Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday-November 20th-thankful

Yes, it is Monday, and you are not confused, I didn't post yesterday, so stand by today for two, this is yesterdays:

and yes honey, you did remind me, and I forgot again.

Last night in church, the most amazing thing happened. 
Background story, our Pastor, major man of God, real people, on fire for God, has been preaching on the people that are gonna come in to church for the revival of souls that is brewing.  He said, it isn't pretty, clean Doctors and Lawyers (though they are welcome), but the street people, the drug dealer, the gang banger, the down and out.  He said, we might even get a guy that comes to church flat out stoned.  He will smoke a doobie right before church.
So last night, he is preaching a knock down drag out on Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego, and it is on! Talking about going in the fires, being delivered from bondages. Altar call, filled with men from a 1/2 way house here in town, and another gentleman, that is in tears.  He can not stop crying.  He asks for prayer and apologizes to the whole church for smoking a blunt right before church, that is why his eyes look like they do.  Oh we rejoiced!
He is an answer to prayer, and Pastor told him that, also!  Just so thankful to see the beginnings of revival as God breathes fresh upon America!  I am so believing for a Jesus People movement that surpasses the one in the 60-70s!
It's coming! People get ready!

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Pressed Petals said...

that guy used to work at the b&g club when j was going there. j is beyond excited to see him come.