Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Come on in.

Welcome to our soon to be home! The Church! bhahha...could you shut the door?
All the way please? Thank you! Tee hee, since we covered the bedrooms and bath yesterday lets move left down the hall. The door is a big one! Fourty-two inches! Love that for moving, and real wide foyer.  The light is classy and nice.
The hallway has these very low profile but gorgeous lights.  You see the thermostats? Plural? One is for the heater that is a few years old, and in great condition! YES! The other is the 1 year old MASTERCOOL!! I know a lot of peeps here in the desert clamor for A/C, but I am not a fan of it.  The air here is so dry, to have any moisture added to the air is a big plus to me.  Less static electricity in the house too, especially with carpet! The fact that it is on a thermostat makes Tony happy, because he is married to Nanook of the north and I love it cold, cold, cold, but if I get too cold, I poke him to go turn the cooler off at hmmm say 3AM?? This will turn the MasterCool off and keep us all happy!
Now turn into what is the formal living room, and will be a homeschool/office kinda thing. The room is bright and cheery and has the most gorgeous light.
You can see it look into our master bed room. The bedrooms are all to the right of this shot, and the kitchen and other living room to the left. This room has the narrow (but they open) windows also.
It is a large and very inviting room. If you look at the top there is the entry way to the dining room. I love the design in the tile.  We have a light wood square table that will go right here perfectly (for now).  It seats NINE! How convenient!
I kept thinking the room was too small for the table, so we moved some imaginary items in to show the room we would have:
 They were supposed to be pretending to be sitting at the table, but Tony is standing on the table and Abby is just smiling. That is what Abby's do!  I then asked them to move the table.  This brought Gabriel in to the room. Tony moved but is still standing on the table, Anna moved her leg forward, Eric moved his torso, and Abby, she laughed right out loud!
Looking behind Tony, you can see the breakfast bar, then a window that is French doors to the back patio. The brown door back there is the pantry.  Right across from the bar is the entry to the laundry room.
Tomorrow, the living room, kitchen and bits of here and there!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Plotting and Planning

I grew up as a Navy Brat.  My dad retired when I was in 6th grade, and then I was just a brat. Old joke, but great way to open a post!  This formed a lot of what I enjoy.  Packing and moving is one thing I really enjoy.  It does wear me out, but I still love it.  Add another weird idiom to my long lists in my personality.
I remember my mom had a box of curtains or material, and we would get to a new house and she would pull out the curtains and lay them out on the floor in the living room.  She would measure and hem and sew them up for the new rooms we had been put into. I loved that part.  It is real fuzzy, but I see her, cigarette smoldering in the big yellow (she has since quit smoking years ago) ashtray, coffee cup on the table, and material on an oval green rug.  My mom is a laugher, and really enjoys life, so I think she made the moves even more fun!
Since the offer was accepted, now I plan where everything goes, what rooms whom goes into and what things are needed to live in each room: The girls have claimed the tree room. It is most diffidently girly! They are set for beds, we are getting a table today that will go above their beds by the tree for light and fans and other crapola they acquire thru the day!  It has white shutter closet doors, so the room is perfect.  I am taking back my big dresser, so they need one with a mirror.  I have an oak one to look at today, and hope to pick that up.  Then they will be done! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I heard  girls were hard, they seem to roll with the punches pretty good.  Their rooms are easy to pack and should unpack just as easy.
Then Mr. E and Gman has what we thought was a dinky room.  Then Mr. E measured it and they only lose a foot on one side. This is great for them, as the arrangement is good also.  The closets have built in shelves on each side, so they can place their things/clothes there also.  We are getting them narrow lingerie dressers from walmart to match their nightstands, and their room will be black and blue. Just like the bruises they inflict on each other as they wrestle in the room.  I am so thankful for the think carpet's that are in the bedrooms.  The thumping that comes out of their rooms sometimes makes my tummy ache.  "We are just playing mom!!"  You can see the determined face of Mr. E.  I was so thankful he thought to bring the measuring tape! They have two windows, one to the side (you can see the neighbors driveway) That is our property too! The grass, the tree and all.  The house sits on 1 and 1/2 lots! It is wonderful!
They already have black (light out) curtains, so that is a huge help.  They have the morning sun come in thru the window in the photo.  Mr. E is facing the back yard window. There is also lots of outlets! The boys have this huge surround stereo that they love!  Eric is going to mount it above the closet and run the wires so they have the bass speakers under their beds and the little speakers all around, for full heart throbbing thump. 
Abby loves being able to go in the boy's room without permission, can you see that smile!? lol, to be fair, Abby pretty much smiles all the time!! Behind Abby is the little boys rooms.  D, W and J will share a room.  One bunk and one single.  For now J will be in a toddler bed, til we get a big boy bed for him.  D gets the top, and W will have to take the bottom, until we get life straightened out.
The Lil' Boys room only has one window, but it is going to need black out curtains also, due to the morning sun. This is actually a larger room. You walk into the closet! I like that, because the floor is perfect for toys.  I wait for colors, until we know their favorite and such.
We need one more bunk for them, sheets for all, and maybe a dresser.  The big boys have one, but not sure how that will work for 3? Kinda playing that one by ear.
I want to get bedspreads that they love, love, love.  I wonder about this? Do they like Spiderman as much as G and E did? Toy Story? Camo or Sports?  All I know is I can't wait to know all this information.  I think it is going to be an adventure daily!

Next up, the master room.  For the first time in our marraige, the bathroom is situated so that when you turn the light on, it will NOT go in the person's eye still in bed. (This is usually me).   The only window in the room is towards the back yard (North Window) The room is huge, so we get our big long dresser back and Tony gets to use the highboy dresser again.  He has been using two nightstands for his clothes.  We have 3 nightstands.  I love our bedroom suite. It is all light wood, and matches so lovely.  I can not wait to get new sheets and curtains.  I want to go all neutral colors.  Soft and lovely.  We also have a full walk in closet!! it has one side for me, and one for Tony. It is nice, real nice! My shoes will be so happy again!  They have felt so cramped and frustrated in the places they have been living. 
As you can see the toilet is a bit close to the shower, but it is okay really.  Tony says that is on the list of things to change.  The shower is big and roomy, and not squishy on floor!
The kid's bath has two pedestal sinks and is the most gorgeous green. The tub is sturdy, and the tiles are real nice also. All white.  Think Dark Green towels will be good for hand towels!
That is the bedrooms and baths. Tomorrow the kitchen and dining! Thanks for touring with us today!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today at 2PM we will put the Offer in on....

the church!! The color is the exact color of the dirt here, so it is perfect for us! hee hee

These are the pics off the realtor's site. I will take some today of us in it! But feast your eyes on that stove!! Six, yes SIX burners, and industrial stove for a mom of many who loves to feed people!!
Last night, our kids were off rollerskating and getting blisters, so hubby and I would gravitate towards chatting again and again.  There is no fear, anticipation or foreboding, just peace in this house.  It feels like us, our things belong in it, and we like how it sits alone, but not away.
Your hints and such to help it not look like a church would be helpful. Tony said we could spray paint a pentagram on the front...he is so not helping!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Diary, I mean Blog,

My mornings have become very routine, up, coffee, prayer, blog then oatmeal.  It is like my diary of sorts.  The week of no school due to "spring break" is coming to an end.  My oldest worked all week, pretty much full time, and I miss him something fierce.  He owes me so math time  I love doing math with him. Mr. E is really smart, and honest.  He does the math (Algebra2) and then we score together. It has been over 30 years since I did this kind of math, so it takes my brain longer to process the steps.  I stare at the answer key when he gets a wrong answer, trying to remember why the exponents must be divided or the ratio isn't working, and get giggles when my brain man has multiplied 3x3 and gotten 6! bhahah  But we have a good time in the scoring.  Sitting next to each other, me with coffee breath, and him reading his long answers, each with reasoning.
All of the kids are sleeping in this morning.  They are beat, a long and awesome week of revival at the church, and playing hard.  I will poke them about 9am today, and then we are gonna tear apart the garage and back patio.  Clean, clean, clean the remains from last weeks dust storm and pack up what we can. 
Mr. E and Gman will go and find a place to get parts for the lawn mower and fix that, then football or just hanging with friends is on the agenda for them.  The twinks will hoof it to the library and hope that K is there to giggle with and send emails back and forth.  Rollerena tonight for the kids, and Tony and I are looking at a list of houses.
Thinking about D, W and J a ton. One more week til disclosure, and then the process begins to move again.  I have their pic on my desktop.  I stare at them, and honestly tears form and I have to look away.  I wonder what their voices are like, do they laugh with total abandon, and what makes them feel safe? Have they ever felt safe? Oh dear, but then I reel in the thoughts that take off, like a hooked fish with fighting zeal and hold to God's power and the joy of the Lord.
Off for some oatmeal!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ramblings from My Insane Brain

Rough morning here for my heart.  I was praying for the boys, and it just makes my head and heart ache.  I am praying for them, and me.  In the past, I get so overwhelmed and anxious, that I throw up and become covered in hives. That does no one good.  They are safe where they are at, safe.  Safe, but not nurtured they way I want them to be nurtured and that is the part that is just making me growl.
I did find that my body is loving this healthy new way of eating!  Monday, we went to the bank, got pre-qualified to buy a home.  It took a long time to run numbers, and we had a lot of questions, that start with "what if..." .  We got home and just decided on Wendy's.  I had a double cheeseburger and fries.  I tell you, my body went into shock.  I haven't had anything fried in almost a month!  Tuesday, I walked around the house almost ill!  Yesterday, I got up, had my oatmeal for breakfast, and spinach smoothie for lunch and a huge big ol' salad with grilled chicken.  I felt almost human again. 
The weather has been horrible, between the dust storms and hail?? Yeah, crazy, so I haven't walked and that is part of my freaky feeling too.  Today, the walking shoes go on and the feet will be moving.  Keeping healthy helps my brain and body work better.
There is a bit of my ramble for today, I am off to balance checkbook, scrub kitchen floor and clean my bedroom from the earlier dust storm.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Home School 2012/13 Register Time!

Homeschooling in New Mexico gives a whole lot of leeway for the parents.  There are very few rules to follow, but the major one is to register each year by 1 April of each subsequent year of operation for renewal.  Here is the link for my fellow NM homeschoolers and a gentle reminder, April is close. the image is linked also.

We are on Spring Break this week.  This means I get to organize my thoughts and books for next year. 
I tore apart my desk yesterday, making nifty piles and clearing off shelves on the bookcase behind me.
It was a right old mess.  I have my favorite books, our adoption training, homeschool and scrapbook tutorial books all jumbled.  Due to buying a home and all the paper work that makes, I need to make sure I have all forms in order.  So I cleared out the files, and organized them all.  Then tackled the home school for next year, and culled the things that are worthless.
The top shelf holds History we have done or will do in future. Second is Grammar, Math and Science of same.  I am holding on to past books for the 3 boys, in case we decide to homeschool them also.
The third is our plan for next year!! Woot!
I have everything but reading and bible for the twins and Gman.  I am leaning towards Rod&Staff, but also have a way cool book on the Narnia, that I may go over this week to get it in my head first.
We are ready to push on for 2012/13! Yeah

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buying A Home???

This has got to go down as the most crazed month of my life! Okay, it may be in running for some other months, weeks and days:
1. Adopting a 4 year old!
2. Adopting 3 more 4 year olds!
3. Selling home, moving to California
4. Deciding to homeschool the 4 kids
5. Moving back to New Mexico
6. Then this month of getting call for 3 more kids, telling our landlords, looking to rent elsewhere and making the decision to buy a home.

Looking over the lists (now this is just the last 11 years), I think perhaps, I make it about 3 years without a major insanity moment of life changing proportions!
We have narrowed our list of houses down to 3 and here are the pics:

I call this one the Church, we have looked at a few times, and honestly I love it:
This is one, we have not seen inside, it seems okay, but the rooms are known in this area to be small.  So that is what we are looking at and the closeness to neighbors.  I like a bit of elbow room.
Then this next one, we missed it some how, and are going to look at it Friday evening.  I am love with so much of it from the pictures, it might beat out the church!
You see the rock yards? I am in desert, and water here is scarce and very very expensive.  The backyards are grass so there is place to frolic!  The church has grass in front and back, but we would pull the grass in front as soon as possible. 

Those are the options for us at this point, we are enjoying the process a bit more, now that we have already qualified.  We went to the bank yesterday, and the lady was impressed with our credit score.  I felt like a kid in school and had to call my mom right away to tell her I was all grown up and doing good.  We put our credit report on the fridge as an A++! hahah

Monday, March 19, 2012

Changes and Evolving

Now I do not subscribe to Mr. Darwin's evolution theme of life, but I do believe that our lives evolve with the changes that are brought through additions in your life.  As our family grows, our little nest that we snuggled all down in last June is quite clearly not big enough for the coming three boys!
We had signed a two-year lease with our landlords.  Tony called them Saturday, after the official yes from the agency (CYFD) was given on Friday.  I can NOT even begin to tell you the relief that came with the call to our landlords.  They were totally understanding and even offered to swap their bigger home for the one we are in now?  These are people that touched my heart with their generosity and kindness.
We really feel led to buy, and that renting is just not going to work with a family this large.   This is the craziness that transpires now.  Today we go to the bank to see what we qualify for and what we want to afford.  No debt and great credit rating.  We want a house that we can remodel the things that make it our home, but not huge undertakings, and not so strapped on the price that we can not afford to do these things.  Four bedrooms are a must, a third bathroom is a desire, but not a demand.  An extra den/family room for homeschool/computer lab is another need.  A kitchen that we can maneuver around, along with room for a table that seats at least 10!
So, at 48 1/2 for me, and almost 50 for my loving hubby of 22 years, we embark on buying a home, adopting 3 more children and we are still snuggling and laughing together!  Our plans do include, paying this house off in under 15 years! teehee
We have looked at a few, found some things we like, but nothing that goes, oh this is home yet. 
Over at Scrap Book Graphics, Maya had a brain storm of doing Snapshots thru the year that are like a Time Capsule to put into a yearbook.  I have just grabbed this idea and it's prompts to sprinkle in our 2012 yearbook. This prompt is #6 and is Music of My Life.  I took this a few weeks ago, and just ran with it.  I took a photo off the internet, extracted it and then filled it to a silhouette to represent our boys to come!

So, now we fill the waiting time, with packing (again) and looking for a place to live! We are crazy, but loving every minute of it!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pi R squared?

Yep! March 14th, was officially PI day.  For those who don't recollect learning about circles and all that includes:

Diameter = 2 x radius of circle
Circumference of Circle = PI x diameter = 2 PI x radius
    where PI = PI = 3.141592...
Area of Circle:
    area = PI r2
So in order to find any of these answers you must know what PI is:

 pi (pi): A number, 3.141592..., equal to (the circumference) / (the diameter) of any circle.

If you noticed it is 3.14 which is March 14th on the calendar.  A few months back, my twinks were embarking on the area and circumference of circles.  Once they got the radius and diameter twist down, PI was easy.  I told them about National PI day and that we would go out for PIE that day.

They remembered!

So after church on Wednesday, to McDonalds we went.  Four apple (because they ran out of cherry) and 2 cherry pies, and ice cream to plop on top.  Pure bliss, especially to me, who hasn't had refined sugar in almost 4 weeks.  I tell you I loved every bite!  Did a page last night using some SBG products, Studio Danielle (a guest this month) and JenC templates (coming out today)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heard on My Travels

Today was a road trip to Las Cruces.  The kid's eye doctor is there, and Eric and Anna's fixed glasses were ready.  This is our excuse to go!  We love going.  The kids because they don't have school and get pizza from Sam's for lunch.  I like it because we don't have school and they eat pizza for lunch! I had a Nathan's dog, no bun and a tart green apple.
I listened to a preaching CD on the way there, Joe Cambell on vision and it was exceptional.  Real food for thought and heart invading stuff.  On the way home, we tried to listen to Glen Cluck and a teaching seminar, but it was not a good recording and hard to hear.  We put in Tom Payne and KAPOW, it was on the power of your word and words! Giving your word and what that means and when you don't it is a lie.  Fantastic illustrations and all 4 kids were hanging on the sermon.  I mean it's a CD, and we were captivated!  He said this:

It was one of those quotes that stick in your head and the kids all were like whoa! I came home and had to make this page just cause it kept bouncing in my head.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Am Not A Home School Advocate

I went to public school.  I loved it.  My kids went to public school.  I loved dropping them off.  It worked for OUR family for many years.  Then the fights with time, and energy being spent with public school became way to much for US.  We had to part ways. I think it could be likened to divorce.  We attempted a trial separation, but the fights and anger continued.  Sadly, you can not seem to part friends with Public School, as the anger continues as you see the huge gaps your precious children have in their education.
Also Public School is not happy losing the funding that comes along with your children being pulled out of Public School.  It is almost like they pay "child support" because they lose large amounts. This is especially true when you pull 4 children out of the same school.
So remaining friends with Public Schools is a tough concept to hold.  But, you see I am not up on a milk crate, waving my arms at the ills of Public School or that EVERYONE should pull their children from Public School and get out a book and teach your kids at home. 
The two previous paragraphs were written due to conversations with a couple friends (very close friends), that can ask me about anything.
  side note:  (see how it is on the side?)
Heck, they are my friends all the time and
anyways, and strangers can ask me anything, 
I love to talk! 

With the coming of 3 boys, a question keeps being asked: Are you gonna Home School them too?
Good golly, I hope not! lol, just kidding, I will of course if that proves to be in the best interest of the kids!
I hope they thrive and do fantastic in school! Do I think they will? uhm...honestly no.
But I will do everything in my power to help them while they are there! I do think some principals will be hoping that the woman attached to their last name is not really Anne? I have fought the public system in the past.  I will continue to fight for my kid's education.  I want them to be educated in Math, real Science, real History and English,(which I loathe) and perhaps an elective....not sex ed, false propaganda or your views against Jesus Christ.  I will stand firm.  Maybe I am an advocate, but not for others, but for our family.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adopting through foster...what happens next!

I don't like it when my kids are not home, especially at night.  I admit it.  They can tour the whole town, run a muck through the foothills, pop in and out of friends houses all day.  When night comes, I want them all under my roof.  I go to bed after them. As we (hubby and I) go to bed and turn off all the lights and lock the door. We look in on them, and smile and grateful.  I can then sleep.  When they spend the night at friend's homes, I don't sleep too well.  I know they are safe, but they are not here.
Hence is why, my nights are tumultuous! Tossing and turning, up and down, eyes open and mind churning.  My boys are not here.  I don't even know the people that are tucking them in at night, waking them up and taking care of them.  My prayers each morning are filled with yearnings to cover them with safety and that they are not scared.  Then I pray for me, not to worry!
Friday, we have the B.I.P. Best Interest Placement.  “Best interest adoptive placement” is the adoption placement considered by PSD staff to be the most appropriate placement to meet the child’s needs and best interest.
We will listen to their stats, and thoughts. There will be legalize of making sure the boys medical and emotional issues can be met in our home.  They may ask us questions.  We may ask questions.  I guess then they huddle together and whisper while pointing at us and shaking their heads yes or no.  This is what goes on in my head.  Then a spokesman will say, yeah or nay to us? I am a bit fuzzy on this part.  We (all here in the CYFD office in our town) all believe we are the best place in the interest of the boys.
Once they say YEAH! I will cry.  That is guaranteed. Then I tell our kids, they squeal (girls), and boys say in deep voices YES!! YES!! and Tony hugs me and says, "Here we go again babe!"

***following is legal words from the
Then they have to schedule a “Full disclosure”.
A. Prior to placement, the agency shall provide full disclosure about the child to the foster family, adoptive family and the child’s PSD worker, and continue to provide full disclosure throughout the case and after finalization of the adoption, provided the information does not reveal information that would identify the biological family. Pursuant to the Adoption Act, 32A-5-3 (N) NMSA 1978, full disclosure includes:
(1) health history;
(2) psychological history;
(3) mental history;
(4) hospital history;
(5) medication history;
(6) genetic history;
(7) physical descriptions;
(8) social history;
(9) placement history; and
(10) education.
B. All records, whether on file with the court, an agency, PSD, an attorney or other provider of professional services in connection with an adoption are confidential pursuant to the Adoption Act, 32A-5-8 NMSA 1978. A person who intentionally and unlawfully releases any information or records closed to the public pursuant to the Adoption Act or releases or makes other unlawful use of records in violation that act is guilty of a petty misdemeanor.
C. Documentation provided for the purpose of full disclosure shall remain the property of the person making the full disclosure when a prospective adoptive parent decides not to accept a placement. Immediately upon refusal of the placement, the prospective adoptive parent shall return all full disclosure documentation to the person providing the full disclosure. A prospective adoptive parent shall not make public any confidential information received during the full disclosure process, but may disclose such information only as necessary to make an informed placement decision, or to the child’s guardian ad litem or youth attorney.
[ NMAC - N, 5/29/09]

Back to my babbling!!!

Keeping a running journal that can be public is on my heart, that perhaps a Google search may bring this up and another family will click and find that this is what can make them a complete family.  Please if you have questions, leave a comment and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank you for holding!!

My major problem with calling insurance, doctors and other places that put me on hold is not really the press one for this or two for that, but the fact my phone gets really hot when I stay on too long.
I have gone round and round with insurance due to long ago we had Lovelace from my hubby.'s job.  It gets in the way of Loveless Salud and then my children's doctor's do not get paid.  So after a long, long time on hold this morning I am rather proud of the fact, I have that all cleared, and the glasses for Mr. E and Anna are in.
This means (insert big woo hoo) road trip to Las Cruces on Thursday. Glasses, whole foods store for steel cut oatmeal (my new love) and Sam's for hot dogs, buns and party supplies for bible study!
Now for some pages for 2012 year book.  I am happily creating pages to one fill a book of our ventures in 2012 and to keep my mind off the boys that are not in our home, but bouncing around in my thoughts and deep in my heart.
As I wrote earlier, going to Las Cruces is one of our get aways and fun things.  Here is a double page spread of two trips to LC:
Part of my get healthy heart regime is the green smoothie. I begin craving this thing now! Feels good drinking and I know I am helping my body.
The first shave.  I was told no pictures on the blog, but I made this page and the twinks liked it. So, it is approved to post publicly!
Another double pager! I had these photos and was struggling to find the right way to showcase them.  This is actually a new kind of scrap kit/page called layers. It has all the fun things on the page, you can rearrange and still add elements if you want.  It was a bit girlie, so I popped on some work things and grungy fonts and here is my oldest at his job!  My honey took the awesome photos.
Crossed everything off my TO DO list already this morning, except my walk, and that will be after lunch by myself today.  Hope your Monday has been as productive!