Thursday, April 2, 2009

My first paying work!

Well kinda, I did sell a QP a while back to Doris Castle, I had forgotten. But that was after I had made a layout and she wanted it in QP format. These are bonafide Quick Pages, made with my own hands...and mouse (tee hee). I am not going to be rolling in the duckets from selling any of them but it is kind of exciting. So if you want a collector's edition of the 1st for profit QP sold with your dear friend Anne of Alamo's name attached, pop over to dear Claudi's store, Inspiration Lane. I love the papers in this kit, and I just finished an 8 page brag to it, and am going to do some cluster work with it also! If I could get my path pen to cooperate, I am going to render up some word art for Mother's Day. Very fun, this QP business! Claudi is a fun sort to work with also! Some neat things I am learning, moderating a mind you it is only a few ladies who are the most patient with me...but we are having fun!
Why am I up? Iced Coffee at 4pm..but oh it was good!

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!


charlie said...

very pretty Anne..can't wait to show off somne other of your creations next week!;)

EnchantedCropper said...

Hey Anne! Thanks for looking me up. Sounds like you are working hard in all areas. Congrats on the QP sales. They are very pretty, love the textures and colors. I am happy with my Creative Team work. I have really just started in the last couple of months. I hope you can check out my layout page sometime. The link is on the right side at the top of the page. Take care and let me know what trouble you are into once in a while!

IvoryKeys said...

You are one busy and very talented lady! Your QP's look awesome.

I've just started in the CT side of things but I must say I'm loving every minute of it and learning lots!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!