Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buying A Home???

This has got to go down as the most crazed month of my life! Okay, it may be in running for some other months, weeks and days:
1. Adopting a 4 year old!
2. Adopting 3 more 4 year olds!
3. Selling home, moving to California
4. Deciding to homeschool the 4 kids
5. Moving back to New Mexico
6. Then this month of getting call for 3 more kids, telling our landlords, looking to rent elsewhere and making the decision to buy a home.

Looking over the lists (now this is just the last 11 years), I think perhaps, I make it about 3 years without a major insanity moment of life changing proportions!
We have narrowed our list of houses down to 3 and here are the pics:

I call this one the Church, we have looked at a few times, and honestly I love it:
This is one, we have not seen inside, it seems okay, but the rooms are known in this area to be small.  So that is what we are looking at and the closeness to neighbors.  I like a bit of elbow room.
Then this next one, we missed it some how, and are going to look at it Friday evening.  I am love with so much of it from the pictures, it might beat out the church!
You see the rock yards? I am in desert, and water here is scarce and very very expensive.  The backyards are grass so there is place to frolic!  The church has grass in front and back, but we would pull the grass in front as soon as possible. 

Those are the options for us at this point, we are enjoying the process a bit more, now that we have already qualified.  We went to the bank yesterday, and the lady was impressed with our credit score.  I felt like a kid in school and had to call my mom right away to tell her I was all grown up and doing good.  We put our credit report on the fridge as an A++! hahah


Christine Smith said...

OK, I was definitely wondering about what the heck was in the yard and I see why you call the first one the church.

MrsPeel said...

ohhb it is difficult to judge for me by tghe outside...what *sells* the house to me is the exterior I love the colors of the middle one...but the first one maybe the most appropiate as it looks bigger?
anyway you decide, I m sure it will be the best!!!!!
am excited for you guys!!!!!!

Keri Jo said...

the first one looked like a church to me too. We are house hunting as well. It's a hard decision knowing I don't want to do the whole selling a house again thing. It's a lot funner to shop than clean for people to not show up! I hope all goes smoothly for you guys as well. Having fun seeing your updated progress...