Monday, April 27, 2009

April in a nutshell!

I couldn't go back to when I stopped blogging and add pics, so I needed a starting point, and Easter is a great place to start! We had beautiful weather and set up a table on the back patio to do eggs! I had gotten kits before we left Alamogordo 2007 Easter clearance sale! lol When we got to Yuba City last year, it was chaos, so coloring eggs got put on the back burner til uhm, well this year! ha haHere the boys are enjoying different kinds of egg dyeing! You put the egg in a bag and drops of real thick dye (maybe thick because it was so old)
The girls were so serious, but had fun and you can see the final results! I thought they were beautiful! Plus they were yummy! You know I was eatting some tuna salad sandwiches for a favorite!

Tony helping out in school. The girls science pack they had to do an experiment, you can see the end of the fizz blowing the balloon up. the ol' vinegar and baking soda gas experiment. I love this pic and it will be a layout...actually it already is, but not for public viewing holding for designer to put in store!
Lastly here is me in the nursery, one of the boys in the nursery taking my picture! We had a blast! Lovely shot of my chins and blue gum! ha ha

Okay, I am feeling rather good about this blog now, it's moving and groovin'

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