Monday, March 29, 2010

♥Carolyn Rose Kite CT Call♥

Carolyn Rose Kite is looking for 2-3 team players.
Being easy going and friendly is a must!!
Take a look at Carolyn's beautiful designs at Pickle Berry Pop, and if you think you would like to be a part of this fabulous team, then please:

any commitments you have now
your best gallery, and favorite layout
what do you want to bring to the team, laughter, jokes, good recipes?
Remember, easy going and friendly..that is the biggie!

all applicants will get a nifty keen-0 automatic reply that your email was received!
The letters of yeah you are the one or sorry, really really we don't like to say no will go out by 12 of April!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sandra at DigiDARES haunts me!

Chengie aka Sandra, is a friend in digiland. She is talented and hilarious and....well she does appearances as the hostess at the DigiDares. It is a fun challenge, you can win things and laugh and learn new technique. Sandra taunts me to do the dares she dreams up...well I had it all ready this time!! woo hooI was able to use Dawn Inskips and Alexis Designs on this that was nice to get another layout out! :) I am rather proud of myself, 3 pounds lost!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Oldest

Finding a real boy kit that isn't trains and dump trucks is a hard thing. I won a GC on Tuesday evening at the Scrap Girl Graphics chat for Studio Rosey Posey. I used to be on Lor's creative team, so I was excited to see her new kits up close! This is a fun, fun kit! Geared.
My son has always fixed things. He loves it. He has fixed fans, toasters and lawn mowers. We gave him a little area on the side yard to work on "stuff" I wanted to make a page, but flowers just weren't gonna work! Thank you Lorilei for this kit!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pets Rejuvenated!

Woo HOO!!!
Dawn Inskip has rejuvenated her Pets kit! I mean wow! You can pick it up over at the Pickle Berry Pop or Catscrap! This is just the most awesome kit for those funny pet pictures!This woman is amazing with her drawings and the colors. Just fantastic, here are two layouts I did with it:Eric with his lizards, those who knew us then
...remember 1000's of crickets loose in my house.............
...yeah I said 1000!
We don't have anything now that eats crickets! lol

Next is Lady Fluffy Pants, or cat.
She is actually standing in front of the sliding glass door.
She stands there and sneezes at me.
.....and magically the door opens.
I am so trained!!

Hope you enjoyed! Go get the kit!!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

6 week Plan!

I was inspired by Dawn Inskip's Kit-The Inch Loss Plan over at Catscrap and Pickle Berry PopSooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....I got a plan, and if you want to join me...leave a comment and I will encourage you and what do we get when it's done? Motivation to continue. I am going to do a weekly layout of my new habits and then go to once a month. Feeling better is important! Join me. Please?

Friday, March 19, 2010

oops two more!

Sarah Barber, who is just so talented and puts together this fun and funky kits, has this new one called you could make beautiful heritage layouts or cluster up like a mad woman...but I got playing with an aTc and I have to tell you I giggle while making this one:Now Julie. Itis. is on a French kit, she has a new one out today also...called Licorice Parfait! ooh la la..hey? It is fun and she also has a freebie add-on over on her blog... is licorice a French word? does it mean yummy and your mouth turns black? I'm thinking I could put Rosetta stone out of business with my language skills.
You can click on the kit and takes you to her store to buy it. Then click on the BONUS freebie and it will take you right to Julie. Itis.'s blog. Itis's blog....makes my tongue vibrate and feel awkward.
More Collin's Lake pictures, of my girls that share a brain. They kept going on the teeter totter and the sound of ow, ouch, ow, ow, and ouch. I'm thinking, hmm, maybe they will get off after 25, 26, 50 times saying ouch? Made for good pictures and silly memories and that is why we do this isn't it. I keep telling myself that! ha ha
I am going on a mom's night out this evening to Starbucks with some other homeschooling mom's. Apparently our eyes have gotten to the point of a cornered rat, so our hubby's all agreed we need to get out alone. ha ha


sometimes it is just right!

I don't know how some of ya'll scrap, but I am like a dog with a bone...I can't leave it undone...
I had snapped some pics of the kids reading in bed earlier in the week...trying to use my ol' point and shot a pic different. It has buttons I have never used, and am playing. I loved the feel of the lights on my boys as they read in their bunk beds...
I didn't want to just CT a layout...I wanted stitching, inks and some brown things to hold the pic up...I found it!! Dawn Inskip's Grace-I played for hours with the picture..running one action, then another, then start over, crop and that darn control Z button probably is worn out...I had to get it how it was in my head to the computer! I left it on the puter and would sit and stare and try a different one point I am not joking I had every element of the kit on the page...turned, twisted and wrapped in different ways.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blue Skies

I love this babies growing up and still being funny!! It was a good day at the lake! This is the beginning of what I can say is going to be an awesome Creative Team. Dawn Inskip. She is so know I love that..and I can tell I will stay as busy as I can with her beautiful kits!
This is made with Natures Promise Collab by Dawn Inskip and mle Card
available at Pickle Berry Pop and Catscrap.

20% OFF for a limited time so go now, before limited time is over! ♥

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Barber Shop with a challenge from Sarah Barber!!

Enjoy a fun challenge? How about those Art Trading Cards? I love to open a 5x7 canvas and squeeze a bit of a layout of giggles together!...the reason for the journey is the challenge for the next two weeks over at the CT blog. Find out how to get this lovely mixed bag for 1/2 off!
I loved the little bag of Barbershop goodies, found a few more things off the internet and had a lovely time making this little the way...
opening a 5x7 is so much easier on the eyes when rearranging the can shrink easier for printing if you so choose! :)

I know it is supposed to be a grab bag for ATC's, but I had these fun pics of my boys and their new clippers. Yep, I let them experiment on each other. Ha ha


Saturday, March 13, 2010


uhm that would be my newest blinkie! oh my! wow! I am so happy! I think I'm done with the applications...this lady is gonna work me! I might even get skinny?


Friday, March 12, 2010

I have bifocals!

I don't really like them. Okay, I hate them. My nose and eyes hate them...I can't figure out how to hold my head...I can't use them on the computer. So I still have my dollar tree ones by the computer...the other ones I wear all the time...well I am supposed too. I drive with them. I have nifty clip on shades...lord help me.
No pics will just have to envision my loveliness.
But pics of the kids..yeah that I have:
Eric loves when I get all up in his face for pictures and it is always fun to see his dramatic face! How he can make his eyeballs disappear right out of his head just amazes me..the kid has talent.We went on a homeschool field trip today with the home school group. You know I really appreciate these ladies. Home schooling is not for the faint of heart.
It was pouring and I made my poor kids stand in the rain for a picture. Okay, can you see the raindrops, maybe it was more like pouring? Yeah, that was it...

It was a long day, we were supposed to go to the park for running and screaming, but the deluge canceled a large group of homeschoolers invaded the Burger King playground and laughed. Lovely benefit to other kids there! ha ha
We had planned on Domino's Pizza for lunch..
Small commercial...let me tell you, Domino's is is so flipping good. Cheap and so yummy...go now and get 2! You can actually go to and pre-order and it will be waiting for is that for high tech.
Exciting times here in Yuba City, we have a new store. The much anticipated 99cent it isn't a dollar it is 99.9cents...rounds up to a $1 at the register. This place is PACKED! We promised to bring our children as they have money burning holes in their pockets. PACKED to the seams is a better description. After a long decision, Eric, Anna and myself decided being outside was better than inside...the rain had stopped.
Abby wanted to buy V8, as did Gabriel who also found a spinning pen. Please don't ask, I don't know is a pen with a extra gadget so you can spin it easier. Yeah from the boy who isn't allowed anything on his desk, due to driving me crazy with the tap, tic or other irritating noises he makes...Tony got some bloody mary mix...ha ha...he loves the's spicy V8, but cheaper! ha ha
While the crazy shoppers were in the store, Eric, Anna and I got to watch a screaming argument in the parking lot. oh boy, it was dramatic and loud!
It's Friday so the kids are up later...and they get a half hour to read each nite...I love the look of the lights coming out of their rooms.
Yeah it's blurry, it's my girls, I will play with the buttons tomorrow to try and figure out how to capture this.
The closing of Tony's book, and the mechanics of his recliner going down has just been heard from the other room. It's bedtime. Good nite.


Watermelon Freebie Quick Page

Dani gave me a big thumbs up to give away
a quick page made from my watermelon layout!
I thought perhaps you haven't been in a watermelon eating contest
but you do bring watermelon to picnics, you might enjoy a pre-made layout.
I so recommend getting her kit; Lynn's Watermelon Picnic for the extra fun things in there..the ants alone are worth the purchase!Download link
available two weeks


been busy scrapping lately and so enjoying myself

I have been on a mojo overdose of fun and scrapping. As my faithful readers have seen in past posts, I went on a major CT application collect reject letters. Bad for self-esteem. My eyebrows were furled, do I just stink at this? I figured, oh well, I sure enough enjoy scrapping and honestly I love being on CTs. The excitement of new kits and the deadlines make me happy. I asked Julie and she let me be on her team, and oh wow she came out with this new french word kit...Vivre-which means roosters are vivid or live something like french is horrendous! ha ha
Julie gives me alot of latitude to play with her kits, cause she likes me! I had these shots from last year of the flocks of roosters just on the side of the road here in my town. I think every rural town in northern California has a corner lot with strawberry field fun by Vietnamese people. Roosters are multiplying at the one closest to our home.

Alexis Designs, this woman is gonna be deadly with her tablet. The cutest little hand drawn elements. I love her little snail so much! Her new kit; Spring's Grace is just adorable.
I have been going over the old pics on my computer, back when I scrapped with ugh PowerPoint, and everything was square and without shadows...oh ugh Lee! I had done some of the pics from a hot summer rain when we were still in New Mexico, but this pic never found a home on a layout. I tossed some of Pioneer Woman's free actions onto it to warm it up a bit, then used Alexis Design's mask in the kit crop the pic and bring my oldest Eric closer...he was down the I cut them in two and blended them with the huh?

Okay, Plain Digital Wrapper made me break my rules about being on CT's in the same store. I have done so good at that! These woman are so laid back and hilarious that I think it will be okay! Danielle of Dani's Delusions had this kit that I had to use for a layout.

I was long ago on a skit team of the most awesome people, and this is a skit/mini play about a watermelon contest. I had the pics and had to do a layout...I hope it makes you smile!
I guess I haven't learned my lesson, cause I sent another application out this morning...stay tuned to see if I make the cut for Dawn Inskip over at Pickle Berry Pop! Her work is just out of this world. It is some tough finger's crossed.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Parents are the BOMB!

I have the most awesome mom and dad. They received a lovely award and a banquet rubber chicken dinner for being chosen Sonoma County Volunteer of the Year (2nd time now mind you). The are camp hosts for a park on Bodega Bay. It is a beautiful park and they work hard to keep it that way.
But they also add special touches, like knowing the campers names, laughing about their kids and antics of their animals. My parents love people! I think I got some of that from them. I finished the layout and was wanting to get the journalling right, so I called my Dad, and disguised my voice to pretend to be from the Sacramento Bee (Newspaper at the Capitol) and I got silence. I thought he was going to hang up on me. He says, this better be Anne Marie and (my maiden name) and my mom is yelling, "don't give them any information". Hilarious, I have been married 20 years and my Dad still calls me the name he gave me, and my mom is still covering for me. ha ha...just kidding on the covering, she is worried about my identity. I just laughed.
This kit is made with dear Alexis Designs, a friend and awesome designer over at Plain Digital Wrapper. The kit is Sweet Victorian Violettes.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Freebie for you!

As part of the quick page team over at Digital Scrap Cafe,
I make 2 QP's a month to give away!
What a fun thing!
I love to give away,
but am never going to design,
so there is a big missing link!
I chose Anita Designs, her kit Curiosity is so classy and clean.
Download Link
**remember link is only for one week**