Monday, April 27, 2009

For those who want personal!

I send an email about life pioneering a new church in Yuba City everyweek to my friends and all from Alamogordo and beyond! I had used this blog for a project called 365. You were to take a pic a day and post it. I did real good, then life got in the way! lol
There is the basis for the change of this blog plus this fact. Vanessa aka Freddy said she was tired of all the scrapbooking stuff and wanted to see pics! I pondered this a few days.
The Anne of Alamo blog is really turned to a commercial site as it is a part time job now (with a small paycheck every month). I enjoy it, but don't want to stop keeping a more personal journal type blog. So I will update at least weekly here, before I send out the email! I'll be back with some pics for you all!

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eilajean said...

Yay - I kinda like the personal more than he scrap. Do not get me wrong, the scrap stuff is great - but your other sit has gone pretty commercial... and a little paycheck is better than none... and I wish all the designers s much luck in their endeavors - but the pure joy I find in reading the blogs of my cyber friends encompasses so much more. I would never say it, and I would never stop coming by for the bits of personal thrown in... but I take my hat off to the ones that did.

You have so many irons in the fire - I am just grateful for the time you take to pop in and spread the good cheer. There are some people that pass thru our lives, that you admire just because you can feel the joy and pure good heart in their words. You are one of those people. Thanks for keeping it real!!!