Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I switched and maybe I am the last person on the planet that did?

Yeah, I'm a geek, but I wasn't always a geek. Really, I used to look down my nose at my hubby as he spoke of mega bytes, CD burners, buying extra RAM and ISP, and other little acronyms that I figured was good he knew how to do it, because this chick was not interested AT ALL.
Then, I began to scrap with help and encouragement from the online community. Like most of you I was a download maniac! I learned where to go, what time of the day was the prime to get best connection to get the most downloads in the fastest! ha ha Next was getting Mr. UnZip Them All! This revolutionized my whole system...quick and painless unzipping of tons of files. I am still waiting for the Mrs. File those For You, but it hasn't happened.
But.......................with all the problems and viruses going around, my downloading came to a screeching halt! Then I couldn't open some blog sites of people I would crash my browser. Lock it up tight and have to do a complete reboot! Drove me nuts.
So...after months of my hubby saying trying Firefox.
I love my favorites folders and have organized and arrange all my numereous CT duties, the forums, stores and blogs ever so nicely. I have freebie favorites, sites I can just learn something new on EVERYTIME I go to, and an occasional snarky scrap site that makes me smirk! I didn't want to refind them all, and refile! I am stubborn to the point I don't listen....
I couldn't get to Charlie's site...this bums me, cause I should go there at least once a day. She is my original boss lady!
I downloaded it, humbly asked my hubby to help me transfer my files into the worked. It took me a few days to get used to where the buttons are at, but oh goodness, this is so so much better!
Then I had to download a kit, with 16 downloads, there is a built in download manager, which means you see what you downloaded and you can do 6 at a time!!! If my internet goes out, it holds it til I reconnect...not time out and you are out of luck try again later...which IE (internet explore) would do!
Firefox still doesn't file my stuff, but I really really like it! So if you are having a hard time getting places with your IE, try it, I think you may like it.!

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!


Julie (It is.) said...

I love Firefox - and the add-ons are awesome. Check out Download them all!

Denise said...

I switched to Google Chrome a while ago. It's the BEST browser I've ever used.

Kori said...

I was about to tell you what Julie above did. Go to and get DownloadThemAll, it's fantastic! This is a neat add-on too:, it's Download status