Monday, April 27, 2009

Why we are here!

This past Saturday, the church in Santa Rosa sent a HUGE impact team to labor all day, then do a complete music scene in our parking lot! Here is a pic of the set up and our sign! woo hooThis is Pastor Hernadez' daughters whose voices and spirits are just so clean and beautiful...PK rock! They had like 15 people who were in and out of the bands and just ministered and testified about Jesus Christ all evening!

And our people were there, here is our faithful Colleen, who doesn't miss a thing, she comes and is there and encouraging the new people. What a joy to have her!

Yeah! Amber is doing so good! You can see a like spirit between her and myself! lol, She is really making great decisions! Pray, pray, pray for her!

This whole family are another of our faithful, from the back, William, his wife Helen, Helen's mom, Sandra (eating hotdog) Connor (their nephew) and Albert, who came to church 1st time this past Sunday!

Okay, my heart was torn to see this family, kinda hard to see, but a white shirt man in a wheelchair. Jeremy and his dad, Donald. Lisa, his wife is not in the picture. All three gave their lives to Jesus at the altar call, and Jeremy has Muscular Dystrophy, my 1st time talking with a person with this body altaring disease. Jeremy is 21 and his mind is perfect. This family has a full load, and want to live for God...the disease is very demanding on them and pain a constant battle for Jeremy...I ask each one of you to contend for healing for this man, he NEEDs a miracle and a touch from God. I can't tell you how much this family affected me...they so want Jesus...
Thank you dear friends, and I hope you are getting a glimpse that we are here to preach the Gospel and that life is right where we should be!

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