Monday, November 14, 2011

monday-November 14th-Thankful ♥

So, 14 days, I have posted every day! Everyday! I am pretty excited!
Today, we took my son Eric to get contacts. No Pictures, because he is 15, and I have enough photos of his hand in my lens.
I actually dropped him off and went grocery shopping. Yep, I sound like such a tough chick don't I?  But the eye doctor is inside Wal-Mart, and I was shopping in the store and sending the twins every 10 minutes over to see if he was done.  I got all my shopping done.  This is my bi-weekly shopping trip, two carts, yeah, it was a long time, I was exhausted.
We went to the checkout, which was right by the glasses place, and began ringing up the insane amount of food that is consumed by my family.  How many waffles does one family need? oh don't ask. One of the twins, the one whose glasses broke last week and is sporting new glasses she hates, but they were $9 and will work til we find something else.
Eric is done, and they need you!  Translation, time to pay.  I walk over and Eric's face is blotchy and he is smiling.  He has the contacts in, he put them in himself, and he is so darn happy! I think I might have been able to get a picture if I was not so exhausted from grocery shopping.
I pay the lady, and we go back next monday for the whole package and order his actual cheap glasses to wear on those NO contact times.
My baby is all grown up, driving, wearing contacts, a joy to my life and he torments me by acting so much like me it scares me! I love this kid, the first one to call me Mom...
I cried the first time he puked on me, cause I really felt like a mom! It was like a right of passage! oh dear...I have a bit of lump in my throat.
I am so proud of my son! I am so thankful for our relationship and his walk with God, his decisions in life and the man he is turning into.
See I am so goobered up, I am ending my sentences with prepositions, I must go...

~never lose your joy