Friday, March 2, 2012

Twenty-two years and counting

We took off to the great Las Cruces for a night without children! Yep, and left our 4 alone for the evening! That was a first also!  Now, my oldest is driving, the girls are twelve and Gman is 13, and we trust them very much. 
The afternoon was fun, as Tony had a physical he had to go to first.  I went through our mall, and found a few fun things (shirt, shawl and sunglasses) while he was in doc's office.
We left Alamo at about 3:30pm and enjoyed the 70 mile ride to Cruces.  The hotel was real nice.  We opted out of the $150 night one for a cheaper (but clean and nice) one.  We figure, it has a bed.  The more expensive one had like a dinner buffet thing, but since I am watching my cholesterol, the nature of quick snacks didn't appeal to either of us.
We chose Outback for our twenty-second anniversary dinner.  I drive my poor hubby crazy, wanting to take photos at this events.  I thought I should include some of the ones that didn't turn out:

These had us laughing so hard! I wanted to get the Outback sign in the back of us.  Trying to be all artsy fartsy. I had a lot of the pavement and Tony's shadow.  After a few more, this one made us both laugh and we decided it was a keeper!

It captures us pretty good! Me with my mouth wide open, and Tony smiling my favorite smile! Pretty cute couple don't you think?
I took more inside, but after the last one, Tony said enough.  I have learned to hear that voice. 
He got a fun one of me, cutting my crumb of bread of the dark brown bread.  I hadn't had any starch for over a week. It was nice, but I only had two small pieces.  Okay, with butter! lol 
No, not the kids calling, but a friend who has come back to church.  I missed her so much, and she is a joy to me.  Funny thing, is she pops up a lot around our anniversary or date nights.  We got a giggle over that.
It was a superb evening, Tony had a prime rib with raw, hot horse radish, and I had salmon with grilled vegetables! Excellent!
We enjoyed the evening, and then spent the next day together, laughing and shopping and had Japanese food for lunch.  We brought take-out for the kids and made it home by 4pm.  There was a bad accident, a motorcycle fatality on the way home.  Traffic was backed up for miles.  I had to pee soooooooooooo bad! Once we got moving, everyone wants to look, I have no desire to look, I don't want to see hurt or dead people.  I about burst, drove to the base visitor center just to use their facilities!  hahaha
♥I love you Tony P! and love you more each year! Thank you for loving me when I am unlovable! ♥


Anonymous said...

Huh? When are you 'unlovable'??? Perish the thought! ;-)

Mariah said...

Congratulations to you both! Love your comment, Tony! Dave and I just celebrated 28 years yesterday! Actually, we're celebrating it today because yesterday was Sunday which means two services, busiest (but best) day of the week, etc etc. I have no idea what we are doing this evening but Dave told me to be ready at 6. He's been on and off the phone a few times speaking very cryptically and mysteriously so he's keeping our plans a tight secret. So fun!

Pressed Petals said...

ah, what a sweet comment by Tony. just seeing all of this. such cute pics. glad we're friends!

Holly in Japan said...

Happy Anniversary and wishes for soooo many more. So many wonderful things going on with you and your lovely family. You are in my thoughts and prayers Anne. Beauuutiful picts of you too!