Monday, April 27, 2009

Spotlight on AnnaBo

I was goin' thru the April pictures and I have to put these in here! These are Anna's glasses and yes, that is blood all over her glasses. The turmoil of her splitting her eyebrow open was over, and cleaned up, and I picked up her glasses and we saw this, and of course we take a picture, wouldn't you?
The story, Sunday after church, I am at my desk talking to Tony who is depositing the offering money and trying to manipulate (no I mean convince) Tony into taking us to Wendy's for lunch! Anna comes screaming down the hallway, hand over eyes, blood all over hands and face..."I split my head open!" over and over. I drop the phone, Tony still on the other end to hear the drama...and my emergency mom kicks in, grab towel, wet it and place on darkest area of blood. Anna is yelling the fan cut my head, the fan split my head open. I am calming her down, totally lost how a fan got her eyebrow?
It was a small cut. She was on the top bunk, leaning under the ceiling fan to turn the light off and leave the fan on, and she put her head into the spinning fan. Ouch!

The above is a rare picture of Anna without her glasses, to prove it, she is sound asleep here and yep, has her glasses on!

Here is both girls, Abby in forefront and Anna in back. This is the usually look of joy on these girls, they so make me smile. I can't believe I have girls, I was so scared to be a mom of girls!
Thanks for reading about our life, and please enjoy!


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christine said...

LOVE these photos!