Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday-November 29th-Thankful

Emotions ran high today.  I went grocery shopping.  Prices have gone up in this last month a LOT! I have 4 growing children at home with me all day, with hungry faces! I was kinda out of it, paid for my measly 1/4 cart of food and was shuffling out of the store. In front of me, I see a man I have known for over 20 years.  He gave his life to Jesus right after I did, we went on outreaches together, laughed and prayed together, encouraged others to do the same.  Some where he stopped.  Today, he is my age, no teeth, and drunk at 2pm in Walmart.  I talked with him, encouraged him with words he himself knows.  I walked to my van, and cried and cried for him.
I got home, and due to being a very pink person, my eyes were a bit swollen.  I told my kids about this man.  They have seen him on the streets here and there, but have not met him.
I made this statement, if Jesus wasn't even real, if everything I believed was false, but just by going to our little church building kept me off the street and being with my kids....I was rambling.
My oldest, Eric stops me, and says, "Mom, if there was no Jesus, we wouldn't be here."
"What?" I say, the confused parent (which happens to me more and more I notice)
You wouldn't be my mom, and these wouldn't be my brother's and sisters.
oh dear,
What a amazing sentence my boy has said.
My life, with my husband, my family, my home are all due to decisions made with Jesus Christ in my life.  Blew my mind, and I am thankful.
on a lighter note and funny pics, the same 4 children took 2 days to tear apart the garage, clean it, and rearrange it so the ping pong table could be in a warmer area. (we are supposed to have a large abundance of snow this week)
Eric ready for the ball!
Gabriel not scared, the girls waiting impatiently for the real games to begin.  You can see everything all nice and neat on the right? Amazing kids!
We did doubles, Abby and I whipped up on Anna and Tony, and then the boys, then we let them play the boys...wait we might have lost once....but not sure?
The boys are not the best as team mates...
It was a tough game, but finally the boys got a point!
Man I love these kids! We all came in from playing, sitting in the living room, and they asked if we could go to McDonalds for IceCREAM! Their treat!!! They saved pennies, quarters and change and had enough for us all to have ice cream!
Yeah....I am grateful and thankful!

~never lose your joy

monday-November 28th-Thankful ♥

yada yada
I missed yesterday, HE LARRY US, as I was able to post while puking and (TMI), but a day of normalcy, I space! 
I let the kids sleep in til 10am.  The joys of homeschooling.  This silly virus is swirling around at this time, and tired kids are a sure fire way to have one wake up with gushes of vomit.  They were so sweet and pliable to my every wish yesterday.  We even did school!  They went to library, and cleaned the garage. It is 3/4 of the way done, due to 40 degree weather.  They were frozen.  They finish it today, and the ping pong table will be all set up in the garage versus the covered patio.
My dear eldest son, had tied large refrigerator boxes to make walls in my patio to keep the wind out.  Yes, ghetto'ed out my patio.  That comes down today also! woot!
I am thankful for homeschooling, so I could have such a relaxed day with my kids getting much needed catch up sleep!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday-November 27th-thankful

I have been sick for a few days, kick my butt, sweats, sleep and sleep some more sick  Last night at 4AM, my dear Abby threw up.  Poor thing, she is not a sick kid.  She throws up and giggles.  I put her in the shower, and the cleaned up the mess around the toilet.  NOT complaining, the last time Abby was sick you can read about that HERE.  She just had some on her and some on the toilet.  
She crawled right back into bed and fell asleep.  I waited in living room for part 2.  NOthing.  So I crawled back in bed about 5:30AM, and shivered to sleep.
Part 2 came while I was sleeping, but she had a bucket in her room! WOOT!
So we stayed home from church together, and I taught her Cribbage. What a fun time.  Part 3 for Abby came in the middle of Game 1, but we managed to finish that one, I won.  The next one, she won!  Then I had to sleep.  So we have a rubber game to finish next. 
We may be sick, but I am thankful for the time learning a game I played for hours with my parents!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday-November 26th-~ Thankful

I have been puking and other things for almost 24 hours.  I just was able to eat one egg and I am pouring sweat.  My family is at a concert at the church, I was supposed to be one of the dramas.  I have been replaced.
I was gonna winge and whine, but I just read my friends post HERE, and I am thankful for that egg, that my washer is running with my sheets and robe, and that I have a dryer...that I will have fresh sheets, and in a few take a shower, and crawl back in bed.  I will hear the sound of my family coming in the door and smile. 
I am grateful.  Tomorrow I will feel 100% better and I am in America.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday-November 25th ~ Thank ful

Lovely looking bird, roasted yesterday, for the pure sake of soup! bhahaha....when we got home yesterday, the turkey was cut up in a very ugly manner, and the carcassed tossed into the pot to boil!
The Thanksgiving day was fantastic, I laughed and smiled so much. 
I was also spoiled by my beloved friends and family:

I love how excited they get out about my birthday!!That makes me happy too! I giggle so much opening presents with my family.
Then we loaded the van up and headed over to the Q's for fun, food and COOTIE!!!

It started out insane and got worse! I was so thankful for Marc, who brought the espresso machine and taught me how to make them for everyone! I was the barrister and it was awesome, handing out the cup and in exchanged happy faces of people who love coffee and the effects of it!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

MY Birthday!!!

What a wonderful day!! I will blog tomorrow about all the blessings, but I hit 48 years today, and threw together a quick montage of ME!!! lol
From Kinder to my senior pic, my military ID card (hahah, no I didn't lose it), my wedding pic to a few months back with my family!
Oh yeah, I am thankful!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Nove 23rd, Thankful

Twas the night before thanksgiving and all thru the house,
visions of turkey and other things to stuff in my mouth.
I thought and thought of how to be witty and smart,
and then my brain came up with this poem as a start.
That I would write a cute litte verse
that life is good, cause others have it worse.

my home is nice and my health is beyond neat.
a husband who loves me and kids that are sweet.
A church that preaches the Word
and friends that practice all that is heard.
I wake each morning and am amazed at my life,
and all the joy from my Savior; Jesus Christ.
I am thankful you see for all that  have received
and hope that you too can look and believe;
so tomorrow as you feel your waistband cut in
stop and remember the Savior that
died for our sins.

argh!  It is off my head...but from my heart!

Enjoy tomorrow!
~never lose your joy

Layouts by MOI!

I have been doing the Daily Thankful on my personal blog, so this blog was so sorry! So you now get everything I have made since the 7th of November! Luckily, my mojo went on vacation! hahah
Gonna start with the newest designer to trust me to rearrange her fun things, Kaye Weiniki over at the-Lily Pad:
I have taught my children the finer art of kidnapping...albeit a flour sack doll, they did use multiple magazines for their ransom note.
Nuts? Nutter, oh yeah...we are...Nutter-the complete kit for Nuts and Apple Slice - the Alpha all by Kay (with an) E Winieki
Next up, the ladies at Catscrap, both Paula Kesselring and Lynn Marie! I was having Paula withdrawals, so I went and raided her store.  I made a funny layout that caused quite a raucous. I had people emailing me links and everything and actually found the duck, ordered it and have it on my key chain! hahah
I used to have a pig on my keyring. You squeeze it and it would squeal. But I have no need for the Pig, I need a duck. I continue to search for a duck, not just a regular duck, but one that you squeaze and it quacks and is on a key ring. The story you have read is true, and the search is still on for the quacking duck key ring. Thank you to Paula Kesselring for making such fun and fabulous works that I am able to express my deep emotions as I search for the elusive duck. I will find you!
Graffiti Collection - Brushes and Stencils by Paula Kesselring
Flair Box #2 by Paula Kesselring has the duck flair
I was rather excited too, I got BOB at  Catscrap!
Then I activated my wonderful CT coupon for Lynn-Marie!! Thank you, thank you!!! I got another BOB from this page also!! Finding this kit was like a joy to my heart, I was way too young for Woodstock, but hanker for the revival that came out of the craziness of this generation!
Lynn-Marie's Woodstock
I read about the Jesus people movement. I missed it. I was just a kid, and living outside
the United States.
I gave my life to Jesus in 1988, and pray for revival for this country again. I see the desire for a
revolution to happen in the youth today, and so hope it is one with Jesus Christ!
And for the VIVAs!! I always want to write ViVa LOcas! lol, cause they are two crazy women!!
I struggled making this page and actually sent it without any journaling to the ladies, with a cry for constructive criticism.This is one of the parts I really love about CTing for these ladies, the team ROCKS! People from different cultures, views on life, religion and more, but it is a tight knit group, that welcomes the new people! Amazing chemistry...any ways, I posted the page, and Vanessa(the Va in ViVA) kicked my mojo into gear!
The crazy game of infertility and the joy of adoption all rolled into one wild ride. Thank you to the ViVas for once again, making a kit that makes me dig into myself and push to do something different. DIY Board Game by The ViVa Artistry
I am very proud to announce I was selected for GSO-Finger Pointing  for this page! Big smile insert here!
Then Tangie finally had a about  withdrawals!!

As soon as I read the name of Tangie's newest kit, the song, That's how the lost get found...began bouncing in my head...and then this photo of 3 of my fellow laborers for Christ who have the fire and care about the lost came to mind!!
Lost and Found Studio Tangie

The Scrapbook Graphics site team, has kept me busy too:
For Fhung's playday:
I am honored to call Fhung a friend in this digiworld. She is an artist and a mad rocker, and I love that combination. I wanted to use everything in her store and say…here it is, the link to her store….because it is fun to touch everything over and over. Her woods and stitches are beyond the wow zone! Thank you my friend for brightening my day!|
Hipstagramix-Dreamy Photo Edges overlays Shadows, Haunting Pirates, Floralique Collection, Ruzty Alha Set, Syrin Seamstress, and ARTiStitches No 2
Balinesia Paper Pack
Then for BGs Playday:
Enjoying learning about trees, butterflies and just playing instead of day in the books!
Blogavesta Gosheva's beautiful kit November
and Studio Julia's playday:
I took some liberty with dear Studio Julia's fun kit and her word art...I had to scrap the pic of Anna, taken by her sister, Abby...pure fun!
Life is Beautiful by Studio Julia
fonts: 1942 report and
tangie's:{five, seven and two} -Art Journal Caravan Provision for Parcel 18
and last but not least, the most hilarious lady in digiscrap, Mirjam of Pink Reptile Designs!
 my daughter looking all funky and fun with a new hair do, tee hee but an old picture...the joy of scrapbooking...
The magnificent collab of Pink Reptile and Camomile Designs - Home is Where the Heart is!

There we go, I have a few going live this weekend, but have to hold them close til then!
I hope you have a Wonderful Thanksgiving, and even if you don't celebrate, remember to be thankful for something!

~never lose your joy

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pumpkin and Apple PIE CAKE balls!

Pumpking Pie Cake Balls
Spice Cake, 15 oz can of Pumpkin, Cream Cheese Frosting, 3 eggs.

I have detailed instructions on CAKE BALL how to do the basics HERE

Apple Pie Cake Balls: Yellow Cake Mix, Apple Pie Can, 3 eggs
The apples are too big for the cake balls, so you need to chop them up.  I used a food processor to make them more like applesauce with small chunks.  Then blend them and bake as directed.
Once again, I direct you to the HOW TO ASSEMBLY cake Balls post!
 Insert a helpful hint! You see the chocolate doesn't seem to get the right consistency.  Perhaps it is due to being at a higher altitude, so I used about a 1/2 teaspoon of lard in the chocolate.
I got a real good consistency going and was able to do 2 to 4 balls at a time:

The pumpkin one I put red and yellow color in to make them orange.  Pretty cool! You can see these are the first ones, and my consistency was too thick.
I did half with vanilla melted bark, and then took a fork and drizzled the orange over the hardened chocolate.  I have to tell you, the chocolate on pumpkin is so yummy!
I so recommend putting them back in the fridge to get them to harden, and then place on a pretty platter for serving:

Voila! They are done, and that is also my Thankful for today, cause I am tired! lol

Monday, November 21, 2011

monday-November 21st-Thankful ♥

The official post of the day.

I am so thankful I have friends I can just sit at their home and laugh! I can giggle and slouch on the couch.
It was way cool, cause tonight, my girls and I went to one of these remarkable friends home.  This lady prays for me and my family, and she has imparted so much into my life it would take a long post to write them all.
I so needed the laughter of other ladies with a joy of the Lord in their hearts also. Thank you my friend for opening your home tonight, and your heart and life to me! 
shhhhh...but I kinda love you a lot!
tee hee...
bha ahahaa

Sunday-November 20th-thankful

Yes, it is Monday, and you are not confused, I didn't post yesterday, so stand by today for two, this is yesterdays:

and yes honey, you did remind me, and I forgot again.

Last night in church, the most amazing thing happened. 
Background story, our Pastor, major man of God, real people, on fire for God, has been preaching on the people that are gonna come in to church for the revival of souls that is brewing.  He said, it isn't pretty, clean Doctors and Lawyers (though they are welcome), but the street people, the drug dealer, the gang banger, the down and out.  He said, we might even get a guy that comes to church flat out stoned.  He will smoke a doobie right before church.
So last night, he is preaching a knock down drag out on Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego, and it is on! Talking about going in the fires, being delivered from bondages. Altar call, filled with men from a 1/2 way house here in town, and another gentleman, that is in tears.  He can not stop crying.  He asks for prayer and apologizes to the whole church for smoking a blunt right before church, that is why his eyes look like they do.  Oh we rejoiced!
He is an answer to prayer, and Pastor told him that, also!  Just so thankful to see the beginnings of revival as God breathes fresh upon America!  I am so believing for a Jesus People movement that surpasses the one in the 60-70s!
It's coming! People get ready!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday-November 19th-~ Thankful

Saturday night, I am in my fluffy blue robe, slippers on.  My kids are playing halo against each other in their rooms.  Sounds of: "That's messed up, Gabe!" and "woo hoo, that was me!!" are yelled across the hall.  Every so often one comes running out of their room for a victory dance and back in they go!
I am downloading a pure brain fuzz Nancy Drew: the Trail of the Twister! I am going to enjoy an evening of veg! Total Veg!
I am thankful for brain inactivity tonight!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday-November 18th ~ Thank ful

There is talk in the kids room, the last two from the bible study are here...good friends, kids I love my kids to be with.  Tony just went to bed.  We had a full house for the bible study, good fellowship and zeal for evangelism. 
These are people God has touched, lives that the only way they can be in the same room is because of the blood of Jesus Christ and His miracle within each of us.
I am so thankful for this fellowship our church was birthed.  The spirit of true Love and Compassion is alive.  Yeah, I am waxing eloquent. But it is a precious, precious jewel.  I smile as I type this, and am just honored to be a part of the revolution and revival of these last days.
~never lose your joy

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, Nov 17th thankful I think?

Science in our house! I love this so much! I just giggle as we learn together, and knowing that I can not only take a photo, but a video.  I am so thankful for the wild and crazy technology of today.  Yes, I admit it drives me bonkers on many occasions.  That is usually because I can't read the instructions due to my bifocals!
But, this happened and Tony is at work, we can tell him all about it, but he won't see Abby's face all big in the camera, or Gabriel figuring out fractions, Anna's cheesy grin, and Eric hiding from the camera in a way only teenagers understand? 
You might want to come to our house for pizza, cause you will get a lot! bhahbha
now I have been waiting for almost an hour for technology to load the video...doesn't look like it is gonna happen.which kinda puts a big kink in the thankful blog! but luckily! I have back up!
Gabriel did a science project today! I love his professor attitude! We all gather around him and he tells what he is going to do, and then gives a play by play of the experiment.

bha is trying to thwart my joy..for some obscure reason, now the photos are going sideways! I am made of tougher stuff than that! The experiment is What Does soap do to Water?

a bowl with water and pepper on top.  He used tweezers without anything, then tweezers holding a bit of tissue, a chewed piece of gum, and then a piece of soap.  The tissue attracted the water and pepper, as did the gum (but not as much) and the soap repelled the pepper and the water!
Pretty cool....
Then one more photo of the final part of the experiment, the most important, and of course it is isn't sideways on my file, just here today, cause I am so Thankful for technology! snort!
If you tilt your head awkwardly to the left, you can read M. Clean everything up.
lets hear it for technology!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Nove 16th, Thankful

I am thankful my dogs didn't get et! lol or eaten! ate? any who
Our neighbors are different.  They have stacks of tires in the backyard and dogs.  One huge akita named Alvin, that I actually like, some ankle nipping chihuahuas, but I can deal with that.  But they have this mean ol' pit bull.
I went out to hang up my newly dyed sweater.
**blinker blinker** I have this pink sweater, I love, it is so cool, but it has faded to pale, pale pale pale is now a rosey pink and I love it.  **
anyways, I went to hang up my sweater, so I brought my two killer dogs, Buster the Yorkie (and yes, Buster does eat well) and Boo, the 8 pound cockapoo/yorkie.  This pit bull rushes the fence as did my dogs, but this dog has hit the fence so hard (the bottom of the fence is moved) it is now in my yard(this monsters head is coming under the fence) and my dogs of course are barking insane at it.  I am screaming and yelling, girls grab the dogs...this monster is growling like a demon from H E...double toothpick l l  (I mean Dante would use it as an illustration).  I yelling get your dog! get your dog! Does she come out..nope.
So, I lose it.  I have been nice for 6 months.  They park a semi-truck on the street, they have garbage piled everywhere, and I am done.
I called Animal Control, and Code Enforcement.  I talked to the nicest people.  I was feeling like I was doing the wrong thing, and they are the ones breaking the law!!
Animal Control just left.  Code Enforcement is going to go down the back alley(another thankful). Here in my town, our garbage's are in an alley between our back neighbors. So you can walk thru the alley and see right into their hovel of a backyard.
I just got the owner of the house's address (as they are renters)from the assessor's office and I am going to his house tomorrow to let him what is happening in the house he owns.
See now this makes it uncomfortable, I hate that part, but I refuse to cower in my house.  Hey, I do have a backbone! Just wish my knees would stop knocking!

~never lose your joy

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday-November 15th-Thankful

I set up a tree today. Not mine. A few ladies at the church got together and set up one for the church.  It was a real learning experience for me.  These ladies are professional Christmas tree decorators! The tree shown here is kinda like they enjoy.  I was impressed and admit it looks really nice.
Are you ready for the but?  But, it doesn't seem like Christmas too me! I love the mish mash of homemade ornaments, the eclectic arrangements of prime branches, and candy canes hidden or stacked on limbs!  I guess that is how I was raised.
Each lady was talking about their trees growing up, and always wanting one that matched.  I nodded like a bobble head, but I had to shake myself, and go no, I don't understand.  Luckily, these woman are my friends and know my strange idiosyncrasies but still love me.
I came home and my girls said, "How does it look?" I could not lie, it was beautiful! I mean it is gorgeous, the tree is so real looking, and has pine cones glued to it, and even has these awesome red/burgandy berries.  It is a beautiful site. 
So, my thankful is that on or about the 10th of December, we will take our $5 permit to cut a tree down in the Lincoln National Forest and head up the mountain.
Tony has a chain saw now, so no more saw.
The boys are big now, so they can maneuver it into the blanket and van, or we will take two vehicles and it will get tossed in the back of the truck!
and then Christmas morning...happiness will be under it!

~never lose your joy

Monday, November 14, 2011

monday-November 14th-Thankful ♥

So, 14 days, I have posted every day! Everyday! I am pretty excited!
Today, we took my son Eric to get contacts. No Pictures, because he is 15, and I have enough photos of his hand in my lens.
I actually dropped him off and went grocery shopping. Yep, I sound like such a tough chick don't I?  But the eye doctor is inside Wal-Mart, and I was shopping in the store and sending the twins every 10 minutes over to see if he was done.  I got all my shopping done.  This is my bi-weekly shopping trip, two carts, yeah, it was a long time, I was exhausted.
We went to the checkout, which was right by the glasses place, and began ringing up the insane amount of food that is consumed by my family.  How many waffles does one family need? oh don't ask. One of the twins, the one whose glasses broke last week and is sporting new glasses she hates, but they were $9 and will work til we find something else.
Eric is done, and they need you!  Translation, time to pay.  I walk over and Eric's face is blotchy and he is smiling.  He has the contacts in, he put them in himself, and he is so darn happy! I think I might have been able to get a picture if I was not so exhausted from grocery shopping.
I pay the lady, and we go back next monday for the whole package and order his actual cheap glasses to wear on those NO contact times.
My baby is all grown up, driving, wearing contacts, a joy to my life and he torments me by acting so much like me it scares me! I love this kid, the first one to call me Mom...
I cried the first time he puked on me, cause I really felt like a mom! It was like a right of passage! oh dear...I have a bit of lump in my throat.
I am so proud of my son! I am so thankful for our relationship and his walk with God, his decisions in life and the man he is turning into.
See I am so goobered up, I am ending my sentences with prepositions, I must go...

~never lose your joy

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday-November 13th-thankful

I am thankful for bad things that happen in your life that turn into hilarious memories.

Many years ago, think 1971? It was November. (My birthday is usually near or on Thanksgiving)  I had bad horrible tummy flu.  We were in Seattle, Washington (Tucwilla).  I was 8, and my little bro was 5 or 6.  See my wicked cool pants and cute little brother!?
Good golly, but I loved those boots? See them? Ducks I don't remember liking, but the pants and those boots, oh yeah, but back to the story...
My mom makes the best Lemon Meringue Pie in the world! I am not going to argue with you, this is a fact in the world...settle that in your mind. Her crust is never gooey, the lemon is lemony and not shrunken, and the meringue is light as a fart! wooooooooo
It is my favorite pie she makes. 
Back to me, flu.  I am puking my toenails up, and my mom has saved my piece of pie. 
I am wrapped around the toilet, and you must know, I am a bit theatrical when I am sick, tears, shakes the whole bit.  So my mom is holding my hair, and rubbing my back, saying mom things softly....
(now that I am a mom, I know she is silently hoping I will make it to the toilet for all the vomit of this particular flu)
I take a breath, mom wipes my nose and I focus on this blond-blue eyed boy on the floor by the toilet....

It is my little brother!!

He says,"Can I have your lemon meringue pie?" 

I was so mad!

So to this day....when one of is sick, that phrase is brought up!  No longer is it a mad feeling, but laughter!  I was sick yesterday and today..not the flu, think it was my ear/equilibrium thing.  But the phrase was brought up again...
 by my Dad via my Mom:
"Can I have your lemon meringue pie?" 
Forty years ago, I was not amused, today it made me smile and love my family more...
I am so thankful that bad things can turn into a fun memory.  Once the sting wears off!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday-November 12th-~ Thankful

I am sick.
I hurt in my bones.
but I am not throwing up.
for that I am beyond thankful.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday-November 11th ~ Thank ful

Yesterday, everything done, kids just hanging out waiting for Dad to get home.....chilling with the dog, and enjoying the living room.  Eric was playing tug-a-war with Buster and Gabe was just laughing.
I pulled back and got Abby reading her book, and Anna just chilling, and got giggling at the boys, now on the floor!
What comfort there is in freedom.  Yep, all this relaxing, why? Because we are free.  We live in a FREE country, with freedom of speech, to assembly, right to bear arms and that did not come easy.
My Dad is a Veteran from the Navy, my husband a Veteran from the Air Force, and so am I. I am so thank ful to those that served in war and fought with their lives and sacrificed, so that we can just hang out and giggle and wait for Dad to get home.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday-Nov 10rd-Thankful

Tomorrow is a holiday.  Today was not.  Today we had school.  I love having my kids home with me all day! Really I do! I do.  They make me laugh, scream and all emotions in between, but they learn and I learn right along with them. When we first started homeschooling, we (mainly me) were very stringent about schedules.  That is how I live my life.  It worked, but I would twitch if the schedule was interrupted. I was spending an inordinate amount of time twitching.
My son, came up with an idea.  My oldest, the one who is like me in scheduling, cleaning and other irritating to those who don't have these traits. He wanted to do the work more independent.  If he got up early, ate and got things done, could he start his History at 6am?
NOOOOoooo! I said.  Then I thought about it, why not?  All four of us brainstormed and now we have a very relaxed atmosphere in the home.
The boys are more in their rooms, except for tests and correcting. 
The testing they do in the living room, and we correct together.  This helps me know what they are doing, and them to see what they got wrong.  Every once in a while I hear a thump, thump.  I know that they are a bit too loose and are wrestling.  I give them a minute or two, count it as PE credits, then go and remind them it is not time to wrestle. Eric loves having his own space too:
This really frees me to work more with the girls.  They really need that time.  They are so easy going, that things have just gone over their heads.  They work Grammar, writing, bible and spelling independent. I teach History and Science, and hover over them in Math!
No matter if I am going down the hall, or outside to hang clothes I have two shadows that follow me:
Boo, is black and Buster is the Yorkie....Buster also likes to clamber up onto my rolling desk, and lay right next to my computer:
Thankful? You bet, for the atmosphere in my home.  I am so thankful for that.  It really does feel good.
~never lose your joy