Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday-November 29th-Thankful

Emotions ran high today.  I went grocery shopping.  Prices have gone up in this last month a LOT! I have 4 growing children at home with me all day, with hungry faces! I was kinda out of it, paid for my measly 1/4 cart of food and was shuffling out of the store. In front of me, I see a man I have known for over 20 years.  He gave his life to Jesus right after I did, we went on outreaches together, laughed and prayed together, encouraged others to do the same.  Some where he stopped.  Today, he is my age, no teeth, and drunk at 2pm in Walmart.  I talked with him, encouraged him with words he himself knows.  I walked to my van, and cried and cried for him.
I got home, and due to being a very pink person, my eyes were a bit swollen.  I told my kids about this man.  They have seen him on the streets here and there, but have not met him.
I made this statement, if Jesus wasn't even real, if everything I believed was false, but just by going to our little church building kept me off the street and being with my kids....I was rambling.
My oldest, Eric stops me, and says, "Mom, if there was no Jesus, we wouldn't be here."
"What?" I say, the confused parent (which happens to me more and more I notice)
You wouldn't be my mom, and these wouldn't be my brother's and sisters.
oh dear,
What a amazing sentence my boy has said.
My life, with my husband, my family, my home are all due to decisions made with Jesus Christ in my life.  Blew my mind, and I am thankful.
on a lighter note and funny pics, the same 4 children took 2 days to tear apart the garage, clean it, and rearrange it so the ping pong table could be in a warmer area. (we are supposed to have a large abundance of snow this week)
Eric ready for the ball!
Gabriel not scared, the girls waiting impatiently for the real games to begin.  You can see everything all nice and neat on the right? Amazing kids!
We did doubles, Abby and I whipped up on Anna and Tony, and then the boys, then we let them play the boys...wait we might have lost once....but not sure?
The boys are not the best as team mates...
It was a tough game, but finally the boys got a point!
Man I love these kids! We all came in from playing, sitting in the living room, and they asked if we could go to McDonalds for IceCREAM! Their treat!!! They saved pennies, quarters and change and had enough for us all to have ice cream!
Yeah....I am grateful and thankful!

~never lose your joy

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Heather T. said...

Aww, that's so sweet that it was their treat! A sobering day, for sure Anne. Big hugs!