Friday, April 24, 2009

Layouts I love with Masks!

Doris Castle from Scrap Book Graphics tossed a few sets of masks at us early this week, and I love masks. They really add so much to a layout, it is like blending with a bit of control! I took a ton of pictures when we went to the coast for my Dadem's birthday! So here is one of my hubby. He thinks he looks like a monk...ha ha but I love his smile!

Then the boys had just settled in for a long game of Risk! (is there such thing as a short game of Risk?) and I was playing taking pics with and without flash, cause I liked how the light was illuminating their board!
love framing the mask...just liked the look to this layout!
I don't usually work from more than one kit, I have a bit (shall I say) off balanced, over the top. but I opened like 3 of Doris' kits, Dreams, Gypsy Chic and Sunday Love and her word arts...and began grabbing and dropping and it all worked, so I hope you enjoy these, as I really had fun putting them together!

Thanks for reading!


Never lose your joy!


eilajean said...

Hi Anne,

I love BOTH layouts. Your DH has a wonderful smile - not over the top - not forced - it feels genuine and kind. (bet I'm right).

Me, I bounce all over with kits. SometimesI stick with one. I just start scanning in Bridge to see what feels like what I want to create... and after I have a bunch of stuff open, I elimiate what won't work.. and go from there. I call it organized chaos.

Glad you enjoyed my dog stories. Those boys are really a hoot! Now if they would just learn to clean up their own hair - they would be perfect!

Have a JOYFUL day,


charlie said...

love the layouts Anne epecially the one of hubby..a winner there!