Monday, April 13, 2009

Ready? Here it is!

I woke up to read my #3 issue of Charlie's DigiScraps Newsletter. Wow! My fellow artist on the team are remarkable, I so hope you signed up, the freebie from dear Denise is, wow, wow! Then a coupon for more off?
The newsletter also is my permission to tell you about this new kit:Granny's Farm, available exclusively at Enchanted Studio Scraps. This kit is so original! The papers are like material and the elements just flow together! I was able to make an 8 page (with cover and back page) recipe book for you also:
The recipe book also includes 6 bonus recipes! My shortbread recipe and (don't tell my sister in law Mary but her) Sunshine Carrots recipe is in there too!
When we all downloaded the kit, LouCee (the dog grooming sweetie from England) made a lovely layout of a quilt, but needed some Charlie made stitches! oh my, and Charlie came thru! these stitches go fantastic with this kit.
The kit was inspired by a quilt of Charlie's, so it was fitting to have the quilt theme layout!
So you have the kit; Granny's Farm, recipe cards (including bonus recipes), and an add-on of stitches that completement the kit! That is huge, so Charlie has a heck of a deal for ya,
tell the people about it Charlie:

"I have another Jumbo deal for you all. Buy the full kit and Recipe cards and get the Stitches for FREE! What an awsome deal."

Thank you Charlie, sweet of you to drop over to my blog. She is very kind to us! lol...

I almost forgot my layout! Geesh! I didn't think I was going to have time to get a layout done, as I had obsessed on the recipe cards and getting the right recipe for the bonus ones. I am a bit compulsive, has anyone noticed that about me, I try to keep that
February of this year, my parents came up to visit for the day, and my oldest Mr. E made dinner, it is Chili, and it is a famous recipe (not in bonus cards), that many of my friends use! (waves to Alamama and her family)! It is a good meal stretcher and cheap! lol Eric and I thought the beans looked rather beautiful in the pot. (It was a 365 pic a day shot too). I thought he looked rather handsome cooking! I hope you go and pick up Granny's Farm, it is just a fun and full kit! Get the recipe cards, the stitches and goodness while you are there pick up Funky Love Birds kit too, it's awesome! lol

Thanks for reading!


Never lose your joy!


LouCeeCreations said...

Good ole Charlie, she knows how to pull out all the stops.. ask and ye shall get lol!
Your recipe cards are terrific Anne, they will make a beautiful traditional cook book.. I fancy using them myself :)

charlie said...

Thanks again Anne..i am loving teaming up to make theses goodies......mwahhhh