Thursday, November 1, 2012

Anne OfAlamo Scraps - LIKE me!

A few months ago, I took my Anne Ofalamo facebook page to a very small and private group.  This is to keep my private life, well, more private.  As most of you reading this know I am not a private person, I am quite extroverted, love a crowd and meeting new people is like one of my favorite past-times.  My personal page remains private for my kids. 

But.................I miss my scrappin' buddies something fierce too, even the ones that I just LIKED here and there, and I want to network for the designers that I create pages.  These are fabulous designers, and I think people will want to see their sales, their products and hopefully my pages done for them. 
If you would be so kind as to LIKE Anne OfAlamo Scraps Page , I would be so grateful.  I hope to find some time to make a template or something like that to give away, once I get say 50 people? Thank you, and again, happy scrappin on this DSD weekend!