Thursday, March 1, 2012


 A few weeks back, I asked all the designers I create for if I could take a sabbatical from creating pages for their designs.

Everyone blew my mind and said, no problems. Dear Lynn-Marie is on a sabbatical of her own, so it was great timing there. Thank you to each one of you!
I am taking this creative time, to finish projects that I have in my mind and heart for my family.
One of those is to complete the yearbooks of our lives.  I am pretty excited to share with you:

2010-A Yearbook
You can go here and see the book I put together of 2010


2011-A Yearbook
 You can go here and see the book I put together of 2011
Yep, 2011 is done also

At present I am working on 2008-11 a conglomerate of our time in Yuba City pioneering a church.  This is a bit tougher.  I am doing this one as 8.5x11, and having a lot more journaling, and it is tough on my old heart.  We poured our lives into Yuba City, and it has some painful memories, leaving my parents, the people in our church, and returning to a people who invested in us to go in the first place.  So that one may take time.

I also took the family blog and merged it with this one, so that the other, More of Us, Me and the Family, is now embedded in this blog. I know I sound really smart, but it took me weeks to get the nerve to try it, and then in a few minutes of re-reading and following directions, it all went very smoothly.

So, now this blog will be my only one.  I am streamlining my life, and my responsibilities.
I miss like crazy creating, but at this moment, it can not happen.
We have just finished the paperwork, and all the training for adopting more kidlets.  This means we await a phone call for total and welcomed disruption to our lives.  I want to enjoy the time with family and friends outside of the digiworld during this wait.

Oh and the promised before and after hairdo:

To be fair, I broke my glasses from above (my bifocals) so until I figure out who to go to for glasses here in New Mexico, I am sporting Dollar Tree readers (see behind me in after photo).  I am also going au natural with the gray.  I am done supporting Lor'eal every 4 weeks.
So, hello those who followed my other blog, and welcome back to those in the digi world that followed my Anne of Alamo(this blog) for so long.  They are now all combined and rather happy together!


Pene said...

You're looking fabulous Anne!
Hope that phone call comes real soon!

Joy aka GoddessJoy said...

Women are so beautiful when they go au natural with their grey hair. You've earned each and every one of those and should wear them like a badge of honour! So exciting to hear about the approaching kidlet, congrats!!

Romy said...

lol, you are cute, Anne!! awesome blog header!!

renne said...

WooHOO! This looks wonderful! (And I'm diggin' the new do!) Hope that call come soon - :)

ViVa Artistry is: said...

LOVE the hairdo!!! so glad things are going smoothly for you! (vivienne)

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I missed your blogging!

Mariah said...

Love the hair!!!! Something else I love: Dollar Tree readers. Except mine came from the dollar bins at Target. I have one to match every outfit. A fashion statement! ha! ;-)