Monday, April 6, 2009

Charlie! I am late! eeek!

Just closing the puter, and I popped in to see if I had any new comments on the post on Charlie's new kit Funky Love Birds! I am rather proud of this kit, because I got to make some new things for Charlie! A whole brag book, cover and back page, and 3 page clusters! It was an easy task, as the kit is so huge. So I pop in and oh my goodness, I forgot to create it or post it! Goober that I am, I settled in to explain all that before I get into the fun parts!
The clusters practically made themselves due to the huge amount of elements in this pack! The are all so different, yet just compliment each other perfectly!
I mean look at these brag books, it gives you an idea of the rich and vibrant papers in the kit! I had never done so many so quick! But gosh, they are addicting to make! ha ha
love the size, and imagining pictures in them.
I sent these all to Charlie and opened up CS to just do a layout! My browser opened to Funky Love Birds, and I got to layering some more elements, and found this picture of Abby at the park, with the perfect look Abby gives. You know how you catch your kids in a photo and you see it and are like, "YES!" because you know in years to come, you will look at it and still see this look but in a much older face? This picture really captured our Abby's personality! Plus Charlie's kit; Funky Love Birds matched Abby's headband and sweater! lol, you know I love it to match...ha the layout was born!
So, I was done, felt rather proud of myself actually, mojo flying and did some major scrapping for Charlie and was quite content. No stress, opened up another blank canvas to play, and wanted to do one of Anna-Bo. We had gone to the park and there is this weird pole that you stand on and spin. The girls love to go on it...I get nauseated watching them, but the giggles that come out of them can cause strangers to smile! I snapped tons of pictures and really liked getting her hair in front of her I copied over and over and played twisting and turning...
started going thru kits and for crying out loud, Funky Love Birds popped up again! It was perfect! So Dizzy Girl became yet another layout!
So this kit, in less than 4 days was made into mulitple layouts, clusters, and brags! Just imagine what you can do with it!
Now Charlies DigiScraps is exclusive at Enchanted Studio Scraps (ESS)
Listen to this deal for the kit!
Charlie has included in the store a JUMBO pack..(30% off also for 1 week).Buy the kit and Brags and receive the cluster's for FREE. That's savings of over.......30%
Now, hey, save and get more...that's good math!
So now, I can close the laptop and do an hour of uninterrupted scrap. (the kids just went to bed)
Hope you get the kit, or brags, or clusters, or all 3! If you do, I would so love to see them used!

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!

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charlie said...

opps its Enchanted Studio Scraps Anne..but will forgive after that huge huge spiel about the kit..hehehe...wo girl you can talk..I think you can take over my blog Anne's brags and clusters the BEST..what a faulous creative scrapper you are blessed to team up with you on this mate..mwahhhhhhhh