Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I went out on a limb!

and fell off!
But I have to tell the story, cause well that is what I do! I applied for a CT position for Holly Designs at Shabby Pickle! Now, I have this weird little quirk, I don't want to CT for folks who sell where my other awesome designers are at, and I really look for designers that are different from each other also...styles, colors, genre' etc....blah blah...
so I look at the calls for CT, and read the ad, and look at the ad stuff, then go to the store and see their kits. Well, gosh this Holly is really talented, I am not a shopper, I am cheap, there fore I I don't know the digi shopland very well. I applied. My goodness, she had 100s apply, 100s! she is very talented, and I come to see much sought after, so I figure if I am picked I have arrived..ha ha...
then Holly dropped her walcom tablet on her keyboard and it was wonky, I told her how to fix it! and reminded her I was a dork and applied for her CT! I am a dork and I did apply..ha ha
so today, I recieved the sweetest and most kind letter of nope not picked I have ever read! I mean class act this Holly, so please Friday is the big NSD! Drop by her shop and buy something, she is a top act!
I so enjoy the folks who scrap and design and all the ones inbetween who make this little community just a kick!
Thanks for reading!


Never lose your joy!

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christine said...

her stuff is cute!