eric is making, I can see his cheek is raised up as the girls gasp!

How I love having these kids....

Tortillas R Me!

I made and sent this scrap layout to Ben Luna Sr. It says it all in the scrap, but I wanted to put it here for you all to see.

I don't know who to credit the elements...sorryI think Gina Marie did the rolling pin.

As you can see my kitchen is tight, but so efficient...there is a pullout cutting board and so handy...especially with me getting used to an electric stove....awwwwww, this is too hot, where do I put it?? Pull out that handy dandy cutting board and more counter space! ha ha

Come on in............

This is to welcome you to my Yuba City house. So when you call or read the updates, you can see the house. My dining room is the hub of the home. The kitchen is all the way to the left, a galley style. It is a tight fit, but fun! My coffee pot is almost always going! You can look out the front yard from my sink.
The light you see in the doorway against the clock wall is into our living room/Tony's office. Tony can shut the door and not hear us at all! So I can listen to Dr. Laura and Bill O'Reily without driving him nuts. The kids go in and out the side door there to the right. The sliding door swishes open just as many times as the screen door would slam in Alamogordo! The house is a perfect fit for us. Our landlords are just the sweetest and caring people. Tony put up ceiling fans in kids rooms yesterday, and they just take it all off the rent. Tony called about a screen door for the front. They brought over a beautiful door. Tony is going to put it up this week.......I hope! Poor man, I run him ragged. Pray for him!

So now I bid you good bye for now...

Enjoy your walk out my doorway, careful there are alot of flowers out there, the bees may be buzzing and hummingbirds are all over.

Remember the road to a friends house is never long. Hope one day each and everyone of you will walk up that path to my door...but for now we will just know the way!