Monday, April 27, 2009

You asked for it!

I have had a few emails, phone calls and comments left from my peeps...the people who pray for me and sent us here to California for more pictures and life stories and less,
I have taken my 365 blog and changed it to More of Us, Me and Family. I will update it at least weekly with more personal pictures and adventures of the Pistilli family! I encourage you to go there now and bookmark. More of Us, Me and the Family <---that is the title but the blog address is . I appreciate ya'll hanging on thru the scrapbooking business. I will also put a link to the blog on the side of this blog!
I really am enjoying the digiworld of scrapping and totally understand it is a different world! ha ha...I wanted to keep this blog for scrapping and then will use the two to keep everyone semi-satisfied!
I am Anne of Alamo...and will never forget those who invested in prayers, finances and just all around support in our lives to help us be smack dab in the will of God; pioneering a church that preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Thanks for reading!


Never lose your joy!

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