Saturday, April 18, 2009

I get so excited everytime I see it all packaged up!

Okay, I love art to be artsy, and I could never get the pencil to do what was in my head. I can sketch it out if I have the picture in front of me, copy it...but to just draw what is in my head it won't come out. I think I have a short in my brain to my hand...ha ha
This is why I love scrapping on the computer, I can fiddle with an elements until I have skewed it or taken a small part off and rearranged it to be just what I want it to be. I see it in my head first, and getting it to become is very satisfying!
Netta at Creative Victorian Designs is one of the designers I also do Quick Page (QP) creations for. This means I take her kits and don't do layouts for her to showcase (although I will do layouts for me with, but I make clusters out of her elements that others purchase and use in their layouts. It already has the the shadows and the layers are all merged so it has become one element. I also do stacked papers, this is a base for a layout. They are just fun to make! The QuickPages are just a layout without the picture, title, dates or journalling, that is all for the buyer to put in.
So that is a bit of what it is, and why I do it, so now here are some of the new to the stores over at Creative Victorian Designs
I love these page clusters and think they are just soft and really show how versatile Netta's kits are. These were all made from one kit; ByGone Innocence. All of these are available at Creative Victorian Designs
But really, go and see this store, I am in awe and am fast collecting about everything from dear Netta!

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Never lose your joy!


Me said...

you're doing a good job! very pretty!

LouCeeCreations said...

These are so pretty Anne, you are doing some lovely work :)

eilajean said...

Hi Anne,

It is truly a joy to see how you have evolved in this digi scrap universe!!! I am truly imporessed!

Hope you are having an awesome weekend!


charlie said...

gorgeous work Anne!